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Version: 1.3.0
by: Soeters [More]

This addon still works but I'm working on a full rewrite, especially for the GUI which sould come in few days/week


Thesaurus is an helper for reputation and championing.

It can tell you how many reputation you need to be exalted in that faction. It also tells you how many times you'll have to do a dungeon to be exalted with the dungeon with the championing.

Now this use blizzard addons panels (which is also available by typing /ths gui) but there still is the slash commands below.
It uses Portfolio which is included in the zip for the GUI
If you want to remove the options frames go into Thesaurus.toc and remove gui.lua and the RequiredDeps lines


The command to use is /ths faction. After that you'll have to specify a faction you wanna know informations.

Because many factions name aren't in one word I decided to use nicknames instead of using the complete name.

The nicknames are

  • Kirin Tor: kirin or kirin_tor
  • The Oracles: oracles
  • The Sons of Hodir: hodir
  • The Wyrmrest Accord: wyrmrest or accord
  • Explorers' League : explorers or explorateurs (for french)
  • Kaluak: kaluak or kalu'ak
  • Frenzyheat Tribe: frenzyheart or frénécoeur (for french)
  • Valiance Expedition: valiance or bravoure (for french)
  • Frostborn: forstborn or givre_nés (for french)
  • The Silver Covenant: covenant or concordat (for french)
  • Argent Crusade: crusade or croisade(for french)
  • Knights of the Ebon Blade: ebon_blade or lame_ebene (for french)


To use it you must type /ths dun (dungeon) (faction nickname given just before) .

The dungeon nicknames are
  • Nexus: nexus
  • Oculus: oculus
  • Violet Hold: violet or vh or fp (for french)
  • Gundrak: gundrak
  • Culling of Stratholme: cos or strat or stratholme or gt4 (for french)
  • Azjol-Nerub: azjol
  • Ahn-Kahet: ak or kahet
  • Drak'Tharon Keep: draktharon or drak or tharon or drak_tharon
  • Halls of Lightning: hol or sdf (for french)
  • Halls of Stone: hos or sdp (for french)
  • Utgarde Pinnacle: pinnacle or cime (for french)
  • Utgarde Keep:utgarde_keep or donjon_utgarde (for french)

To Do

Some features like a slash command to get the rewards for the faction

A list of all quest for that dungeon


To help improving Thesaurus I need you, I need german, korean, spanish and chinese localisation.

For that simply go here and follow the instructions

Changed the code because localizations were loading before AceLocale

Added the GUI
Added the Horde factions
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What chat mod is that? PBJT
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I got nChat from Neal UI a long time ago and I've modified it because that wasn't exactly what I needed
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what, no love for the horde?
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I just saw that I forgot it but I'll add them today (with the GUI I think)
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