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Starcraft 2 - Zerg skin for Btex

Version: 1.0.0
by: Artanis186 [More]

Ya, it took a lot shorter amount of time than I suspected. You may have noticed that the Zerg and Terran are missin the unit portrait backgrounds. Well, I couldn't find em anywhere. Not in good quality at least. The Protoss are the only ones that I truly took the time to find everything for (primarily cuz they're my favorite and I'm using them as a skin). Wellm, enjoy this skin from Starcraft 2. Again, the white area IS transparency. I obviously won't be making more SC2 skins for Btex. Unless of course they update those skins or use Xel'Naga or Hybrids as a race. Then again... I may just have to do the replay interface skin... I'll think about it. ;P

I've finished a Terran and a Protoss variant. Check them out as well. All comments are welcome. ^.^

Recommended: Set the height higher. I got nice results setting it at 300. It makes it look less squished and nicer. It all really depends on your screen resolution.
I got nice results on my 1366x768 with height: 300 Width: 389
With those I could fit 5x3 bartender icons on them and they fit perfectly. (with some size changes I think)

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