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Bang! Innervate

Version: 3.10.03
by: Bangerz [More]

This addon will swap to your innervate weapon set when you receive an innervate buff, then switch back to your normal weapon set when the buff fades.

While other addons previously did something similar, swapping items in combat now incurs a GCD and these no longer function (or function very badly).

To avoid additional GCDs while healing, this addon will time the swaps to occur inside the GCD of one of your instant cast abilities (HoTs, PW:S, PoM etc), as well as functioning on innervates not cast by yourself.

This mod is best suited to a Priest or Druid, but will function for any caster.

In game command: /binv

Be sure to post all suggestions or bug reports that you wish a speedy response to at BangCraft.com

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