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Version: 0.9b (quick-fix)
by: Rewad [More]

Current development stage: Beta
Your feedback is welcome!

Please delete all previous versions of SpellPriority before you update to version 0.9b.
All tacticfiles before version 0.9b are incompatible.
Mage and Hunter tacticfiles are removed temporarily.

What does it do?
SpellPriority shows you the next, and best spell to use, for max. DPS with a simple icon.
Watch this little demo movie on Youtube

Which classes are supported?
Warlock for 100% (I only play Warlock ), other similar classes (Priest, Mage, Hunter etc.) are also supported but not yet fully tested (and maybe no tacticfiles are created yet for them).
Support for "special" classes Rouge (combo points), Deathknight (runes and runicpower) have lower priority but are also planned.

What is the basic idea behind SpellPriority?
SpellPriority use diffrents "tacticsheets" for diffrent classes and talentbuilds, with little lua-coding skills are you able to create your own tacticfile ingame (with WoWLua) for your playstyle.

What is a tacticfile?
The tacticfile defines which action is likely the best for diffrent situations in combat. For example: Which spell you should use after you have finished your current spellcast when an important debuff expires on the target. The tacticfile is created and optimised for a specific class / talentbuild and glyphs, so you have to choose a tacticfile which is created for your talentbuild and glyphs.

Current included tacticfiles:
- Destruction Raid
- Affliction Raid
- Demonology Raid
- Life Tab Reminder
- Metamorphosis Reminder
- removed (temporarily)
- removed (temporarily)

This is a module, included in SpellPriority as a seperate addon, for people who:
- want to create their own tacticfile
- have some knowlege about Lua
- time and fun
- and for my guildies / friends to make tacticfiles for other classes
- and of course for myself, better workflow

I have documented DevTools as well as I can, but there are likely some points that are not clear enough or incomplete, someone needs to test it Maybe later I will create a little explanation movie.

For DevTools, you will need the addon WoWLua, you can get it here:
After this you can use the command /spdev to open the GUI, where you can start with the first few steps.

If you create a tacticfile which you want to share with the community, please contact me, and maybe I can include your tacticfile in the next release.


v0.9b- 10.11.09 (quick fix)
- fixed missing AceTimer-3.0
- fixed non-updating old saved-variables
- fixed Ace3 options-gui bug in modul: switcher
- fixed show/hide binding text

v0.9b - 08.11.09
- SpellPriority recoded, nearly everything changed
- added new feature, you can now select more than one tacticfile
- added update trigger (saves cpu ussage if necessary)
- changed options gui, better organised

- Tacticfiles:
-- tacticfiles older than v0.9v or template version v0.5 are not compatible with SpellPriority v0.9b
-- hunter and mage tacticfile are removed, we need new ones... sorry

- DevTools:
-- API changed, older functions works no longer, use the new one
-- many things are yet not documented, it is currently hard to make a tacticfile for other classes...
-- added spell database for warlocks, other classes will follow

v0.8.1b - 17.10.09
- fixed: description bug in the glyph-section
- event UNIT_AURA execute now max. every 0.2 sec
- the tacticfile: empty, shows no longer the skull icon, some people don't like bones
- added key bound text, the sp-icon can now show the current key binding of that spell
- changed / improved some loading functions for tacticfiles
- added modul Switcher, Switcher changes automatical your tacticfile
- added file known issues.txt

- DevTools:
-- added second argument (for non-player casts) to:
--- SP:get_playerbuff (buffid [, all])
--- SP:get_sp_playerbuff (buffid [, all])
--- SP:get_targetdebuff (debuffid [, all])
--- SP:get_sp_targetdebuff (debuffid [, all])
-- added SP:log(string) and removed old log(string) which is realy only for debugging

- Tacticfiles:
-- added demonology warlock by kragges
-- added 2x firemage tacticfiles by kragges

v0.8b - 02.10.09
- fixed get_targetdebuff, which cause that get_targetdebuff (debuffid) returned true when a debuff on the target is which are casted by another player
- fixed debuffstacks, they are now countet correctly with precasting / lag and flight calculation
- fixed not saved icon-position, icon position wasn't saved correctly before
- fixed showed classinfo as N/A when talentbuild also was N/A
- recoded some api-functions (there is still a lot to do...)
- changed / updated gui-options
- renamed some options
- added more "show icon when taget is a" options
- added show button which shows the detailed script of the selected tacticfile
- added spellflight and lag modifier options
- added icon lock and icon position reset option
- added cooldown-texture to the icon, which shows when this spell is ready to cast
-- according to this recoded some events, use now update_cooldown after spell_succseeded
- added latency considering
-- according to this, recoded handling of target_debuff_incoming (flying spells, and latency for non-flying spells)
- added how-to-add-tacticfiles, a little doc how this works

- DevTools:
-- added get_sp_playerbuff(buffid)
-- added get_unitmana(unit)
-- updated api-description

- Tacticfiles:
-- some updates because of the new function get_sp_playerbuff(buffid)
-- tacticfiles are now seperated, each class has now his own "sub-addon"
-- added two hunter-tacticfiles from Aimori for testing, thx!

v0.7.1b - 23.08.09
- a tacitcfile can now also be activated when the player doesn't fit the needed spells/glyphs
-- instead a error message, are now showed a little info text with all missed spells/glyphs
-- all errors should now be fixed if a tacticfile need some informations about a spell which can't the player cast
- changed glyphs, now are they identificated by spellid, no longer as a simple string
- added localisation to tacticfile description

- DevTools:
-- fixed a loading bug in DevTool, DevTools is now ready to use (hopefuly)
-- changed api
--- get_sp_targetdebuff(debuffid) also returns debuffstack as second argument
--- removed old function get_sp_targetdebuff_stack
--- get_playerbuff(buffid) also returns buffstack as second argument
--- added/changed get_unithealth(unit)
--- removed old function get_targethealth()
--- added get_targetdebuff(debuffid)
-- changed tacticfiletemplate version from 0.1 to 0.2

- Tacticfiles:
-- changed all tacticifiles....
-- take a look into it :)

v0.7b - 17.08.09
- recoded the core, use now spellid to get localised spellnames, which are used to identify all spells/debuffs (no longer icontracking)
- in this case also changed the way how getting buff/debuffs tracked, now only check for buffs, which request the tacticfile, no longer generating of the entire buff/debufftable
- added player-buff tracking
- added support for channel spells (not completly tested, but it shoud work well)
- added profile support from ace3
- added get_targethealth() to api
- added DevTools as seperate addon (basic idea behind devtools: create userdefined tacticfiles ingame)
-- devtools handels user-created tacticfiles
-- devtools brings a little gui with some commands for easier working
-- devtools need and work with WoWLua by using WoWLuas database (code-sheets)
-- devtools includes a little api descrition for SpellPriority
-- added api.txt tacticfilecreatorsheet.txt which includes the same informations like the ingame ones
-- api description moved to api_desc.lua its easier to update now
- changed debuging messages, they are maybe now more helpful
- once again changed the way which tacticfiles are loaded, included --SP:functionkey_holder!, this hepls to read tacticfile table informations without to acticate it
- changed tacticfile description
-- glyphs are now seperated
-- added a basic priority-list description of spells used in a tacticfile
- changed the gui where you select the tacticfile, now are more informations shown

- Tacticfiles:
-- added new tacticfiles for warlock (according to the player-buff tracking system)
-- changed tacticfile for destrowarlocks
-- one more time, all tacticfiles are once again updated

v0.6.1b - 07.08.09
- fixed once again a little ace3-libary loading bug... sorry

v0.6b - 05.08.09
- toc updated to version 3.2
- changed the options-gui
- changed tacticfile save place, they are now safed as script in a lua table, not anymore in a single lua-file (this allows us to edit tacticfiles ingame)
- changed tacticfile description for better handling
-- use now dictionarys instead of key-based tables (make it easier to update and change things)
-- use now intern SpellPriority class-id to identificate the correct class for each tacticfile
-- according to this major changes, rewritten some parts of the next spell calculation from core.lua
- rewritten api functions
- rewritten tacticfile creator template
- added some error-messages, make it better to understand whats missing by developing of tactifiles
- added simple_textbox.lua (a standalone, resizable and scrollable textbox for showing informations)
- added version system, maybe i need this later
- once again, according to all changes, updated all current included tacticfiles
- many, many things added for SpellPriority modul DevTools
- removed temporary german translation, keine sorge kommt wieder, ist einfach zu mühsam immer aufs neue zu übersetzen wenn was kleines geändert wurde
- removed some other files... uhm, i dont now which.. whatever

v0.5b - 23.06.09
- fixed ace3-libraries loading bug (which only appears if no other ace3 addons are loaded)
- changed the event-system for less cpu usage
-- collecting target debuffs now only when UNIT_AURA fires
-- collecting players spellcast only when needed
-- use now expirationttime for buff/spells/debuffs instead of remaining uptime
- added api functions which make the handling and writing of tacticfiles easier
-- according to this, updated current included tacticfiles for warlock
- splitted debuff and buff in seperated functions for better handling
- added core.lua
- added api.lua
- removed manipulate.lua

v0.4b - 15.06.09
- added enUS translation
- added readme.txt
- added version history.txt
- updated deDE
- event "PLAYER_TARGET_CHANGED" should now work as intend
- important error messages are now showed in the chatframe
- icon position are now seperatley saved per character
- tacticfile updated warlock_destruction_rewad

- using now "PLAYER_LOGIN" to initialize SpellPriority
- updated deDE

- initial beta release

- initial alpha release

- FIRST!!!!!1111111 :)
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Unread 08-25-11, 09:07 AM  
A Murloc Raider

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Originally posted by Baine
Ovale is even harder to work with and the priorities scripts that I could find are all out of date. SpellPriorities is pretty straight forward with its scripts once you figure out what they contain even though getting the right spell ID# is a real pain in the you know where. Biggest problem for me at the moment is that all the scripts I can find are out of date and in German and I am unable to save scripts that I create with wowlua and spellpriority and I can't figure out why. Even Raven is easier to use than Ovale and its got so many features that it takes an Einstein to get the full benefits but it appears that it might be the Mod to use for what I want. If SpellPriority had some documentation would definitely help
Last edited by Whizzlee : 08-25-11 at 09:12 AM.
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Unread 08-24-11, 01:05 AM  
A Murloc Raider
Baine's Avatar
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Unread 08-24-11, 12:00 AM  
A Murloc Raider

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Supported ??

Is anybody supporting this mod??. It looks inviting but with only one tactics file it is useless unless you play affliction (and that file is done in German so still no help) If nobody is supporting this mod please take it off the listing instead of cluttering the list with useless mods.
Last edited by Whizzlee : 08-24-11 at 12:02 AM.
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Unread 07-04-11, 09:14 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Was previuosly using Easydestro, but that hasn't been updated for 4.1/4.2 so installed SpellPrority yesterday.

Only affliction tactic file supplied, all others removed and the devtool removed as well - so how are we meant to create our own sequences. I tried going into the Warlock folder and messing with some of the files there, but not really sure what i am doing. Any one able to help out there?


Necrostus (Scarshield Legion - EU)
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Unread 10-15-10, 05:52 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Hello. first off. i would like to say this is the greatest warlock addon ever.
it made my affliction dps wonderful :P
now that the buttkissing is out of the way.

will this be updated for 4.01 and beyond? it does'nt seem to working at all since the 4.0 patch hit.

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Unread 01-10-10, 04:51 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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Demonology should cast incinerate instead of shadow bolt when Molten Core buff is up (3 charges).
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Unread 12-23-09, 10:16 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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This add on changed my dps life for the better. It has not worked for me for several upgrades. It just sits there and says that I need to cast lifetap. I do NOT want to be told to lifetap and it will not show anything else whether I tap or not.

I want to change from destro to affliction and REALLY want this to help me through that transition too but it simply will not work any longer. Could you either make previous versions available or fix whatever is going awry for those that GREATLY love this add on?

Make no mistake, this is arguably the most helpful add on I have found. That makes me even more eager to get it going again.

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Unread 11-18-09, 04:51 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Originally posted by Azukar
Hi wollte mal fragen wie man ein selbst erstelltes Tacticfile weiter geben kann
Direkt ingame ist das nicht möglich. Am einfachsten ist es wenn du deinem Kollegen das File als copy and paste aus WoWLua schickst, dieser es dann per ctrl-v in WoWLua einfügt und das File einmal laufen lässt. Dazu braucht er natürlich auch das Modul DevTools.
Die andere Variante ist das File wie in den Dateien how-to-add-tacticfiles.lua es beschrieben ist hinzuzufügen und ihm das ergänzte lua File zu schicken.
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Unread 11-16-09, 04:44 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Hi wollte mal fragen wie man ein selbst erstelltes Tacticfile weiter geben kann
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Unread 11-11-09, 05:20 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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Keine Fehlermeldung...

Wenn ich SpellPriority in Ruhe passiert es nicht.
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Unread 11-11-09, 04:26 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Originally posted by KleinerMink
The game also crashes if i change between default and destruction raid tacticfile.
hm, bis jetzt bist du der einzige. sicher das es alleine an spellpriority liegt? keine fehlermeldung?
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Unread 11-11-09, 04:07 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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The game also crashes if i change between default and destruction raid tacticfile.
Last edited by KleinerMink : 11-11-09 at 04:07 PM.
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Unread 11-11-09, 03:48 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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Hi, great addon!

But how do i get rid of the second icon (cogwheel) ?

My game crashes if i use the spell priority switcher!
Last edited by KleinerMink : 11-11-09 at 03:54 PM.
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Unread 10-02-09, 03:32 AM  
Lua Ninja
Featured Addon Author

Forum posts: 133
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Uploads: 15

Edit: For the love of god, capitalize the word I.
Last edited by tardmrr : 10-02-09 at 03:33 AM.
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Unread 08-22-09, 01:43 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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The original version had curse of doom next to last on destro priority. That is just what I needed. The new version puts it first. That throws me off completely. I spent hours trying to correct it. spdev does not work for me. I have looked far and wide for the old version. I cannot correct it with a simple text editor because there is no formatting and it is impossible to read.

Is there a simple way to make changes or can I get the old version?

Personal preference on design: make it so that all of the functionality is behind the scenes and all the user needs to do is make a list in priority order. Then the app puts it all together. I know how to do it in other languages but lua is new to me.
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