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Version: 1.3
by: camperdave [More]

A Replacement for Diction

Diction is a great addon. However, while I was working on my list merger, I started poking around in the source of it.

I felt that original script was pretty inefficient, iterating over every possible change every time a key was pressed in chat.

UntypeO still replaces your typos automatically, but now, only executes when you hit enter. Rather than iterating through all options, UntypeO uses the fact that Lua tables work as excellent maps right off the bat.

UntypeO started off as just my personal revisions to Diction, so it wouldn't lag WoW when I tried to test merging in very large lists. However, by time it was finished, there was almost nothing of Diction's original code left (but there is probably a line or two). I also added some features, and changed a few things internally (such as using SavedVariables).

When it was all said and done, it seemed that the right thing to do was to release it to the community as an entirely separate addon. While it may have it's roots in Diction, this addon accomplishes the same goal in a different way.


Update: After some time away from WoW and Untype-O, I'm back at work on the rewrite!

There's a big rewrite going on, involving Ace3. The beneficial features of this rewrite will include support for WIM (idea from Misspelled), possibly a fix for the /tar issue, and generally nicer code for me to work with in the future.

  • More efficent scripting than Diction
  • Compatible with Misspelled
  • Compatible with Diction word lists via the improved and easy to use UntypeO Word List Updater. Look under Optional Files to download it!
  • Four new slash commands!
Slash Commands!

/ut or /utadd
usage: /ut <typo to replace> <correct replacement>
Adds the given typo to the list of typos to repair automatically.
/utc or /utcheck
usage: /utc
Checks the list of default typos, and if the current account is missing any of them, add them in. Make sure to run this after running the Word List Updater!
/utd or /utdelete
usage: /utd <*typo to remove>
Remove the given typo from the filter of things to fix. Useful when you're as dumb as the author and try to add a filter that is already being automatically corrected. (The red asterisk can be any single character - it's ignored, and is only there to keep UntypeO from 'fixing' the very typo you want it to see!)
/utr or /utreplace
usage: /ut <typo to replace> <correct replacement>
Adds the given typo to the list of typos to repair automatically if it is not already in the list, and replaces any previous value that it was set to before if it was already in the list.
If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact me!

Known Issues:
There is a known issue with taint and /tar (/target). I am still working on this issue. Anyone with ideas on how to help, feel free to chime in!

Version 1.3:
  • Removed /utpurge - it was nothing but a disaster waiting to happen
  • TOC update for 3.2

Version 1.2:
  • Fixed a bunch of typos in the code. Now you see why I needed this addon. I couldn't even spell it's name correctly!
  • Added /utr
  • Added /utd

Version 1.1:
  • Fixed a logical bug in the /ut slash command. Now it actually works!
  • Learned that WOWI likes *.zip files better.

Version 1.0: Initial release.
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Unread 06-26-09, 01:30 AM  
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I've been using Diction and will test this addon and see what it is like.
A suggenstion if I may: keep the words in the words list sorted alphabetically, if possible. This kinda makes them much easier to read.
Also, "teh" is twice in the list.

If anyone wants to add to their list what I currently have, add the following to the words.lua in between the brackets (this list contains the original words in the Diction words.lua file, credits to the author).

["archievement"] = "achievement",
	["arguement"] = "argument",
	["beleive"] = "believe",
	["cant"] = "can't",
	["catagory"] = "category",
	["couldnt"] = "couldn't",
	["definate"] = "definite",
	["didnt"] = "didn't",
	["dont"] = "don't",
	["foriegn"] = "foreign",
	["experiance"] = "experience",
	["greatful"] = "grateful",
	["harrass"] = "harass",
	["havent"] = "haven't",
	["i "] = " I ",
	["id "] = "I'd ",
	["independan"] = "independen",
	["infinate"] = "infinite",
	["isnt"] = "isn't",
	["lets"] = "let's",
	["mispell"] = "misspell",
	["noticable"] = "noticeable",
	["pronounciation"] = "pronunciation",
	["recieve"] = "receive",
	["seperate"] = "separate",
	["untill"] = "until",
	["ungoro"] = "Un'goro",
	["wasnt"] = "wasn't",
	["weild"] = "wield",
	["wierd"] = "weird",
	["wont"] = "won't",
	["wouldnt"] = "wouldn't",
	["Zuldrak"] = "Zul'drak",
	["Zulfarrak"] = "Zul'farrak",
Edit: Found a bug. When using /tar to target something it:
1. Throws an error that UntypO has been blocked from accessing a Blizzard only function
2. Adds a space after the name or name partial of the /tar command. When there is an enemy camp which I know can inhabit a rare spawn I often write /tar and some letters of the name. Like /tar sca for Scarlet Highlord Dalon. When I repeat the old message (up arrow) I get a /tar sca" " with a space. Not sure if that helps.
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Unread 06-26-09, 10:29 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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As for alphabetizing, I'll certainly consider that for the next version of the list updater.

Thanks for posting a list, now you've lit a fire under my butt to actually release the tool, as it's been done for a few days and I've been too lazy to actually upload it. I'll put a version without alphabetizing up soon today, and look into alphabetical sorting.

As for the teh, I've deleted it from the words.lua that will be pushed out next version, but my insistance on not having duplicates is more for continuity (so you know what typo changes to what), as when UntypeO actually loads that list, either at first run or on a /utc, it only adds the last instance of a typo into it's memory.

As for /tar, I think I know the cause. I use a SetScript rather than a HookScript. Unfortunately, I don't know if I can switch them, as it didn't work that way the first time I tried. I have some ideas, but while I work them out, try a macro - I haven't been online to test it today, but I think clicking a target macro should still work.

Edit: I pushed out the source and binary packages of the List Updater. Soon as the file mods approve them (which might take a bit of time) they should appear under "Optional Files"

Or, Direct Links!
Binary Release

Source Release

Double Edit:
Seems they got put on hold.... Hopefully they will contact me soon, as per the message, or approve them or something :P
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Unread 06-26-09, 10:32 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Edit: /utpurge is no more, and this warning now serves no purpose :P
Last edited by camperdave : 10-15-09 at 11:55 AM.
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