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sUI [1920*1080]  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.0
by: Syliha [More]

Currently not working! Update in Progress!


1. Go to your WoW Folder and delete the "WTF" "Interface" "Fonts" "Cache" folders if they are there.
2. Extract sUI, copy and paste the folders "WTF" "Interface" "Fonts" to your World of Warcraft Folder - if there are any "overwrite file X" Errors repeat step one.
3. Open the new /WTF/Account/ Folder. Rename "Accountname" to your accountname, "Realmname" to your Realm and "Playername" to your character's name.
4. If you do not play with an english client or do not use quad core processor visit the F.A.Q.
5. Start the launcher, go ingame and type in the chatbox "/dominos set sUI".
Done! If you have any errors or would like to give me feedback please leave a comment or PM me (: Thanks!

- Lightweighted (3-4 MB), clean and perfectly functional interface
- Hiding most unnecessary stuff if not in combat / not mouseover it
- Usable by all classes
- I'll do my best to assist you! Write me a PM or whisp me ingame (Syliha [H]-GER Eredar)
- If you are nice and could donate anything you can afford, please do so. I highly appreciate it!

Bugs and Problems:
1. Check the F.A.Q.!
2. Report a bug on my Portal!

Have fun with it and enjoy WoW

>>> !FREEZING - Some little things
>>> acb_castbar - castbar replacements
>>> Aurora - Replacement of the blizzardtextures and skins
>>> bMinimap - Replaces the original minimap
>>> Cerror - Hides Errors
>>> CooldownCount - Displays Cooldowns on your ActionBars
>>> DeadlyBossMod - Configured and ready to show you raid warnings and boss cooldowns!
>>> Dominos - Actionbutton Addon to move and set up your Actionbars individually (no plugins for this addon are activated in this complication)
>>> dNameplates - Replacing the default Nameplates
>>> gBags - Baglayout + Banklayout (Plugins: gMedia, kRestack)
>>> gMerchant - Sells crap to the vendor, repairs automaticly your euqip etc.
>>> Lynstats - infotext at the right bottom.
>>> oUF / oUF_freeb / ouf_freebgrid - replaces the default unitframe
>>> rActionButtonStyler - Style for the Actionbarbuttons
>>> rBuffFrameStyler - Styles Buffs
>>> sThreatMeter2 / Options - Alternative threatmeter
>>> sGroupLoot - Alternative Lootframe
>>> TinyDPS - Small DPS Meter
>>> xMerchant - Alternative Vendor Window
>>> xct - Scrolling Combat Text
>>> zChat - Chat Modifivation

Other Changes:
>>> A config which is optimized for Quad-core-CPU Usage please see the F.A.Q. for information.
>>> Fonts - Are all changed in one font which can be changed in the fonts folder.

25.03.2012 Release
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0.1 RC
02-19-12 03:00 PM
12-08-11 01:39 PM

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Unread 10-19-09, 02:31 PM  
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Originally posted by Abject
Will try this out for sure , looks pretty promising. Hardly doubt it will work out though since i use a 1440*900 screen atm :/
Hm maybe you can scale it down on your resolution in the optionssettings for the graphic. Ohterwise you could try to move the bars with dominos at the right place, let me know if that worked!

Good luck!

Edit: It should work in EVERY other resolution because the info etc. is on the BOTTOM of the page (excapt oft proccs) and the unitframe should scale with your resolution. Also with Dominos it should be able to move it in the right way. Try the Addon "Align" for adjusting!

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Unread 10-19-09, 01:25 PM  
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Will try this out for sure , looks pretty promising. Hardly doubt it will work out though since i use a 1440*900 screen atm :/
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