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Updated: 10-12-10 09:39 AM
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Magic Marker.
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Updated:10-12-10 09:39 AM
Created:04-02-09 12:36 AM

FuBar MagicMarker (DEPRECATED)

Version: 1.0.50
by: neotron [More]

A FuBar plugin for MagicMarker. It gives you a right click menu for quick configuration options, a useful tooltip (see screenshot) and a handy display indicating the current marking status of Magic Marker.

This addon is deprecated. The newest Magic Marker has builtin support for LDB displays. As of Magic Marker 1.0.169, this addon no longer works.


- Added note to difficulty indicating raid size and heroic raid in the tooltip.
- Bumped to 3.2 toc version.
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