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oUF Phanx  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

by: Phanx [More]

oUF layout with many PvE-oriented features and a few options.

Features include aura filtering, dispel highlighting, threat highlighting, incoming heal bars, display of all secondary resources, totem timers, cast bars for player/pet/target, incoming resurrection text, combat feedback text, AFK timers, and smoothly updating bars. Mouse over the frames for more detailed health and power text. Hold Shift out of combat to temporarily disable aura filtering and see all buffs. Some elements auto-adjust based on role (healer, tank, damage).

Type /pouf for options, or browse to the oUF Phanx panel in the standard Interface Options window.

Supported units: player, pet, target, targets target, focus, focuss target, party, party pets, arena enemies, and bosses. Raid frames will not be added; use Grid or another raid frame addon of your choice.

Supported plugins: oUF_MovableFrames, oUF_SpellRange, and any plugin which does not require explicit support from within a layout. Also Clique for click-casting.
Post a ticket on GitHub or post a comment on this page. If you are reporting a problem, please read this first.

If you want to change something that does not have an in-game option to change, you will need to modify the addon's Lua code yourself. If you need help modifying the code, do not post here. This page is for support of the official version only, and tickets/comments asking for help with code changes on this page will be deleted. Post in the oUF forum instead.

If you are using a modified version of oUF_Phanx, do not post here. This page is for support of the official version only. Reproduce the problem with the official version first, or post in the oUF forum instead.
Language Support
Works in all languages. Translated into Deutsch, Espaol, Franais (partial), Portugus (partial), Русский (partial), and 简体中文 (partial). You can add or update translations for any language on the CurseForge project page.

Version (2016 Aug 14)
  • Fixed an error when opening the aura configuration panel

Version (2016 Aug 13)
  • Updated for WoW 7.0
  • Includes an updated copy of oUF -- the official version will not work!
  • The aura filter lists for most classes were compiled using Wowhead. Please report any missing buffs/debuffs (with their ID) or any buffs/debuffs that are included in the default filters that don't actually need to be shown. Thanks.

Version (2015 March 14)
  • Fixed text wrapping issues in WoW 6.1
  • Updated more aura IDs

Version (2015 Feb 4)
  • Updated some aura IDs (if something is still missing/wrong for your class please let me know)
  • Updated aura config panel layout in preparation for more detailed options to come
  • Added support for the oUF_Smooth plugin

Version (2014 Dec 22)
  • Fixed an error with monk chi and the Ascension talent
  • Fixed an error when disabling the eclipse bar
  • Removed custom soul shards element since oUF now supports them natively
  • THIS UPDATE WILL REMOVE YOUR OLD CUSTOM AURA SETTINGS. Somewhere along the line incremental upgrading failed, and rather than go back and try to figure out exactly where that happened and how to fix it, I'm just nuking it. If you're using custom filters because the default filters for your class/spec are out of date, please let me know what needs to be changed!

Version (2014 Dec 7)
  • Fixed monk chi display
  • Moved combo points to player frame

Version (2014 Dec 1)
  • Fixed secondary power orbs (chi, holy power, shadow orbs, wild mushrooms)
  • Fixed dropdowns in the aura config panel not saving changes
  • Minor changes to the aura filter config system

Version (2014 Nov 22)
  • Fixed an issue preventing the options panel from loading

Version (2014 Nov 20)
  • Changed aura filtering to use bitfields instead of fixed filters -- users should not notice any difference, but this will allow for greater filtering flexibility in the future.
  • The focus frame castbar will no longer be displayed when your target frame is already displaying the same unit.
  • Threat greater than 300% will no longer be displayed.
  • Fixed coloring on "tap to all" mobs
  • Fixed unwanted red coloring on the castbar safe zone texture
  • Fixed heals and absorbs sometimes being displayed on dead units (workaround for Blizzard API bug)
  • Updated Portuguese translations
  • Version numbers now indicate releases rather than SVN revisions

Version (2014 Sep 8)
  • Added absorb overlay on health bar
  • Reduced size of threat text on target frame

Version (2014 Aug 18)
  • Fixed demonic fury error on login
  • Fixed checkboxes in the unit options panel

Version (2014 Aug 8)
  • Fixed castbar appearance

Version (2014 Aug 4)
  • Fixed possible eclipse bar error at login
  • Fixed possible border overlapping on secondary power bars
  • Added threat percent text on target frame
  • Added a font scale option -- no UI yet, use "/run oUFPhanxConfig.fontScale = N" and "/reload", where N is a number from 0.5 to 1.5

Version (2014 Jul 14)
  • Added "/pouf buffs" and "/pouf debuffs" commands to list buffs or debuffs on the target, for finding spell IDs
  • Added an option to toggle the text shadow
  • Added combopoint-like display for mage Arcane Charges
  • Improvements and fixes for demonic fury, eclipse, stagger, rune, and totem bars

Version (2014 Feb 7)
  • Added a stagger bar for brewmaster monks (untested)
  • Fixed initial coloring of shaman totem bars
  • Fixed display of "Ghost" on health bars
  • Options are now load-on-demand

Version (2013 Dec 22)
  • Added in-game unit options
  • Combat feedback text is now a per-unit option
  • Changed combat feedback text colors to more closely match those used in the default UI
  • Changed combat feedback text initialization to hopefully resolve the bug reported by Dexter74 on WoWInterface

Version (2013 Dec 17)
  • Added combat feedback text (optional, and disabled by default)
  • Added the ability to see and mouse over all buffs while holding Shift out of combat
  • Added a very minimal PvP status icon on the target frame (colored dot, top left corner)
  • Added more spell IDs for Corruption (*_* Blizzard)
  • Added German translations
  • Added more Russian translations from Felixod on Curse (still incomplete)
  • Removed support for the outdated oUF_CombatFeedback plugin

Version (2013 Nov 25)
  • Updated for WoW 5.4
  • Added Beacon of Light by default for paladins
  • Fixed a random error that might randomly have occurred

Version (2013 Jul 21)
  • Fixed aura switching on role change
  • Fixed health updating on boss frames
  • Fixed several issues with the config panels
  • Added several auras for priests
  • Added all MoP enchant procs to the aura blacklist since Blizzard doesn't flag them correctly
  • Added partial Russian translation from Felixod

Version (2013 May 29)
  • Updated for WoW 5.3
  • Added Enslave Demon and Rain of Fire (Destruction version) to default aura filters
  • Fixed buffs and debuffs not switching positions on the target frame when changing roles
  • Fixed an issue causing druid mushrooms to not always appear at login
  • Fixed an error that occurs when oUF attempts to update hidden frames

Version (2013 Apr 8)
  • Fixed demonic fury bar

Version (2013 Apr 3)
  • Added a workaround for the Blizzard bug causing boss frames not to update properly
  • Fixed runes
  • Fixed soul shards (untested)
  • Fixed border expansion to properly contain extra elements (druid mana bar, etc) on load
  • Updated Spanish localization

Version (2013 Mar 31)
  • Fixed several issues with the custom aura options panel
  • Fixed an issue preventing the threat highlight from being displayed
  • Fixed an issue causing power bars to turn gray when the options panel is opened
  • Added a separate options panel for options that require a UI reload, with several new options
  • Added a workaround for a Blizzard bug causing dead units' healthbars to show non-zero values
  • Added the Fire and Brimstone upgraded version of Conflagrate for warlocks
  • Major organizational changes and cleanup — you should completely delete your old oUF_Phanx folder before installing this update, to avoid having tons of old files laying around

Version (2013 Mar 24)
  • Added in-game options for adding custom aura filters (saved on a per-character basis)
  • Updated magic dispel detection for warlocks with a Fel Imp summoned
  • Updated some druid auras (thanks Funkydude)
  • Moved party frames down to accomodate the new 5th boss frame
  • Fixed an error when changing custom class colors
  • Updated included oUF

Version (2013 Mar 18)
  • Fixed druid mushrooms (last time, I promise!)
  • Slightly adjusted default frame positions

Version (2013 Mar 11)
  • Fixed druid mushrooms (hopefully for real this time)
  • Added Incanter's Absorption and Pyroblast! mage buffs

Version (2013 Mar 7)
  • Fixed druid mushrooms
  • Fixed warlock power errors when entering vehicles
  • Miscellaneous cleanup of old code

Version (2013 Mar 5)
  • Fixed a typo in Weakened Soul for priests

Version (2013 Mar 5)
  • Added basic display for druid mushrooms (mostly untested)
  • Added Forbearance for paladins and Weakened Soul for priests
  • Fixed border coloring
  • Fixed Savage Roar for druids
  • Updated some hunter auras (thanks ravagernl)
  • Updated bundled oUF core
  • Merged all options into a single panel
  • Added French localization from Strigx on Curse
  • Added parital German localization from Grafrotz on Curse

Version (2013 Feb 7)
  • Fixed an issue with aura filtering
  • Fixed an error that occurred when switching between roles (tank/healer/dps)
  • Fixed an error that occurred when toggling the "Filter debuff highlight" option
  • Updated many spell IDs

Version (2012 Dec 20)
  • Added spell IDs for warlock Fury Ward and warrior Meat Cleaver
  • Fixed spell IDs for druid Rejuvenation and warlock Corruption
  • Fixed auto-whitelisting of auras cast by the unit's vehicle
  • Fixed rune bar width
  • Improved visual integration of eclipse bar, druid mana bar, rune bars, and totem bars
  • Moved player frame orbs to the bottom to match the position of target frame orbs and avoid overlapping totem and rune bars

Version (2012 Nov 29)
  • Added Destabilize to the list of improperly flagged boss debuffs to show
  • Fixed an error in the DebuffHighlight module

Version (2012 Nov 29)
  • Updated for WoW 5.1
  • Updated auras for druids and monks.
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese localization.
  • Added support for boss debuffs that Blizzard forgot to flag as boss debuffs. Currently only Brew Explosion is included; if you know of any others, please post a comment.
  • Changed how frame borders are sized; old settings should upgrade automatically, but you may need to manually adjust the border size setting to your liking.
  • Fixed an error relating to threat events firing without proper unit info.
  • The download for this version also includes oUF, since the download page for oUF is very out of date.

Version (2012 Nov 2)
  • Added runes for death knights
  • Added totems for shamans
  • Minor update to aura filter list for warlocks
  • Removed support for oUF_boring_totembar plugin
    Totems are now supported natively by oUF, so there's no need for a plugin.
  • Removed PT Serif font
    If you were using it, just keep the file and don’t change the font option dropdown or — better yet — install SharedMedia and follow the “MyMedia” instructions.

Version (2012 Oct 28)
  • Removed pet battle hiding code, since oUF does this itself now (get the latest version of oUF from Haste's GitHub repo)
  • Fixed some issues with the castbar safezone and background
  • Fixed orb color not updating when class colors are changed
  • Updated auras for feral/guardian druids (thanks Shiryu), shadow priests (thanks Fumler), and mistweaver monks

Version (2012 Oct 15)
  • Frames are now hidden during pet battles
  • Unfiltered buffs can now be shown out of combat by pressing Shift and mousing over the frame; it's currently not possible to mouse over the icons in this mode, so more improvements will be forthcoming

Version (2012 Sep 25)
  • Make an extra shadow orb to make oUF happy

Version (2012 Sep 25)
  • Added an optional glow to highlight important border states
  • Added auras for monks and pandaren
  • Updated auras for all classes
  • Updated raid debuff auras
  • Updated the resurrection element
  • Updated the dispel highlight element
  • Updated the warlock power element
  • Updated group leader and master looter icons
  • Updated combo points, chi, holy power, and shadow orbs

Version (2012 Aug 28)
  • Updated for WoW 5.0.4
  • Added graphical orb display, and removed text display, for combo points, secondary resources, and Maelstrom Weapon
  • Added auras to pet frame (untested)
  • Added auras cast by the player's vehicle on friendly targets and hostile player targets
  • Fixed mirror timer styling
  • Fixed power color option
  • Fixed Ghost detection
  • Updated Resurrection element to use LibResInfo instead of LibResComm (no longer needs other players in your group to have the same library installed)
  • Replaced the Expressway font with PT Sans
  • Added zhCN translations from wowuicn on CurseForge

Version (2012 Jul 19)
  • Added a burning embers display for destruction warlocks. Needs a little polish.
  • Added a demonic fury display for demonology warlocks. Needs a lot of polish.
  • Added zhCN localization from wowuicn on CurseForge.

Version (2012 Jul 18)
  • Added a chi display for monks.
  • Added a shadow orb display for shadow priests.
  • Added a soul shard display for affliction warlocks.
  • Burning Embers and Demonic Fury are partly implemented, but not yet fully functional.
  • Added tanking/healing checks for monks.
  • Cast bars now show the time remaining, rather than the time elapsed.

Version (2012 Jul 13)
  • This beta version works only on MoP beta servers, and requires the latest beta version of oUF from GitHub.
  • Preliminary update for MoP API changes in WoW and oUF.
  • Fixed the styling of mirror timer bars (breath, etc.)
  • Fixed the power color option
  • Replaced the Expressway font with PT Sans
  • Auras cast by the player's vehicle should now be correctly shown.
  • Combo points are now displayed graphically, rather than with text.
  • Maelstrom Weapon stacks for enhancement shamans are now displayed graphically, rather than with text.
  • Chi, holy power, shadow orbs, burning embers, demonic fury, and soul shards are currently NOT displayed in any form.
  • Plugin support has not been tested. Please report any issues you encounter with plugins that are listed as supported in the addon description.
  • Eclipse bar has not been tested. Please report any issues you encounter with it.

Version (2011 Dec 23)
  • Fixed another issue affecting aura filtering

Version (2011 Dec 15)
  • Fixed an issue affecting aura filtering

Version (2011 Dec 12)
  • Allow debuffs cast by the player's vehicle to appear on the target frame (untested)

Version (2011 Dec 11)
  • Updated for WoW 4.3
  • Fixed threat highlight element
  • Added Envenom self-buff for rogues
  • Added support for oUF druid mana bar element
  • Removed support for oUF_DruidMana plugin

Version (2011 Jul 1)
  • Updated for WoW 4.2

Version (2011 Apr 28)
  • Turned off some more debugging messages (hopefully that’s all of them!)

Version (2011 Apr 28)
  • Removed a lingering reference to pet happiness

Version (2011 Apr 28)
  • Removed support for pet happiness since that was removed in WoW 4.1
  • Turned off some stray debugging messages

Version (2011 Apr 28)
  • Fixed the Dispel and Resurrection elements
  • Fixed the statusbar and font dropdowns to correctly preview the currently selected texture or font file on the dropdown value text
  • Fixed the initializing for LibSharedMedia-3.0 support
  • Added code to hide focus-related entries in unit frame right-click menus
  • Added the Serendipity buff for priests (WoWI feature ticket #7324)
  • Added separate options for health bar background and power bar background
  • Added the PT Serif Font
  • Removed the Andika Basic Custom and Droid Serif fonts
  • Updated Spanish translations

Version (2011 Feb 22)
  • Greatly improved the moonkin eclipse bar
  • Added options for disabling the eclipse bar, or just the eclipse icons (requires a reload to take effect)
  • Added support for the default UI’s beginner tooltips on the player and target frame
  • Updated Spanish localization

Version (2011 Feb 20)
  • Fixed an error in the dispel element for priests
  • Fixed an error with the “Show threat levels” option
  • Added an option to disable the new eclipse bar — type “/run PoUFDB.useEclipseBar = false; ReloadUI()” in-game
  • Changed the boss and party frames to be positioned relative to the UIParent instead of the Minimap, to make sure they’re always on the screen even for people who have moved their minimap around

Version (2011 Feb 20)
  • Added boss frames
  • Added an eclipse bar for moonkins (mostly untested because I don’t have a moonkin)
  • Added a background intensity option to change how bright the health bar background color is relative to the foreground color (works in reverse for the power bar)
  • Added the bear Berserk proc to the default filter list for druids
  • Fixed dispel highlighting for hostile units (maybe)

Version (2011 Jan 23)
  • Fixed the health bar color options
  • Added options for coloring the power bar

Version (2011 Jan 19)
  • Fixed party pet frames
  • Added some basic options for health bar coloring
  • Added Fire! and Sniper Training buffs for hunters
  • Added Archangel and Dark Archangel buffs for priests
  • Added Lifeblood buff from herbalism
  • Added full support for localization
  • Added Spanish localization
  • Added Andika Basic font
  • Updated tanking and healing checks

Version (2010 Dec 22)
  • Added phase and quest boss icons
  • Updated aura filters for priests and rogues

Version (2010 Nov 6)
  • Comment out unused (unfinished) soul shard texture code

Version (2010 Nov 6)
  • Added new default font — Droid Serif
  • Added holy power text
  • Added shadow orbs text
  • Fixed border color option — now applies to the health bar immediately as intended
  • Fixed border size option — now saves between sessions
  • Fixed soul shards text
  • Removed unused embedded libraries
  • Updated aura filters

Version (2010 Oct 16)
  • Updated for oUF 1.5.2 and WoW 4.0
  • Added basic text-based holy power and soul shard display
  • Added built-in AFK element (based on oUF_AFK by Sonomus, with permission)
  • Fixed safe zone display on channeled spells
  • Fixed saved variables handling
  • Disabled spell tooltip modification by default

Version (2010 Aug 12)
  • Fixed auras

Version (2010 Aug 12)
  • Added configuration panel; type "/pouf" or browse the Interface Options window to find them.
  • Added embedded libraries required for configuration panel and resurrection status text; if you do not need these features, you can safely delete the "Libs" folder.

Version (2010 Aug 11)
  • Fixed dispel and threat highlight elements getting stuck (for real this time)
  • Fixed a typo in aura filter for DKs
  • Fixed the castbar border when borderSize setting is changed

Version (2010 Aug 9)
  • Fixed threat highlighting getting stuck sometimes
  • Add offensive dispel and spellsteal support to dispel highlighting (untested)
  • Added resurrection status text (requires LibResComm-1.0, not embedded yet)

Version (2010 Aug 8)
  • Fixed aura timers for people using OmniCC 3 Beta instead of the stable release OmniCC 2
  • Changed ugly yellow color on uninterruptible casts

Version (2010 Aug 8)
  • Added partypet frames
  • Added focus and focustarget frames
  • Added buffs on party frames
  • Added buffs on target frames in addition to debuffs
  • Fixed safe zone for channeled spells
  • Fixed healing bar overlapping the power bar background

Version (2010 Aug 8)
  • oUF 1.4 support
  • Rewritten from scratch
  • Updated looks inspired by oUF_PredatorSimple and oUF_Neav
  • Now has castbars for player, pet, and target
  • Now has party frames
  • Now has filtered aura display (see description for details)

Version (2010 Jan 14)
  • Fix tank checking for druids not in a form and death knights not in a presence
  • Fix statusbar dropdown so the last statusbar doesn't hang off the bottom

Version (2010 Jan 11)
  • Fixed border debuff coloring for debuffs the player can't dispel, and for tanks
  • Fixed tank checking for lower levels and for players who didn't learn all their stances/forms/presences (you cheap lazy bastards!)
  • Fixed font string placement to prevent overlaps

Version (2010 Jan 10)
  • Fixed file path for default font
  • Fixed error for classes that can't dispel any debuffs
  • Fixed error when changing border style option
  • Embedded LibHealComm-4.0

Version (2010 Jan 8)
  • Fixed error when not using LibSharedMedia-3.0
  • Added embedded libraries

Version (2010 Jan 7)
  • Added in-game options panel
  • Added support for LibSharedMedia-3.0
  • Added resurrection status text via LibResComm-1.0
  • Removed aura display for all units
  • Due to many changes in file structure, it is recommended that you delete your existing oUF_Phanx folder before installing this update.

Version (2009 Jun 14)
  • Fix druid mana text
  • Fix aura placement on player unit

Version (2009 Jun 10)
  • Fix overlapping health and power text on target/focus frames
  • Fix threat highlight failing to update when passing through a loading screen
  • Add incoming heals module

Version (2009 Jun 5)
  • Add font and texture files
  • Add option to disable textured border
  • General cleanup throughout
  • Remove unused files

Version (2009 Apr 28)
  • First public release
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Unread 05-12-12, 04:37 PM  
A Defias Bandit

Forum posts: 2
File comments: 8
Uploads: 0
Good evening.
First of all i would love to thank you for the great work you are doing, i'm a long-user of this Layout and every day i'm more satisfied by this.

However, i noticed only now my pet bar is totally bugged. First of all, It does have all sort of marks above it, also when i click on it instead of targeting my pet it target's the last target, in case there is noone it targets me. I have no idea of a possible solution actually

Last thing, just a curiosity, is there a way to make border's corners sharpener?

Again, thanks alot for that great layout, keep it up!

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Unread 05-10-12, 11:21 PM  
Phanx's Avatar
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 5567
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Look at the first line in the block of code you posted:

if playerClass == "" then addAuras({
That whole list is currently ignored in the layout, because the playerClass variable is never an empty string "", but contains the locale-indepdenent version of the currently logged-in character's class name, such as "SHAMAN" or "DRUID". I intended at some point to add an option for showing PvP-related auras, but never got around to it.

If you want to show the auras in that list, I'd suggest removing the whole if ... then and end wrappers around the addAuras({ ... }) call.
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Unread 05-10-12, 11:43 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

Forum posts: 1
File comments: 11
Uploads: 0
Editing Custom Aura Filter

Hi, I just started playing again and had used your addon in the past, it's my favorite unit frame layout.

I've been pvping mostly and was trying to add some custom aura filters to see when a target had the following buffs/debuffs. This is taken from auras.lua that I added, all spell ids were taken from wowhead.com or in game using the script you had posted previously in these comments.

--	Stunned, Spell Reflect, Damage Reduction [PvP]

if playerClass == "" then addAuras({
	[51271] = 1, -- Pillar of Frost
	[44572] = 1, -- Deep Freeze
	[12355] = 1, -- Impact
	[853]   = 1, -- Hammer of Justice
	[1833]  = 1, -- Cheap Shot
	[408]   = 1, -- Kidney Shot
	[12809] = 1, -- Concussion Blow
	[85388] = 1, -- Throwdown
	[20549] = 1, -- War Stomp
	[23920] = 1, -- Spell Reflect
	[20230] = 1, -- Retaliation
	[974]   = 1, -- Earth Shield
	[47585] = 1, -- Dispersion
	[62618] = 1, -- Power World: Barrier
	[17]    = 1, -- Power Word: Shield
	[33206] = 1, -- Pain Suppression
	[6346]  = 1, -- Fear Ward
	[6229]  = 1, -- Shadow Ward
	[91711] = 1, -- Nether Ward
	[543]   = 1, -- Mage Ward
	[11426] = 1, -- Ice Barrier
	[45438] = 1, -- Ice Block
	[1463]  = 1, -- Mana Shield
	[32850] = 1, -- Ardent Defender
	[70940] = 1, -- Divine Guardian
	[498]   = 1, -- Divine Protection
	[85258] = 1, -- Sacred Shield
	[642]   = 1, -- Divine Shield
	[50461] = 1, -- Anti Magic Zone
	[48707] = 1, -- Anti-Magic Shell
	[49222] = 1, -- Bone Shield	
	[61336] = 1, -- Survival Instincts
	[22812] = 1, -- Barkskin
	[871]   = 1, -- Shield Wall
	[19263] = 1, -- Deterrence
	[5277]  = 1, -- Evasion
	[73651] = 1, -- Recuperate
	[31224] = 1, -- Cloak of Shadows
	[20594] = 1, -- Stoneform
	[7744]  = 1, -- Will of the Forsaken
They aren't showing up however. Silenced and Spell lock debuffs show and I was using the same code as those sections of auras.lua. Am I doing something wrong here?
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Unread 02-14-12, 05:28 PM  
Phanx's Avatar
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 5567
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Originally Posted by 4exoB
1. interruptible cast is no different from the uninterruptible cast.
I haven't seen that issue, and I make liberal use of Wind Shear on my shaman. Enemy cast bars are correctly displayed in red if I can interrupt them, or yellow if I can't.

Which spell(s) are you seeing displayed incorrectly? Is it broken for friendly players, friendly NPCs, hostile players, hostile NPCs, some of those, or all of the above? Does it work when you use the layout without any modifications?

Originally Posted by 4exoB
2. сastbar text extends beyond the frame
Open core.lua in Notepad and find these lines:
			self.Castbar.Text = ns.CreateFontString( self.Castbar, 16, "LEFT" )
			self.Castbar.Text:SetPoint( "LEFT", self.Castbar, "LEFT", 4, 0 )
Immediately after them, add this additional line:
			self.Castbar.Text:SetPoint( "RIGHT", self.Castbar, "RIGHT", -4, 0 )
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Unread 02-12-12, 09:35 PM  
A Murloc Raider
4exoB's Avatar
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Forum posts: 5
File comments: 84
Uploads: 3
Phanx, thank you.
I have two problems:
1. interruptible cast is no different from the uninterruptible cast.
2. сastbar text extends beyond the frame

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Unread 02-08-12, 07:42 PM  
Phanx's Avatar
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

Forum posts: 5567
File comments: 2288
Uploads: 46
I'm sure I've already posted about that somewhere in the comments, but WoWI still doesn't have any comment search function (nor any way to link to a specific comment) so:

1. Open core.lua in Notepad.

2. Find this line:
self.Debuffs.CustomFilter   = ns.CustomAuraFilters.target
3. Add two dashes at the front of it:
--self.Debuffs.CustomFilter   = ns.CustomAuraFilters.target
4. Find this line:
self.Buffs.CustomFilter   = ns.CustomAuraFilters.target
5. Add two dashes at the front of it:
--self.Buffs.CustomFilter   = ns.CustomAuraFilters.target
6. Save the file.

7. "/console reloadui" in WoW if you were already logged in.
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I really like your ouf layout. But how to do so you can see all buffs and debuffs on the target (based on default unitframes)?

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Unread 02-03-12, 12:46 AM  
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1. Open config.lua in Notepad.

2. Add the line in bold yellow text:
	focus = {
		point = "TOPLEFT target BOTTOMLEFT 0 -60",
		power = true,
		castbar = true,
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Unread 01-30-12, 06:15 PM  

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Is there an option to enable the focus cast bar

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Originally Posted by Phanx
Use Reflux.

One other thing.

EDIT: Solved it on my own, I was just too stupid to see it.
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Use Reflux.
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Can you somehow setup profiles?

I'd like to use your setup (positions mostly) for PvP, but would like to get everything out of the way for PvE. Any way to do this?

(btw great looking addon)
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Unread 12-28-11, 11:42 AM  
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Re: target frame aura

Hi, I've noticed two problems comeback again.

Originally Posted by chenyuli
Hi, recently I found Druid's Rejuvenation, Lifebloom and Regrowth on target frame can't display in the same time. When I cast these 3 spells on target frame, it only display the first spell, and the later spell has to wait for previous spell expired. (But player & party frame doesn't have this problem.)

Another problem is player unit's border in party frame will not display highlight when player having debuff. Other members' border in party frame will highlight when they having debuff, but player's won't.
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Unread 12-26-11, 12:05 PM  
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Now It works perfectly! Thank you!!
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Unread 12-23-11, 02:52 AM  
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Re: report

I just need the lines for any buffs/debuffs that aren't showing up correctly. Usually this happens because Blizzard changed the spell ID, or because I made a typo in the spell ID.

Anyway, you should see a new version up shortly. Let me know if any buffs or debuffs are still missing.
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