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Updated: 11-30-12 04:02 PM
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Updated:11-30-12 04:02 PM
Created:10-11-09 06:27 PM
Categories:Auction House & Vendors, Bags, Bank, Inventory


Version: 1.4.3
by: Kjasi [More]

Watto is a useful tool for buying massive amounts of items, and selling your junk items!

All of my Addons can now be downloaded from one convenient spot!
Visit to get the latest versions and even updates that haven't been released!

- Updated for 5.1!
- Added Slow-Roasted Turkey (Pilgrim's Bounty food) to the list of items not to automatically sell.
- Corrected file revision numbers.

- Bugfix for missing Library

-Version 5.0 Update!

- Version 4.3 Update.
- Major re-write to remove old code, and support new code. It is HIGHLY recommend that you delete your old Watto directory before installing this version!
- Watto's critical functions now support all of the released client languages! Decorative localization still needed.
- Now using new, higher resolution icon.
- Added support for currencies.
- Added Options window, with several new options! Type "/watto show" to open.
- Added Sell-Back Limiter. If active, Watto will only sell 12 items at a time, giving you the oppertunity to buy back items that he sells.
- Added Tooltip data for which items will sell, and exclusion list data!
- The Temporary Sell list used by other addons will now save between reloads, until items are sold to a vendor.
- Removed some old command-lines.
- Random Sayings are now in an array, to allow for localized sayings to have a different number of sayings.
- Merged two similar functions together.

- Fixed a bug with the "Can Afford" button involving items that have non-money costs.

- Fixed a bug when buying items that come in stacks.
- Added Pilgrim's Bounty food to the list of items not to autosell.
- Fixed some Cataclysm bugs.
- Fixed a few math problems.

v1.3 Cata 01
- Updated TOC for Cataclysm

- Watto will now automatically sell unhelpful Food and Drink items. This can be globally disabled by typing "/watto autosell food off" into any chat frame. Food listed in either exclusion list will not be sold. Certian items, like Deviate Fish, Savory Deviant Delight and Darkmoon Special Reserve will not be counted as Food & Drink items.
- Added a Remove All function for both the General List and the Personal Lists.
- The general exclusion List will now display in several short messages, rather than one huge message.
- Watto will no longer attempt to sell unsellable items.
- Fixed a bug when buying pre-stacked items where the purchase function didn't think you had enough money to buy the items.
- Fixed a bug when viewing the general list, if an item didn't have a link for some reason.

- Update for Patch 3.3.5!

- Bugfix for a localization error I made, that would appear if saying 14 was triggered.

- Patched up for 3.3!
- Watto now has a Temp Sell list, which can be used by other addons to add items to be automatically sold by Watto. Items in the Temp Sell list will not survive a reload. Quest Reward v1.2.5 (Also by Kjasi) is the first addon to make use of this function.
- All the Watto's Bulk Supplies buttons will now respect limited-quanity item amounts.
- Added 5 more random sayings for the English Localization.

- Watto's Bulk Supplies cost indicator now supports special cost types. (Honor Points, JC Tokens, Inks, Cooking Awards, Champion's Seals, ect.)
- You can now just type in the number of items you want to buy. The default amount will be erased upon typing in an amount. Note: This function doesn't activate after pressing a button.
- Updated the buttons to support non-money item costs.
- Fixed a bug that would sometimes buy an additional item when filling stacks.
- Fixed a bug that caused items sold in amounts greater than 1 to show the incorrect cost.
- Fixed some Math in various functions.
- Both the Junkyard Tooltip and the Bulk Supplies window now shows the money icons.
- Fixed a localization issue where two items had the same name.

- Initial Release
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Unread 11-13-09, 10:04 PM  
A Rage Talon Dragon Guard
mankeluvsit's Avatar

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seems interesting, just one question.

i have a similar addon doing the junk selling, i dont want this one

to do it, can you tell me where the snippet is to remove it from the code

(if im allowed [ and ill use it.
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Unread 11-20-09, 03:03 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
Kjasi's Avatar
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I used to have a similar junk-selling addon too. Except that no one seemed to support it, and it was about 5 patches out of date. But it still worked...

I wrote Junk selling into Watto because 1) I wanted updated support for a junk selling program, 2) none of the ones I could find (that worked) had exceptions of the exceptions list. Watto does. 3) I didn't feel like changing other people's code to make it work the way I wanted. It felt like a violation. And finally, and most significantly, 4) I wanted to lower the memory/power usage by merging it with another very useful addon.

I believe Watto to be better than other junk selling addons, simply because it also has the functionality of mass buying built into it.

But if you're very determined not to use Watto's selling function, I suppose you could comment out the button's XML data. That should hide it, effectively removing it's selling functionality.

But I'd perfer it if you didn't, and at least give Watto's junk selling functions a try. Who knows? You might find out you like Watto's junk selling better.
Last edited by Kjasi : 11-20-09 at 03:06 PM.
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Unread 01-17-10, 01:40 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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This thing kept telling me I could not afford the amount of items I wanna buy, but I obviously had enough. Can you check the money calculation again?
vAzNKNiGHT is offline Report comment to moderator  
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Unread 08-29-12, 03:01 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Is Watto being updated for Mists of Pandaria?
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