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Version: 1.3
by: Taudier [More]

Combat Log Event

Description :

The combat log sends a lot of events, CombatLogEvent allows you to filter them and associate actions like emote, message, script... all actions you can send by the chat edit box (except for protected ones).

You can use it for RolePlaying purpose, for exemple : a paladin hurts someone with holy spell could say : "by the light you will be purified !"

Or you can use it for Arena purpose, for exemple : you can be warned by a sound or anything else when a rogue (arena enemy) kick you whereas you were fake casting.

CombatLogEvent is very powerfull, you can associate multiple events with multiple actions. The filtering options are more than enough, i can add more if necessary. The panel and sound files are load on demand, so it makes CLE very lightweight.

Thanks to Bluspacecow and his addon , you can browse almost every sounds files of the game.

How To :
  • One commmand to show the interface : /cle
  • Please be careful, there is an option named Play in raid unchked by default, that means if you are in raid, the actions will not be played even if the event occur.
  • In the actions edit box, Tokens are remplaced by their value appeared in the combat log (player name with their realm, spell without rank...).
  • CTRL + Left click to move the menu.
  • You can drag and drop a harmfull spell.
To Do :
  • Make the select icon menu
  • Improve the layout
  • Add more options
  • A text/icon alert in the middle of the screen

added a tools to use the combat scroll text in your actions
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