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Updated: 04-14-09 04:21 AM
Updated:04-14-09 04:21 AM
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Version: r30
by: StolenLegacy [More]

It reports people who let their debuff fade on Malygos Phase 3 to a specified channel.

If you could help with localizing the addon in any other language or have found a mistake in one of the existing locales, visit its localization page.

You may not mirror this addon on any sites without my clear and written permission. The only sites allowed to host my work are wowace.com, curse.com and wowinterface.com and directly related sites. If you feel need to redirect to my work, redirect to the project pages only, hotlinks are NOT tolerated!

If you have disobeyed any of those rules prior to their posting (14th of April 2009), you have 14 days, ending 28th of April 2009, to remove any content violating them.

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