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Version: v1.1.2
by: wildcatman9009 [More]

MyStats is a simple AddOn. It is (as of now) a single frame that can be dragged around and positioned anywhere by the user. The frame displays the user's stats (Strength, Agility, Intellect, Spirit, and Armor) and information when they are in combat.

Make sure you read the 'Known Bugs' section near the bottom.

What It Can Do
When you drag armor, weapons, any other equipment, or get buffed/debuffed, MyStats will update your stat to the current stat, with text next to it showing how much the stat increased/decreased.

Explanation of the Frame
The first part of the frame are the stats, and are diplayed like this:
Stat name - Total stat number - Total positive buffs - Total negative buffs

The stat name is, well, the name of the stat (ex: Agility)
The total stat number is the number you see in the character menu (ex: 436)
The total positive buffs is the '+ #' next to your characters base stat when you hold your mouse of the stat (ex: 97 +378; where 97 is base stat and 378 are total buffs on that stat, so the total would be 475)
The total negative buffs on stat number is same as positive buffs, just, negative

In the combat section, the first part ("Not In Combat") displays when and when your character isn't in combat, so when a mob attacks you, or you attack a mob, it will display ("In Combat")
The next parts display the total damage the mob has hit you with, its average DPS it's hitting your character with, and, lastly, the amount of time you've been in combat. When the fight is over, your combat stats will stay, so you can continue adding the damage and dps, or click the blue, or 'Refresh' button at the top to reset the combat stats back to '0'. The time resets itself when your character reenters combat, I'm working on a options frame so you can set the damage, dps, or time to reset when you enter combat again.

When your stat increases by putting on new equipment, taking off equipment, getting buffed/debuffed, (and possibly when you level up, although I have not tested this, but it should work). The MyStats frame should display how much each stat (including armor) increased/decreased. (ex: You have a helmet, and one part is +175 str; Your strength stat is 362, so MyStats will display 'Str: 362 ...'). When you put this helmet on, MyStats will update to: 'Str: 537 (+175) ...'. This will update for each stat, and if one stat doesn't change, it will display (+0)). You can keep these differences on the frame, or click the blue, or 'Refresh' button to delete them. If you do keep them up, and you take the +175 helmet off, strength will display: 'Str: 362 (+0) ...', but if you press the 'Refresh' button, it will display: 'Str: 362 (-175)

Blue: 'Refreshes' your stats, will take out all (+ or - #)s next to your regular stats (if you don't, when you put that +5 helmet back on it will display: Str: 193 (+0). ) and will reset all combat stats back to zero.

Red: Closes the frame.

Slash Commands:
/mystats -Opens up the MyStats frame.
/mystatsrefresh -"Pushes" the 'Refresh' button for you.
/mystatshelp -Shows the help text in your chat window.
/mystatsversion -Displays current version info.
/mystatscommands -Displays the whole list of commands (such as '/ms' instead of '/mystats').

Future Updates:
-Add the ability for user to customize which stats are shown
-Add class-specific stats

-Email me at [email protected] or comment here to ask for updates you'd like to see

Known Bugs:
-'(+0)' sometimes randomly pops up next to stats
-Stats sometimes shown as all 0s when game loads.
-HOW TO FIX BOTH: Press the 'Refresh' or blue button.

-Major bug: If you have a character with armor that is of common (white) value or below, MyStats will not update armor when it is taken off or put on. All other armor above common value should work

-If you find a bug, contact me by email or a comment here, and be sure to describe how the bug happened (such as what you were doing at the time, like in combat, putting equipment on, leveling, etc)

-Fixed bug not showing intellect and spirit stats correctly

-Fixed bugs
-Added frame adjusting to size of text

-First public release

-Contact me at wildcatman9009 for any bugs found, or updates you'd like to see.
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I update MyStats to v1.1.2 because of some bugs I found while testing again. I also took out the pictures folder, so hopefully the file is smaller.

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Many people may be put off by the size of this, I don't really think there is any need to include the screenshots with the addon, as they are on the main addon page, and the zip without the pictures is like 9kb.
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