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Tororian's Druid Icons

Version: 1
by: Marydoll [More]

Tororian is now named zogot and plays a paladin but because of lots of requests he decided to upload the icons once more.

The icons were last updated a long time ago and even though they work fine with the current wow version some skill icons are not modified.
Meaning that skills implemented in wrath will have there normal blizzard icon.

Tororian/Zogot might do a new update in the near future.
(meaning I will push him to it as I play a druid and love the icons )

All you have to do is download the file and extract it directly into your interface folder.

-Novacain and Tororian/Zogot
The Maelstrom - EU

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Love these icons
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Unread 03-15-09, 07:26 PM  
Great White Cow
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this is 100% pure win.
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