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oUF RingThing2

Version: 001
by: zork [More]

Second variant of a ring layout made out of http://www.wowinterface.com/download...RingThing.html

What is it for?
It is basically a tech-demo for developers that shows how radial filling rings/circles can be connected to the oUF framework.

What does this example?
This layout shows one big radial filling circle for life (orb-like) in the center and a radial filling ring for mana outside.
The background texture is rotating and alot of stuff can be configured.
So if you are interested just check the layout.

What is it not?
This is no "Use it and everything is perfect"-layout. It does only three example rings for player, target, tot to show the technique. But it will help you if you want to derivate a ring layout out of the technique/functions used.



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Which version of oUF are you using? I get a lua error which indicates that something is wrong with the percent tags. Funny enough TheRingThing1.0b is working just fine. I tried it with oUF .19 and .16.

E: Btw, I'm trying to create several rings that have a different radius. I tried this with TheRingThing1.0b first, but couldn't figure out how to change the radius of another ring for the same unit. A difference in scale between health and mana ring has no effect.
I guess that's why you put in the holder frame in TheRingThing2. But I can't test it, due to the lua error.
Are different ring "sizes/scales" for one frame possible with TheRingThing1.0b, at all? Or only with TheRingThing2?
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