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Version: v0.1
by: Jzar [More]

Current functionality: Automatically releases your corpse when you die in a Battleground.

Future functionality: Automates many tasks that you find yourself always clicking confirmation boxes for.

Such as:
- Loot Binding
- Party / Raid Invites
- Join Battleground
- Others?

Once there are several all wrapped up into this addon, I'll put in a config menu, and enable slash commands for easy control as well.

If you want any of these features, let me know so I know what to work on!

I'm releasing this as is, because unless people really need any of these, all I need out of it is the BG auto-release. I don't PvP much, but I have to for the Children's Week achievement, and I hate missing AoE rezzes because I was too slow clicking the "release" button.

I found TB Auto-BG which also does this, but it also does many other things that I don't care about, and has three of TB's other addons as dependencies. I wanted something liter, and this addon weighs in at 1,060 bytes (as of v0.1). Titan HonorGrind used to do this, but that hasn't been updated for the new Titan (that I've been able to find).

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Are the following features within the scope of this addon:
Auto accepting quests? (you only need to right click on quest npc)
Auto accept highest vendor priced quest reward at max level?

Edit: useful for tol barad dailies!
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