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Bati's UI  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: pack c1
by: Bati [More]


Hmm... got a small vid with this Ui in action... don't flame... is not edited or nothing:P Click

Please visit the question page and the addon page before asking something. Most of the things have an answer already:

For more informations about my grid set up GO HERE.

NOTES: - read it please! are important.
Not in the pack but I use them:
**Ai-art (Quokka) - Ai-art
**Ai-artIcons (Quokka) - Ai-artIcons

**Added Gnosis, Ingela's Rapture, CustomPlayerPwerBar, some mods for PVP, GTFO, BigWigs, LittleWigs, XPBarNone
**Removed AutoRepair, BankStack, BigRed, Castbars, DXE, BRaidFrameRemover, glog, OneBag3, OneBank3, PoM Tracker.

@ healers
Currently Bati's Ui is set for Shadow priest so Grid will have dps profile
/grid - then go to profiles and pick up what you need. More information on grid page here on wowinterface

**Things you must do
1. Chat window will not be in place. Unlock the window, resize it and place it like you see in screen shot. The right chat it's a separate chat window so is only up to you to put it there or replace with anything you want in that area.
2. Chat window has another color. Just right click on chat tab, then on color square and set to zero the transparency.
3. If you are leveling then enable xpbar (witch should be off initially) and make sure you select profile Bati. After that type: /sldt --> go to profiles --> select lvling.

Known issue: When you change grid profiles your frame rates will drop a lot. Pls just reload ui. It will get fixed.
ALSO... if you get annoyed by the splash sound (witch i did this morning) go to power aura, Prayer of mending aura and remove the sound

If I remember any other changes or you find something that you don't know about post here and I will get back to you.

Resolution is 1680*1050 and I won't do other versions because my free time is limited, but I will update this since I actually need it.

1. back up your Font, Interface and WTF folder and delete them from WoW directory
2. unzip Bati UI_c1 in your WoW directory
3. rename in WTF folder:
- account name_nr Here with your account name (ex: ALLEX24)
- server name here with the server you are playing (ex: Shadowsong)
- character name here with the character name you intend to use this UI (ex: Miruna)
4. Log in and type: /reflux switch Bati- case sensitive
If any addon doesn't seems ok, check for profile "Bati"

Everything else should be in place, but, if something is not right please don't hesitate to post about it and I will see what I can do.
Also, provide a print screen with what is wrong and be sure you did everything you have read above.

see picture below pls.

Note: All the credits for mods are given to the ones that actually made them. All I have done was to put them together.

Version 3.6

- updated mods
- Added Tidy plates
- Added one more bar


Version 3.5

- updated mods
-completed a few requests


Version 3.4

-removed Forte, Surge Track, Gladius, Gladmish, Maligos Stack, Pirite Stak
-added a lot of useful information using SBF
-changed general look a bit.
-updated all the mods


Version 3.1

-added questhelper (you will need to enable if you gonna use it)
-added xpbarnone (you will need to enable if you gonna use it)
/xpbn config
-added actionator (you will need to enable if you gonna use it)[/color]
-added Gladius and Gladimish
-updated a few Addons


Version 3

-added Class timers
-removed class modules from ForteExorcist
-redid the unit frames
-updated a few mods

Version 2

Removed a few mods that was tacking unecesary space.
Bartender with Dominos, (u will have 3 more visible buttons, stance bar (right to action bar 1. u can see it with mouse over it. Drag your stances there)
AZCast Bar with Castbars,
sMinimap with PocketPlot,
Combuctor with Bagnon ( i have noticed a bug to combuctor so i replace it)

SurgeTrack (works not only for priests)
Raid target icons
Party for 5 players grup. U will need to enable it alone.
-go to party 1 (uncheck Hide) - same for all 5 frames. (party 2, party 3, party 4)
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Unread 10-04-09, 01:43 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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really sexy stuff bati
come back to aerie peak! T_T
ui still stay sexy
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Unread 10-04-09, 12:59 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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Well, glad u like it
Hope is working ok.

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Unread 10-04-09, 12:48 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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love it

thanx alot Bati for upload this beatiful Interface <3
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