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BornabeUI PSD Template

Version: v1.0
by: Bornabe [More]

This PSD Template provides the necessary template lines for creating your own graphics for use with BornabeUI v4.0 & BTex. I have included various Layers, separated by each of the 4 images that make up the bottom artwork. You'll also find a layer for the guidelines to wrap your graphics into and around as well as a Text Overlay outlining which box belongs to what part of the UI.

Just turn on and off each Layer to give yourself ideas and placement locals. Using this Template is at your own Risk. I will not be providing support for PhotoShop nor support for properly saving TGA files. I have however added below a mini How-To for the TGA files as they must include an Alpha channel not provided in this PSD Template.

It is recommended you have some working knowledge of PhotoShop & Layers as well as copy / paste & image sizing ability. Each of the 4 images you must create after using this template must be 512x256 in size. You can note the size of the first 4 image layers as being exactly that size each.

Please submit your work as an Addon to Bornabe UI v4.0. I would love to see what some folks come up with. BTex is an absolutely amazing Addon, and if I may, BornabeUI is one helluva UI Compilation. Add in the fairly easy to manipulate background design and you can have your own UI design without all the extra hassle of piecing it all together and distributing it. One idea if you don't have a lot of graphical ability, like myself, is to take my Horde Artwork or my Alliance Artwork and just switch out the Omen / Recount background to perhaps your Guild Emblem.


Make sure you have the background Transparent at all times when creating the artwork. Use Layers effectively, Merge Visible when you're all done and before doing the steps below, have your 2048x256 image chopped up into 4 images all sized 512x256. Then do the following on each one and save as a TGA.

Press CTRL and left-click the Layer Thumbnail in the Layers Palette. Once you see the artwork outlined, go to the Channels Palette. Create a New Alpha Channel by clicking on the button at the bottom of the palette that looks like a small document.

With your selection still active, select the new channel (should already be labelled Alpha)... and move your mouse inside that selection on your image, then press Shift F5. Set your Fille Color to White.

You're now ready to save your 512x256 image as a TGA file. Go to File, Save As, and ensure your images are labelled what you wish to call them.. and in the appropriate order, add a -1, -2, -3 or -4 at the end of each file name, just before the .tga.

Then, once you've got it looking the way you want, and functioning properly in-game with the BTex setting of 371 for the Height and 743 for the Width... submit your artwork files as an Addon to the BornabeUI Compilation. I would love to see, and I'm sure others will too, your custom artworks.

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