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Reliant Tanking Monitor

Version: 0.4.39 Stable Beta
by: Haturod [More]

Reliant Tanking Monitor(ReliantTM) is a tool for tanking. It will generate a debuff list of DeBuff Timer Bars with text including name, duration and stack info. Example of the text of the timer bars:

Demoralizing Shout [20 seconds]
>3< Sunder amor [18 seconds]
Essence of Eck [ 33 minutes]
It will also feature 2 extra focus frames which you can set to monitor your 2 offtanks. It will generate a debuff list for those targets.

You can also set an message which you can send to that tank. The message will be send as an whisper unless the target of the message also has ReliantTM. Then it will display that message like a raid warning similiar to the ones your get in mods like Deadly Boss Mods.

You can always check the changelog for up and comming changes!

How to use:
Type /Rel for the options menu. In there you can hide, size orient the bars as you please. Libshared bar textures and sounds supported.

Reliant has 3 bars. OT1, OT2 and the Player Anchor (which will feature some more functionality in the future). You can lock unlock, set a target and send message with the 3 buttons on top(or below) of those bars. to move the bar, hold the right mouse button down and drag the bar while it is unlocked. You can only set a target if the bar is unlocked by clicking on the middle button. Lefft and right clicking on the left button will send messages you set in the options.

The player anchor is still pretty dead, but that'll change soon

Also available on Curse.

Feel free to play around and let me know if somthing is wrong or you have an idea of what can be added.

Thanks to:
Rustig, Ginga, Lom, Pain and others from the Aspiration guild on Kilrogg and others for testing!

Future plans:
- Plans to make a monitor to monitor incomming heals vs. incomming dmg with an alert sound if the equation gets to low. (Added an experimental version)
- Making a boss monitor including a estimated time till death timer and a focus frame. This will be released as an external module to reliant.

0.4.39 Stable Beta
- Fixed and error with autofocus
- Updated the interface number to match Patch 3.3.3

0.4.38 Stable Beta
- OT frames will now correctly show after autofocussing.

0.4.37 Stable Beta
- Upped the interface number to the current interface.

0.4.36 Stable Beta
- Added an experimental version of the healing monitor
- Fixed an error preventing horde character to send messages to OT focus targets
- Added key bindings for sending messages. goto Main Menu > Key Bindings

0.4.35 Stable Beta
- Fixed an error in comms.lua versionchecks when you join a raid group

0.4.34 Stable Beta
- Fixed the lua error in comms.lua

0.4 Stable Beta
- Ability to make addin's to Reliant using some functions
- OT Mesages and Warnings now have 4 lines in case multiple Msg's/warnings come up
- Left clicking the Focus Frames HP bars now correctly targets that target
- Reworked code, now being more system resource friendly and less bug sensitive.
- You can now set 2 messages to send to either OT target.
- When someone joins your party/raid a version check will be send, if one comes back he/she has reliant and will be set as OT target.
- It is now possible to set certain options directly from the focus frame using buttons.
- You can change the OT Bars and Player Frames orientation, making debuff expand up or down.
- Added new sound effects
- Added 2 new Bar textures
- Version check when joining and leaving a group or raid, if a Party member has Reliant and shall set an OT by itself (if enabled in options)

0.24.2 Beta
- Bug Fix - Debuffs do not show or process when you hide frames.

0.24 Beta
- Added LibSharedMedia support for more bar textures for the debuff timers, healthbars and sounds.
- Made the Debuff timers resizeble
- Made the Focus Frames resizable

0.23 Beta
- DeBuff detection happens on a debuff change on the player or a focus target rather that once every 0.3 seconds for all targets, saving system resources.
- Graphical DeBuff timers in a list instead of just the text. The displayed text is still stay the same however

0.21 Beta:
- This is a bigger update then the first uploads I did. From now on updates will feature bigger changes.
- Made the option window tabbed and added several options
- Added the ability to lock the targets in the options menu
- You can now disable sounds in the options menu
- You can now choose a selection of sounds to be played when you focus targets and recieve a msg
- Several default states were loaded for the options, they don't load and more and the saved values load correctly (thanks Regola)
- You can now lock the OT2 Frame vertical position to that of OT1 Frame
- Small cosmetic changes

0.2 Beta:
- Removed useless options in the options screen
- Added the Reliant Message system
- Changed the way the frames are positioned in a fresh load

0.11 Beta Rev 53:
- Fixed a bug with the debuffs lists (thanks Regola)
- No longer Bugs when focus targets are dead

0.11 Beta:
- Fixed several Lua errors in combination with focus targets dying
- The Bufflist now ignore buggs with a duration of more the 5 minutes
- Change the sound when you target someone on your focusbar
- When your focus target is dead is now displays a red HP bar and with the text: "Dead!"
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Unread 09-13-09, 01:07 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Perfect. Thank you! I really like this addon.

Some ideas that would be nice, but not required:
The ability to lock the player selected.
Maybe be able to move the title bar into the health bar (justify left). To make it even more minimalistic.
The ability to select a border design and a bar design. (Which I know you are still working on the design, just I figure I would list it).

The only bug I see is some debuffs (like exhaustion) have like a negative million seconds remaining:
Exhaustion [-4389424]

And even though I have Player Debuffs hidden, they show up again everytime I log in.

Again, thanks for this addon. Keep up the good work.
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Unread 09-11-09, 12:29 AM  
A Murloc Raider
AddOn Author - Click to view AddOns

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Resolved the error of the debuffs not showing Uploaded the fixed version should be up shortly, still pending atm
Last edited by Haturod : 09-11-09 at 12:30 AM.
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Unread 09-10-09, 11:23 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I like this idea!

But the debuffs are not showing up in your newest build.
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Unread 09-09-09, 03:36 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Originally posted by Joetheripper
This addon was brought to my attention by a guild member that doesn't even tank. I read the description and I like where this is going. I'll give as much constructive feedback as I can.
Thanks a Bunch mate Any options you can think off are good to. I'm thinking about a monitor on the healers to see if they are incapacitated or so to help decide if you wanna use a cooldown or not
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Unread 09-09-09, 02:10 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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This addon was brought to my attention by a guild member that doesn't even tank. I read the description and I like where this is going. I'll give as much constructive feedback as I can.
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