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iLive user interface  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 4.3
by: iLive [More]

I believe the best experience I have had within WoW is creating user interfaces, and I would like to share my newest release of iLive user interface with you. If you don't know, iLive user interface is a minimalistic UI that focuses on simplicity, consistency and functionality.

Inside my recent versions I've tried to use a new concept where I hide action bars we don't need to see in combat: main action bar, class bar and other bars with abilities not used inside combat. You don't need to see your Holy Light, Nourish, Heal or Healing Wave, because it has no cooldown anyway. You won't ressurect people during combat either, use your mount or use a flask while fighting a boss. Therefore, these bars have been made invisible to give you more space for in-game content view. This picture should further explain how this works.

The resolutions supported are 1920x1080, 1680x1024, 1440x1050 and 1280x1024. Note that this UI is more suited for healers (especially Holy Paladins), so if you're a DPS or tank, I won't suggest you to use it. Also, this UI is made primarily for 10 player raiding, but if you move your raid frames, then using them for 25 player mode is also possible (check the questions below on how to do that).

I've worked on this UI for two years, and throughout this period I've received so much inspiration, help and comments that have helped me make this UI become what it is today. Thanks to everyone, and let's not forget the addon authors allowing us to use their awesome addons!

Is it possible to see more content of the interface in action?
A user made a video of the interface inside a dungeon, which can be seen here on YouTube.

How do I see raid frames for more than two groups (battleground and 25 raid)?
I've made this interface for 10 player raiding, which means only two groups are shown by base. But, if you enter the addon Grid and make the layout show "Group 25" for 25 Raid and Battleground, and then unlock and move it somewhere else (example), you can make it work for any raid modes.

Where are target's buffs and debuffs?
I've disabled it, but it can be enabled it by entering the addon PitBull and enabling "Aura" in Modules.

Where are the clock, tracking and calender?
Hover the minimap with your mouse for clock, right click the minimap for tracking and middle mouse click for calender.

Why can't I see red warning text (not enough mana, not ready yet etc.)?
Leatrix Plus is a simple addon that removes many useless spam information (important are still shown), and it does this in order to make less disturbance. You can choose for youself what it should hide through its configurations, or you can delete or turn off the addon if you don't want these settings.

There's only need, greed and disenchant buttons for lootrolls, where's pass?
You right click the item's bar in order to pass.

What does the pink and red corner icons mean inside Grid?
The left pink corner icon shows the current holder of Beacon of Light, while the right red corner icon shows when tanks uses tank cooldowns to take less damage.

Does anything happen if I update an addon?
Yes, something MIGHT happen, so I won’t suggest you to update any addons. But these addons are up to date, and will be until the release of patch 4.3. In the time of new patches, I'll update the entire package for you.

1. Download iLive user interface.rar (open the folder with WinRAR).
2. Enter the folder with your resolution (or the closest to your resolution) and replace the folders with the folders in your WoW folder.
3. Open WTF folder and rename the following:

ACCOUNTNAME ---> edit to account's name with capital letters.
ServerName ---> edit to server's name.
CharacterName ---> edit to your character's name.
4. Start World of Warcraft.
5. Choose original settings, and take the UI Scale to the lowest point inside advanced options (0.64).
6. Enter "/reflux switch iLive" in-game.

  • Changed the supported resolutions to: 1920x1080, 1680x1024, 1440x1050 and 1280x1024.
  • Updated most addons to make the UI compatible with patch 4.2, and changed the .toc file for the rest of the addons to make them appear up to date through login screen.
  • This UI only supports one version now instead of two (Unique and Simple).
  • All addons are enabled through login screen, and addons not used are disabled in-game.
  • Added following addons: Grid_RaidDebuffs, Clique, Raven, ConnectBartenderBars and SimplePowerBar.
  • Removed following addons: BetterPowerBarAlt, Satrina Buff Frames and Skada.
  • Changed font from Samson to Semplice Regular.
  • Changed font to be monochrome outline for all addons using the Semplice Regular font.

Grid (raid frames)
  • Increased height, padding, center icon size and max letters allowed in names.
  • Added aggro indicator to border.
  • Added duration to removable debuffs (magic, curse, poison and disease).
  • Added a red top right corner indicator to show active tank cooldowns (Shield Wall, Icebound Fortitude, Survival Instincts and Ardent Defender).
  • Removed manually added raid debuffs.
  • Changed class colors to be more different from each other.
  • Changed frames to be more faded out when people are out of range.

Power Auras Classic (notification)
  • Changed location and design for notification for Beacon of Light and Divine Plea.
  • Changed design and animation for Holy Power, and added sound when there are 3x Holy Power.
  • Added a notification for Daybreak.

Chatter (chat)
  • Increased font size.
  • Changed border size to be 1 pixel thick.
  • Added class color to character names.
  • Changed chat names and character names to be more simple (ex. ‘[BG][iLive]:’ to ‘bg iLive:’).

kgPanels (custom panel)
  • Changed border size to be 1 pixel thick.
  • Changed all panel names to be more appropriate.
  • Added three new panels to separate unitframes’ health and mana with a black line.

Bartender (action bar)
  • Changed action bar 1 to fade out instead of permanent invisibility. It’s now visible when you move your mouse over the action bar in the top left.
  • Added action bar 6 next to action bar 5 (the faded bar below other bars) to make the width equal to action bars above, and to allow more space for abilities.

OmniCC (cooldown on action bar)
  • Changed cooldown indication to only appear for action bar 3 (the middle bar with three slots).

TipTac (tooltip)
  • Changed tooltip panel size to be 1 pixel thick.

MikScrollingBattleText (combat text)
  • Changed all font settings to be consistent.
  • Reduced font size.

Deadly Boss Mods (boss mod)
  • Removed huge bar, so there’s only one bar for notifications.

  • Changed font and font size for clock.

  • Added player, target, pet, target’s target to black list.
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This month is a very busy month for us students. No promises, but I will add it to my todo list. But what happens if you update all addons and enter the game?
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Unread 12-05-11, 09:59 AM  
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Sorry didn't knew that you are busy. Take your time please and relax it's not sooo important

This could help I'll try that out thx.

Edit: It works I only had to move some actionbars because im using 1680x1050. Ty again for this awesome UI
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Addon name-change

Hey! Its me again!

I have just updated all my addons, and i noticed that the addon called ButtonFascade(spelling errors ect) is now called Masque.

And this reaaaaaaally messes up things. Fonts, Bars, and much more.

How do we fix this ?
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