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Version: 3.0
by: Awahuch [More]

AwaUI 3.0
AwaUI is a basic WoW UI.

1) Backup your Interface and WTF folders.
2) Copy the Interface and WTF folders from the .zip file into your World of Warcraft directory.
3) Go into the WTF folder and change the following folder names:
AccountName = your account name
ServerName = your server
CharacterName = your character

4) Log into WoW
5) Type /reflux switch AwaUI
You may need to reposition the chatframe.

The DBM skin used is avaliable HERE.

I did not write any of the addons used in this UI and all credit for them goes to their respective authors. I will try to help with any errors you may have, but you might have better luck contacting the addon authors themselves.

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