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Version: 2009-10-19
by: Teek5449 [More]


Are you in a large guild? Do you constantly see those "gratz" messages that always come from the same people almost instantly right after someone gets an achievement? Well they are running an addon that automatically sends out a congratulations message when someone in the guild gets an achievement. This addon will hide those annoying messages while preserving the other guild chat. This will also not filter out messages after YOU receive an achievement so you can respond to those who say gratz if you want to.


  • Very lightweight addon only taking up around 6kb of memory.
  • No configuration needed out of the box. In fact I provide no in game way to change any settings since there really are not any to start with.*
  • A debug feature that allows you to see what is being filtered out just in case you are interested.
  • A few simple slash commands: /ag or /antigratz will bring up the list with the current status of the options. Note: these are not saved between sessions. See below for information about making permanent changes to the addon.
*There are options that can be changed by editing the addon file itself.

Inside the addon there are two files that you can change a few options if you like. These are easily editable in any text editor such as Notepad on Windows.

Options: Didn't I say there were no options?
In core.lua
  • local BLACKOUT_TIME = 30; This is the time in seconds to block "gratz" messages (default: 30)
  • local STRICT_FILTERING = true; Change to use stricter filtering such as the match must be the exact word/phrase in the blacklist (default: true)
  • local SHOW_DEBUG = false; Change to permanently see whats going on behind the scenes (default: false)
in worldlist.lua
This is the list from which we block from. Feel free to add, remove, or change any entry as you see fit. Use %s will match the achievement receivers name in the filter string.

You should not have to change anything for this addon to be effective right out of the box.

Note: The strict filtering option will change the way the addon matches the "gratz" message. With strict filtering enabled the addon will only filter out the message if it exactly matches the wordlist word/phrase. For example if someone types "gratz on that achievement", with strict filtering enabled the message will be shown since it is most likely not an automated response. If you disable strict filtering the message will be filtered out since it contained the word "gratz" which is in the wordlist.

I am looking for a list of addons that automatically send "gratz" messages when a guild achievement is announced. Please help me out by submitting a list to the comments section for this addon. I will add additional blacklist words to the wordlist file from those addons.

2009-10-19 - Initial release.

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Unread 04-30-10, 08:45 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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Thank you so much for this mod, I am sick to death of spam in guild chat, especially from meaningless and pointless auto gratzers. If people cant say gratz to one another without being bothered to type a few words they should have their hands chopped off or better still banned from the game haha
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Unread 10-19-09, 05:06 PM  
A Pyroguard Emberseer
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This is AWESOME!
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