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naiStats (enhanced XP stats)

Version: 3.0
by: ggman [More]

Lightweight addon that displays a tooltip containing some statistics about your XP gains, like how much experience you have gained from kills, how long before the next level is reached at the current rate, etc.

Needs to be attached to a visible frame, by default it's attached to the MiniMapTracking frame.

This is an enhanced version of naistats that adds several xp stats:

Session time
Paused time
XP needed to level
XP remaining
XP rested
XP gained
XP / hr

Bars gained
Bars / hr

Time left
Avg. XP per kill
XP for last kill
Kills to level

Quests delivered
Avg. XP per quest
Quest XP
Mob XP
Rest XP
Group XP
Discovery XP

added reset cmd
/ns reset

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