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Version: 1.2
by: ereth [More]

Automaticly turns on the helmet when going into your primaty talent spec and off when into your secondary. Also changes the equipment set and can turn the cloak on and off.
Listens to the succsessfull spellcasting of swapping talents. Based on Talent Spec Spam by offended.

Would also like to mention that its easy to change on what spec you'd show the hat by opening the hatonhatoff.lua and change the showhelm(x) to 1 for showing or 0 for hiding.
Same thing goes of the cloak.

By default the changing of gear on swapping talents are turned off.
to turn it on you have to remove the -- before the EquipmentManager_EquipSet and to make it work properly put in the name of the set between the "".
Its case sensetive to if you named it HEAL you must type in HEAL and not heal.

Have fun

Now uses EquipmentManager_EquipSet instead of UseEquipmentSet to mimic the functions that EquipmentManager uses.

Made it work with equipment sets and added changecloak.
By default the cloak is set to 0 in both specs specs.
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