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autotrack  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 0.1.4
by: hungtar [More]

please accept my apology for abandoning this addon and not answering your support requests.

I don't play wow anymore and thus any request will remain unaswered.

When upgrading from 0.1.2 or earlier do /at switch and /at enable and make sure the options are set correct!

autotrack is an addon for hunters with the talent Improved Tracking. It will try to set your tracking skill to fit your current target.

It should work with any Locale, as long as the creature type to track is a substring of the name of the tracking skill (i.e. "Beast" in "Track Beasts"). As that doesn't work for all locales, there is support for localization since version 0.1.1. However, currently it's only localized for English language.

It can be configured with slash commands. With /autotrack or /at you get an overview of the available commands. If you don't want autotrack to change your tracking every time you target something, do /autotrack switch to disable (or enable) that behaviour.

You can select tracking skills to be automatically set upon entering and leaving of an instance. To do that, first do a /autotrack list, to get a list of available tracking skills and their IDs. Then, set the tracking skills with e.g. /autotrack wt 9 and /autotrack dt 1. To set a tracking skill when leaving combat, you can use /autotrack lct X (with X being the ID of the desired tracking skill).

version 0.1.4:
- added french localization (thanks Coren!).

version 0.1.3:
- option to disable everything.

version 0.1.2:
- fixed two bugs that sneaked in with the localization changes.

version 0.1.1:
- support for localization.

version 0.1.0:
- code cleanup
- fixed bug cause by uninitialized saved variables.
- fixed bug caused by invalid tracking ids.
- added version slash command.

version 0.0.8:
- don't try to set tracking when dead.

version 0.0.7:
- proper use of OnUpdate.

version 0.0.6:
- (hopefully) fixed a bug where tracking was not switched when entering/leaving an instance.

version 0.0.5:
- (re-)added an option so switch tracking when leaving combat. (Set the tracking type you want with /at lct x).

version 0.0.4:
- scraped the option for switching of tracking skill upon entering/leaving combat.
- added option to change tracking skill when entering/leaving a dungeon.

version 0.0.3:
- use real tracking CD instead of guesswork.

version 0.0.2:
- save settings.
- switch tracking back after combat (experimental).
- schedule tracking skill switching if needed.

version 0.0.1:
- first release.
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Ya but some hunters have things like mining and herbalism and I dont believe tracking those imrpoves your damage thus this addon is still useful. Plus if you are farming one specific type of creature its nice to just magically have the tracking turned on for that type of mob if you have the correct abilities to do so. Now this could be considered a lazy addon to use but ultimately I think the word describing this addon is convenience which really, is why we use addons isn't it?
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"Improved Tracking Ė now benefits damage to all included creature types as long as you are tracking one of them. You donít have to swap around what you are tracking as much. " -Ghostcrawler, 12/09/2008
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