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Bang! Combat Item Switcher

Version: 3.10.03
by: Bangerz [More]

The addon will automatically swap in or out any items of your choosing, at any specified time - In Combat (For Weapons and Ranged Slot), or out of Combat (For Anything).

Example Usage:

A balance druid could use this mod to swap in the moonfire idol (Idol of the Unseen moon) 1 GCD before their moonfire debuff expired on their target. They would then gain the 140 spell power buff. During the GCD caused by casting that moonfire this mod would return their Starfire idol to their ranged slot, gaining 170 spell damage on their next Starfires without incurring an additional GCD.

The net result is that you can gain the benefit of not 1, but 2, 3 or even 4 ranged slot items.

This version allows for up to 15 different automated swaps to be set, using any spell, and any item, at any time. Simply drag the spell/item icon into the box then select the timing you want in the drop down menu to the right.

In game command: /bis

Note: As of 2.43 'During' (the setting that avoids GCDs) works only for instant spells or abilities, the 'cant swap while casting' restriction still applies. All other settings will incur a GCD/Swing Reset and must be timed into your rotation accordingly.

Be sure to post all suggestions or bug reports that you wish a speedy response to at BangCraft.com

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