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Version: 1.0
by: Xqo [More]

Note: As of patch 3.0.9 this addon is useless because the damage of serpent sting resets to scale with your current ap value at the time of Chimera Shot.

Xqerpent Shows the current ranged attackpower of the player, and the attackpower the player had when serpent sting was applied in two separate texts.


/xqer or /xqerpent] or /xqerp

/xqer hide: toggles the frames visibility on/off.

/xqer lock: locks/unlocks the frames for dragging.

/xqer strata: sets the strata of the frames.

/xqer color: changes the color of both texts

/xqer color high: sets the color of the current RAP when it is greater than the ap-value of the applied serpent sting.

/xqer color default: resets colors to default

Known bugs:
The color of the serpent-sting text will sometimes not be set to the color of choice when reloading files. If you have feedback on this, please leave a comment.

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