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Version: v1.2-Release
by: PProvost [More]

What is NoBetterBlizzOptions?

Simply put, it prevents the LibBetterBlizzOptions-1.0 library from loading.

Why did you do this?

I did this for myself and am only distributing it in case someone else finds it useful. There are a few addons out there that ďembedĒ LibBetterBlizzOptions-1.0 within their distribution package. This library makes broad changes to the built-in configuration UI that can cause problems with other addons. I ran into this issue myself and got annoyed by it. Sure, I could remove the offending library every time I update my addons, but that was quite frustrating to do every time an addon updated that re-installed it.

So I wrote this little 2 line addon to resolve the issue for me. If you find it useful, great. If not, donít install it. Honestly that is how the BetterBlizzOptions should be too. It should be the userís choice to install it and not the addon authorís.

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Unread 08-16-09, 01:42 PM  
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"It should be the userís choice to install it and not the addon authorís."

I do believe that a bunch of us have been rambling something along those lines for a long time now. I personally just refuse to use an addon if it embeds the lib, but you already know I'm an ass like that.
I have reached enlightment.
Thank you bacon!
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Unread 08-16-09, 03:01 PM  
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Every now and then an addon I use includes that damn thing. I've talked to the authors and get the response, "I couldn't layout my options the way I wanted without it."

BAH! Too bad.

Anyway... three lines of code later and the magic of LibStub does its work for me.
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