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Version: v1.0-beta2
by: PProvost [More]

About La-Z-Viter

La-Z-Viter was born out of necessity. My guild is a large one and we do signups and approvals via a web-based calendar and our forums. Our raid leaders and officers needed a way to quickly paste from the approval forum post into something in game and get people invited to the raid.

Using La-Z-Viter is simple. Simply copy/paste the list of members into the box and press invite. La-Z-Viter will try to do the right thing. Here are some of the rules it uses to do invites:

  • The first word on each line is used as the name of the invitee
  • Names that aren’t in your guild roster or friends list are ignored
  • If the name is “Waitlist” or “Standby” then all subsequent names are not included but will be reported in the printed summary
  • If the person isn’t online, their name is output to the default chat frame
  • Blank lines are ignored

Slash Commands

/lazviter or /lin – Opens the invitation window

Thanks to Ennoia of Dragonblight for the silly name and to all my other late night guildies for helping me test it.

e8763d0 Fixed dumb bug
de0203e Moved the new button
370a2ba Rewrote panel code
278aef6 Updated TOC to 30200
9df6889 More code cleanup
f4f1f14 Moved libs into subfolder
29d2e53 Bug fix
95269dc Rewrote invite/eventing logic
1c61777 Code cleanup and better messaging for unit names that aren't available
7eae7e0 Type in Readme
2d2353d Added license generation to .pkgmeta
142128f Minor update to readme
e5a4562 Added .docmeta and .pkgmeta for curseforge packager magic
5e0e1a2 Rewrote the invite logic to convert to raid properly
e2de83b Inital commit w/ basic functionality
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