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Raid Ready Light

Version: 0.19
by: Karatheya [More]


The Raid Ready Light (RRL) Addon is a quick way for raid members to indicate their ready state, and have the aggregate of those states summarized in a quick traffic-light inteface.

In the image "Minion with Basic Tooltip", you can see that there are two people in the raid. One is ready, the other is not. Because the maximum allowable not ready members is one (this is configurable), the raid is still ready to go. The small green checkmark indicates your personal status, and the member list shows anyone who does not have the addon or who does and has set themselves not ready.

The Minion

To change your state, left click on the minion.

To perform a ready check, right click on the minion.

To open the configuration pane, control right click the minion.

The Minion's position can be changed by left-dragging while holding down the Alt key.

The Minion can be enabled and disabled quickly using a key binding. There is no default binding - if you want one, use the in-game keybinding menu.

Any of these click combinations can also be performed on the LDB display if you do not have the minion enabled.

By default, the minion toolip just shows exceptions. Enabling the extended tooltip in the configuration options adds counts to the tooltip for each thing that RRL tracks.

LDB Support

RRL supports an LDB feed, which displays much of the same information as the minion. If so desired, the minion maybe disabled and the LDB display used exclusively.

LDB support requires an LDB display manager. Some popular managers are:


Configuration is via the in-game Interface Options:

This can also be accessed using /rrl config or control-right click on the minion or LDB display.

There are several sub-panels underneath RRL:

From the options pane, you can:
  • Enable the minion, ready check auto-response, or the extended tooltip
  • Change the minion scale and transparency
  • Change the tooltip scale
  • Enable or Disable going not ready automatically upon death or AFK
  • Change the maximum number of not ready members for both normal and heroic raids

From the Output pane, you can set where output goes - either to a scrolling combat text addon, popup window, or the chatframe.

From the Critical pane, you can add, remove, list or clear critical members

From the Profiles pane, you can choose which configuration profile to use. By default, all characters share one profile.

Critical Members

A critical member is one whose not ready status makes the raid as a whole not ready. Typically you would add your offtank and/or main tank healers to this list.

If a critical member is not ready, the summary line (in the LDB feed or the top of the minion tooltip) and the line for the specific member will be suffixed with a *

You can add critical members from the configuration options. Either type in a member name or press "Add Target" when you have them targeted. Use the dropdown box to list or delete members, and the "Clear" button to remove all critical members at once.

Going AFK or Dying

If you go AFK or die, RRL marks you as not ready and sends a message to the raid immediately. This is configurable (see Options above) and defaults to enabled.

Ready Check Auto-Response

If so configured, RRL will automatically respond to a ready check for you based upon your RRL state. You will still hear the ready check sound, but you won't get a popup. Anyone without RRL installed in your raid will still get a popup. This makes it easy to do a quick ready check by right-clicking on the LDB display or minion. Anyone using RRL will immediately respond based on their status; anyone not using it will respond in the standard fashion. This should get you to an answer much quicker than the standard 30 second timeout.

The Guts

Every 30 seconds, or when your state changes, RRL sends a status update to the raid on the addon channel. The status is either "ready" or "not ready".

Everyone in the raid has one of the following states:
  • OK: someone who has RRL installed
  • NEW: a new member of the raid that we haven't seen a status update from yet
  • PINGED: someone who hasn't sent us a status update and who we've sent a ping to
  • NORRL: someone who didn't respond to our ping
  • OFFLINE: someone who is offline
  • AFK: someone who is AFK

Every 30 seconds, the roster is maintained, checking for people who have gone offline or gone AFK. Counts are updated as required and the LDB feed and minion are updated.

RRL reacts immediately to state changes from people with the addon installed.

People without RRL installed

RRL performs best when everyone in the raid has it installed. If we don't receive a status update from someone within 90 seconds of first seeing them, we send a probe message that someone with RRL should respond to. If that message is not acknowledges, we assume that that person doesn't have RRL installed.

People without RRL are assumed to be ready, but periodically we do check if they are AFK or have gone offline. This check is only performed once every 30 seconds or when the raid roster changes for some other reason. As such, RRL may not pick up on a non-RRL user going AFK immediately. If the person has RRL and goes AFK, a "not ready" status message is sent by that user immediately.

Wishlist Features

The following features are being considered for future versions:
  • Adding a reason to RRL-generated not ready messages so that you can see if someone is not ready by choice, or because they have died, gone AFK, or dropped below a mana threshold (when that feature is added)
  • Auto-Not-Ready when Mana drops below a % threshold (with Auto-Ready if it goes back above a different threshold)
  • Auto-Not-Ready on Boss Kill (this would likely be only in conjunction with Deadly Boss Mods, as it is non-trivial to detect a boss kill ourselves)


RRL has not yet been localized. Once it has received some feedback and any major issues ironed out, I will be opening up a curseforge project to localize it. Any help you can provide at that time will be greatly appreciated.


Any issues you have with RRL should be reported via the comments on this website.


RRL can display debug output using tekDebug:


If you encounter a bug and can reproduce it with tekDebug installed, please cut and paste the debug output into a new post in this forum.


- added options to toggle the "auto not ready" feature for death and AFK. Defaults to enabled to mimic the existing behaviour


- bump TOC for patch 3.1, no functional changes


- added LibSink support so that messages from RRL can go to SCT, MSBT, Raid Warning, or custom channels

- split the config panels into multiple frames to make them easier to navigate
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Re: Modifying automatic features

Originally posted by superdx
ically I just want to control when I am actually not ready (meaning I have to go bio or feed the cat) then I can set it not ready. Otherwise, I am *always* ready...
Implemented in 0.19, thanks for the suggestion.
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Modifying automatic features

Is it possible to modify the events which change your state as described "when you die or go AFK" then the mod will automatically announce that you are not ready.

However - dying is not necessarily "not ready". If you get combat ressed and what not, you don't want a mod to be throwing off spam that you died and are NOT READY.

Basically I just want to control when I am actually not ready (meaning I have to go bio or feed the cat) then I can set it not ready. Otherwise, I am *always* ready...
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Doubled up Tooltips on Docking Station

If you're seeing the LDB tooltip doubled up, with the same content repeated twice, please add a comment here including which display manager you're using. I had thought it was a bug in my code, but indications are that it's specific to DockingStation, as the issue does not seem to occur with NinjaPanel.

If you are experiencing this problem and are desperate for a fix, add a comment and I can upload a version that brute-force protects against the tooltip being entered a second time before it has been left.
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