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Lunarblood  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 0.1.5b
by: Turina [More]

Hello there!

This is a very simple, single-frame support addon for Mutilate Rogues. It behaves like Feral by Night, Face Mauler and Face Melter, and others - it displays in your screen a suggestion for what should be your next move in order to optimize DPS.

This is my first addon ever so there might be a lot of bugs. I made it as a project to learn Lua from start, so be nice

The addon will only work with deep assassination-specced level 80 Rogues (you need to have Hunger for Blood) and deep Combat-specced level 80 Rogues (experimental, you need to have Killing Spree).

You can call the slash functions with /lb, /lbl, /lblood and /lunarblood. These are the slash commands:

/lb default - Resets the frame to the default position.
/lb lock and /lb unlock - Allows you to move or lock the frame.
/lb transparency '0-1' - Will change the transparency of the frame. 0 is invisible, 1 is visible. Example: /lb transparency 0.5

If you have any suggestions regarding the Addon behavior, priority list, and bug reports, do not hesitate in contacting me through my website. I'm still learning Lua and every positive piece of information to me is important.


Updated to 0.1.5b - 07/19!

-- History: --

Version 0.1.5b:

- Updated to the new, simplified cycles that came to fruition with the changes in 3.3.x.

Version 0.1.4:

- Disabled Stealth and Vanish suggestions. They were causing more trouble than helping.
- Vanish now appears as an additional frame only for Mutilate Rogues. It will show when the cooldown is ready and will glow red when the addon thinks it's a good time to use.
- Fixed some major bug with the Mutilate Rotation. You should no longer have problem with the addon stuck at showing Stealth or Hunger for Blood.
- Updated to 3.2.2 (Envenom changes).

Version 0.1.3:
- Added a very basic Combat module. It requires you to be deep-combat specced (Killing Spree).
- Main frames can now be clicked through.
- Added some more functionality to the lock/unlock functions.

Version 0.1.2:
- Added a Cold Blood and a Tricks of the Trade frame.
- Added a Prediction frame to the right side. Still working to make it better.
- Fixed a bug where Garrote would not trigger Hunger for Blood correctly.
- Minor editions in the Mutilate Priority List.

Version 0.1.1:
- Public release
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Unread 10-02-09, 01:35 AM  
A Murloc Raider

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I was told that rotation must be in this way in combat to get a good dps

* Start up Slice and Dice however you please, really.
* Use cooldowns whenever possible. Killing spree + blade flurry, blade flurry +
adrenaline rush can be used. Adrenaline rush + killing spree is not recommended
due to energy capping.

1. Keep SnD up, no matter what the number of combo points are.
2. 5 point Rupture or Eviscerate for rupture-less builds.
3. 5 point Eviscerate if SnD is not about to drop off.


Sinister Strike should be your only combo-point generator.

The cycle to shoot for is 3S/5R/5E, then repeat.

SS to 3 combo points
Slice 'n Dice
SS to 5 combo points
SS to 5 combo points

This is the cycle to shoot for, but you may not always hit it, or may overshoot it due to Glyph of Sinister Strike procs. The important things to note are:

Keep up Slice 'n Dice (don't always wait for 3 combo points if it drops)
Don't refresh Rupture until after a DoT ticks (preferably the last one)
Always use a 5 CP Rupture
Eviscerate when you can (you don't have to wait for 5 combo points)


1.) Sinister Strike once;
2.) Slice and Dice;
3.) Sinister Strike to five (5) combo points;
4.) Slice and Dice;
5.) Sinister Strike to five (5) combo points;
6.) Rupture;
7.) Sinister Strike to five (5) combo points;
8.) Eviscerate;
9.) Repeat steps three (3) through eight (8) until the boss dies.
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Unread 10-02-09, 11:22 AM  
A Murloc Raider

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The buggy error is that when i already have slice and dice more than 10 secs or so it kept popping out slice and dice and killing spree ( even killing spree was on CD )

Another problem is that when i have 5 combo points , slice and dice more than 10 secs , killing spree used up. It does not pop eviserate quick enough .

Another problem is Blade fury isnt in the list.
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Unread 10-11-09, 04:59 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Maybe u rewrite this with Ace Libs It is much better in my opinion! But anyway nice work! i dont need it cause i play pvp
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Unread 11-02-09, 03:10 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I rly love your addon, but there is one thing that is kinda irritating about it:

it _allways_ resets possition when u log in/out. And since it's only visible when entering combat / targeting an enemy, I often find myself with the fram all over my target character frame

Is there any way to fix this?

anyways thx for a great addon!
Last edited by turbotomte : 11-02-09 at 05:34 AM.
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