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Version: r20090903
by: Shadowed [More]

Uckfup is meant as a simple raid failure mod, that focuses on not being evilly coded as well as being able to add (or modify) failures through the fails.lua file without hassle. Also should work for any localization without any changes as it uses spellIDs for checking failures, instead of straight spell names.

To reduce spam, it will group the same failures within 4-5 seconds with each other, so if 3 people fail at Ground Tremor, instead of showing 3 failure messages, you will see "A, B, C have failed at Ground Tremor"

You can use /uckfup toggle to disable/enable it completely, however it will only monitor events while inside a raid instance, so you do not need to disable it while not raiding.

Quick list of Ulduar fails:
Biting Cold (>=3 stacks), Flash Freeze, Devouring Flame, Flame Jets, Light Bomb (hit 3 people), Gravity Bomb (hit 2 people), Overload, Focused Eyebeam, Seeping Feral Essence, Ice Shard, Lightning Charge, Runic Smash, Unstable Energy (>= 2 ticks), Bind Life, Ground Tremor, Rocket Strike, P3W2 Laser Barrage, Shock Blast, Proximity Mine, Bomb Bot, Flames (Mimiron hard mode), Sapper Explosion, Saronite Vapors (More than 12,800 damage a tick), Shadow Crash, Death Ray, Brain Link (More than 1,800 damage), Snaplashers (With >= 30 stacks of Hardened Bark)

Quick list of Trials of the Crusader fails:
Staggering Stomp (Interrupted by it), Fire Bomb (>= 3 ticks), Slime Pool (>= 3 ticks), Trample, Dark/Light Vortex (10,000 in 5 seconds), Unleashed Light/Darkness (15,000 in 5 seconds), Touch of Darkness/Light (20,000 in 8 seconds)

Slash commands: /uckfup (/fail)

Author: Shadowed <[email protected]>
Date: Thu Sep 3 19:48:56 2009 -0700
- Changed Unleashed Darkness/Light to be 15,000 damage in 5 seconds instead of 10,000
- Changed Touch of Darkness/Light to be 20,000 damage in 8s instead of 15,000 in 6s
- Localization update

Date: Wed Sep 2 23:59:13 2009 -0700
- Updated fail DB to support fails that require X damage over Y seconds
- Added Northrend Beasts fails: Staggering Stomp (Interrupted), Fire Bomb (3 ticks within 5 seconds), Slime Pool (3 ticks within 5 seconds), Trample (Hit at all)
- Added Val'kyr Twins fails: Dark/Light Vortex and Unleashed Light/Darkness (10,000 damage taken within 6 seconds), Touch of Darkness/Light (15,000 damage taken within 6 seconds)
- Localization update

Date: Wed Aug 5 10:01:20 2009 -0700
* Added being hit by Meltdown for Iron Council fails
* Updated to use the new dungeon APIs for detecting how many players are inside

Date: Tue Aug 4 00:59:36 2009 -0700
(Thanks Antiarc for the configuration since I'm lazy)
* Added a UI configuration if the proper libraries are present
* Added AddonLoader support
* TOC bump
* Localization update

Date: Thu Jun 18 20:34:50 2009 -0700
* Added /uckfup dead 0-100 lets you set how much of the raid has to be dead before it stops reporting
* You can now pass spell links to /uckfup enable/disable instead of having to do spell name or boss name
* Changed Shadow Crash to only report from Vezax not his trash
Merge: a4eda2a 6fa913a

Date: Fri Jun 12 19:23:59 2009 -0700
Merge branch 'master' of [email protected]:Shadowed/Uckfup
* Added /fail timeout # to set how many seconds before it reports spammy fails
* Added noSpam flag that will immediately send out fails if they cannot be spammed due to a mob cooldown on the ability
* Added /fail timeout # to set how many seconds before it reports spammy fails
* Added noSpam flag that will immediately send out fails if they cannot be spammed due to a mob cooldown on the ability

Date: Tue Jun 2 13:33:03 2009 -0700
* Added the ability for failures to be disabled using /uckfup enable/disable as well as listing the list of spells enabled using /uckfup list, not intuitive I know, but don't feel like working with a GUI
* Added Hodir's Fury, Mimiron's Infero (2 hits), Shatter, Rune of Death (5 hits)
* Moved spells to a single table, fixed some boss names

Date: Mon Jun 1 22:14:25 2009 -0700
* Fixed Light Bomb fail being broken due to the charge counter not resetting (OOPS)
* Added skipPlayer flag, ignores the player hitting themselves when doing charge data

Date: Wed May 27 20:38:10 2009 -0700
* Fixed Seeping Feral Essence not working
* Fixed Snaplasher fail not working correctly
* Fixed reporting not working if you passed the channel type capitalized, it now lower cases it to be safe
* Made /fail report more clear on what to do
* Added failures for attacking Snaplashers with more than 30 stacks on Freya
* Cleaned up storage code a little bit, added boss names for when I add in a configuration
* I gud at logic, fixed boolean error at #198

Date: Tue May 26 17:14:26 2009 -0700
* Added sledgehammer fix to make sure failures aren't reported for non-players
* Fixed permission bugs with pets (I believe at least)

Date: Mon May 25 22:10:05 2009 -0700
* Added hit throttling for Light Bomb, and hit expiration for Gravity Bomb to prevent bad things
* Removed Flash Freeze from spells aura (In auras now)
* Added 5s throttle on Ice Shards failure
* Added fails for Biting Cold hitting 3 or more stacks
* Moved Flash Freeze to an aura failure
* Removed SPELL_AURA_APPLIED failures, should be aura ones instead
* Added Yogg-Saron Brain Link failure if it hits 1800 or more damage
* Added overkill/resisted/absorbed/blocked damage to the SPELL_DAMAGE failures so people who die to it and such are still shown

Date: Sun May 24 18:18:16 2009 -0700
* If a player fails multiple times before the message is printed, it'll now show a number indicating how many times they failed
* Fixed a flag check for SPELL_DAMAGE and SPELL_ENERGIZE fails, so that pets are not shown

Date: Sat May 23 18:39:29 2009 -0700
* Merged slackie's cleaned up fail list
* Fixed a few more bugs
* Fixed bad variable ref
* Stupid scope
* Fixed a few typos/logic issues
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Unread 05-26-09, 05:13 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Is there a way to Ignore pets? I think even non-combat pets are being reported and its kinda spammy.
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Unread 05-26-09, 10:51 AM  
Featured Addon Author

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Oops forgot that Git doesn't include the normal directory, fixed that.
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Unread 05-26-09, 09:20 AM  
A Murloc Raider

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you forgot to put the files in zip into directory, might confuse some people otherwise loving this, failbot is much too spammy for my liking
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Unread 05-26-09, 01:45 AM  
Featured Addon Author

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Unread 05-26-09, 01:16 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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I assume this is custom and doesn't grab from the same library as Failbot and Skada do correct?

Joetest - Ner'Zhul - Disciples of Death
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