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Version: 11
by: Wimpface [More]

This is my very lightweight experience display which shows how much you need until you'll level.
It was once idExperience but it has been modified a lot, still credits to Industrial though as a lot of the code is his.

  • Experience left until level up.
  • How many bars until you ding.
  • Can print experience left to chat.
  • Can show experience left after you gain experience in the error frame.
  • NOTE: There is a small config at the top of the .lua file.

Planned features
  • None.

Known Bugs
  • None!


+ Push to r11.
+ Updated for Warlods of Draenor.
/ Only thing I changed is the max level detection, it's now set to 100. This means it won't auto-disable on level 90s anymore. Don't update until WoD if this is important to you. :)

+ Push to r10.
+ Tidied up the code a tiny bit.
+ Streamlined the display, now shows 1m instead of 1000k for a million. Should've been done ages ago.
/ Mouseover still enabled by default.
/ Just resubbed to WoW for the first time since 4.3, and it appears this addon has been working fine. I got 0 errors or bugs when I installed it, so no bugfixes (that's a plus!) this version.

+ Push to r9.
+ Fixed it.
+ Made sure it works with 4.3, last update was in 3.3. It still worked pretty well.
- Removed option to move display in game, it's now all done via the .lua file. Sorry!

As always, find the options inside the .lua file.

+ Push to r8.
+ Changed name to waDing.
+ Added a mouseover option.
+ Changed looks of it by changing font.
+ Repositioned to the top inside of the minimap.
/ Mouseover option is enabled by default. As always, find the options inside the .lua file. There's only one, you can't miss it.

+ Push to r7.
+ I'm back!
+ Removed one line
+ Tweaked another line
+ More to come probably.
+ Tested for 3.3, works a charm!
- Removed the pixelfont, it now goes straight to your fonts\\arialn.ttf file instead.

+ Push to r6.
+ Added an option to report to chat.
+ Added an option to report to UIErrorFrame.
/ Thinking of adding more options, as this has now become my "big" project.

+ Push to r5.
+ Changed the looks.
+ ToC bump for 3.3.
+ Tested and confirmed to work with 3.3.
- Removed files from the archive.
+ Fixed the login bug, it will now show XP thanks to Nightcracker.
+ ToC bump.
+ Version bump to r4.
/ Untested due to no game-time, won't flag as 3.2 compatible yet. Testers please.
+ Fixed a bug.
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