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Faceroller  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 0.2.9
by: hungtar [More]

please accept my apology for abandoning this addon and not answering your support requests.

I don't play wow anymore and thus any request will remain unaswered.

What is Faceroller?

Faceroller is an addon in the spirit of Event Horizon with the look of Faceshooter. It's focus lies on using a minimal amount of screen space while showing anything you need to know at the moment.

It will show you only one icon on the screen: the highest priority ability, which should be used next. Once the ability was used, it will reevaluate all cooldowns and debuffs on your target and present you the next spell.

As this needs tracking of cooldowns and debuffs and making decisions what to suggest when, Faceroller is split into modules. And to get some use out of Faceroller, you will need a module that fits your talent spec (See below for a list of modules).

You will get little or no use out of Faceroller if your toon is below level 80!

What Faceroller is NOT

First and foremost, Faceroller is not all knowing. It only keeps track of your current target and therefore can assist you only with a single target.

How to use Faceroller

First, you will need a module that works with your spec. There are currently modules available for the following specs:

  • Warrior:
  • Shadow Priest
  • Balance Druid
  • Deathknight:
    • Frost 1 (included, experimental*, by hectolight, module name: dkdwfrost)
    • Frost 2 (included, experimental*, by Kallsuh, module name: dkdwfrost_Kall)
    • unholy
    • blood
  • Paladin:
    • Retribution
    • Prot (included, experimental*, by lloydbates)
  • Warlock:
  • Hunter:
    • mm/sv/bm hunters (included, all in one module named simplehunter)
  • Shaman:
    • Enhancement (included)
    • Elemental (included, experimental*)
  • Mage:
    • FFB (included, experimental*)
    • Arcane (included, experimental*)
  • Rogue:

* These modules may not always work as expected. If they don't, please leave a comment.

If you see the message "init failed for module ... (Reason: none given)" enable debug output with /fr debug. Make sure your character knows all the spells, required by the module you are using, before reporting it as a bug!

Install a module of your choice along with Faceroller. Start WoW. You can fire up the GUI with /fr config or by clicking on the LDB plugin (if you have a broker display).

Note: Faceroller rememberrs different modules for both specs, if you have dual spec. If you switch specs for the first time after installing Faceroller, don't forget to configure!

Note: All modules require your character to be level 80 to work!

Getting started with your own module

Writing your own module can be as easy as editing a lua table. See Faceroller_EasyExample (included in the zip) for an example how that works.

If the possibilities provided by the Easy* API are too restraining, you will need some knowledge of lua or you will have a hard time writing your own module. Have a look at Faceroller_ExampleModule (included in the zip). It's a simple module that does the same as Faceroller_EasyExample but with a more complex API. The comments are quiet extensive and should give you a good overview how things work.

The module Faceroller_SimpleEnhancementShaman uses a mixture of both and might help you as well with getting started.

Also, have a look at the documentation at github. If you have further questions, leave a comment.

Want to share your module?

If you wrote a module but you don't want to maintain it yourself, i can include it in the zip here. Just send me a PM or leave a comment where i can find your module. Note: since i won't be able to test all modules, new included modules will be marked as experimental for a few weeks. If too many people complain about an experimental module, it will get deleted. So please make sure it really works.

Following is a (possibly incomplete) list of specs, for which there is currently no module:
  • Feral Druid
  • Rogue: assassination, subtlety

  • Icon skin taken from oUF_Fleetfood.
  • Idea for corner indicators from Grid.
  • and a big Thank You to everyone that used an early Faceroller version and to those who report bugs and write modules!

version 0.2.9:
- added option for silent module init.
- call module option function even if /fr opt is called without argument.

version 0.2.8:
- toc update.
- removed deadca7s unholy dk module.
- API changes for RegisterBuff:
- RegisterBuff(<spell>) works as before
- RegisterBuff(<spell>, true) now checks for buffs on player cast by anyone.
- RegisterBuff(<spell>, false, true) now checks for debuffs on player cast by player (used only in arcane mage module).

version 0.2.7:
- added deadca7s unholy dk module.

version 0.2.6:
- added Kallsuhs frost dk module.

version 0.2.5:
- added Opaques prot warrior module.

version 0.2.4:
- frame is now click-through.
- added options to arcane mage module.

version 0.2.3:
- frost dk module: HoW / SoE totem check.

version 0.2.2:
- bug fix in EasyChooseSpell.

version 0.2.1:
- bug fix: reset everything that can be set by a module when no module is set for the current spec.

version 0.2.0:
- don't load example modules.
- moved simplehunter and enh module to experimental modules.
- option to disable/enable corner indicators (disabled by default).

- update to frost dk module, courtesy of hectolight (strength of earth totem overwriting horn of winter).

- two times a charm ...

- bug fix (check for possibly invalid gui saved variable).

- hide old modules options when selecting another.
- with buttonfacade enabled, only use fade animations that will show properly.
- added hectolights frost dk module.
- added debug message to HasSpell to see which spell can't be found (/fr debug to enable debug messages).

- call modules next skill function once in a while to make sure everything is up to date.
- LDB plugin icon update and tooltip added.

version 0.1.9:
- added /fr skin command.
- added more corner indicators to simplehunter module.
- fixed corner indicator scaling bug.

version 0.1.8:
- added lloydbates prot pala module.

- guess arcane blast debuff.

- more changes to arcane mage module.

- track player debuffs.
- some changes to arcane mage module.

version 0.1.7:
- new gui (if i become discontent about the gui again, it will be gone for good).
- added arcane mage module (experimental).

-fixed wrong spell id in elemental shaman module.
-fixed improved scorch and hot streak in ffb mage module (thanks to Baine, who did all the testing!)

- faster updates for debuffs.

version 0.1.6:
- some stuff to reduce cpu load.
- ffb mage and ele shaman module (untested stuff).

version 0.1.5:
- bug fix: frame should once again show on unit that become attackable while they are targeted.

version 0.1.4:
- fadein/fadeout animation for frame.
- corner indicators for SimpleEnhancementShaman module.

version 0.1.3b:
- buttonfacade should work now ...

version 0.1.3:
- broke ldb and bf support when merging the modules. should work again.

version 0.1.2:
- reorganized sourcecode.
- fixed strata of corner indicators.
- added key binding to open the config.

version 0.1.1:
- gui improvements.

version 0.1.0:
- removed Faceroller_Config and Faceroller_Toy
- new gui: Faceroller_GUI
- gui features: ButtonFacade support, LDB plugin.

version 0.0.25:
- fixed typo in simplehunter module.

version 0.0.24:
- spell icon path for buffs and debuffs.

version 0.0.23:
- API improvements.

version 0.0.22:
- new API function UnregisterModule.
- new module: Faceroller_toy.

version 0.0.21:
- new API function EasyRegister.
- improvements to EasyChooseSpell.
- cooldowns, time left on buffs/debuffs should now always be correct.

version 0.0.20:
- fixed bugs in gui and core that keept it from working with secondary spec after login.
- option to show/hide frame in vehicles.

version 0.0.19:
- fixed a bug with saved variables and module init.
- added Faceroller_EasyExample module.

version 0.0.18:
- changed Easy* functions to work less stupid.

version 0.0.17:
- module options should now work with dual spec
- added EasySetup and EasyChooseSpell to API.

version 0.0.16:
- added module options to the GUI.

version 0.0.15:
- corner indicators
- destro wl module included.

version 0.0.14:
- module init fix with uninitialized options.

version 0.0.13:
- trying so set an invalid module should no longer destroy an existing, working setup.
- Faceroller_Config added (gui).

version 0.0.12:
- fix(?) for reactive abilities being incorrectly disabled.

version 0.0.11:
- updates to example module.
- update time_left for myTargetDebuffs.

version 0.0.10:
- Faceroller:HasGlyph(spellid) function
- Faceroller:GetSetItemSlotItems() (returns item id of head, shoulder, chest, legs, gloves)
- Faceroller.in_combat flag (boolean).
- hide frame when no module is set.
- unset current module with /fr mod none.

version 0.0.9:
- color frame red when out of range.
- color frame blue when out of power.
- FR_test3 is now Faceroller_SimpleEnhancementShaman.
- module init functions: may now 'return nil, <error-string>'
- some module updates.

version 0.0.8:
- show frame when target becomes attackable.
- simplehunter module: fixed handling of ES with lock and load.

version 0.0.7:
- example module update.
- hm fix in simplehunter module.

version 0.0.6:
- changed packing to fix minion problem.
- some module stuff

version 0.0.5:
- some more stuff for reactive abilities.

version 0.0.4:
- support for reactive abilities.
- options for when to show/hide the frame.

version 0.0.3:
- added missing slash commands.

version 0.0.2:
- fixed a "typo"

version 0.0.1:
- first beta release.
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Unread 10-20-10, 03:53 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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hey.. hope it too.. need meele shaman update
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Unread 10-20-10, 03:20 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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I'm waiting to hear back from the author, but more than likely, this project has been abandoned. The GIT repository that held the code is no longer there either.

For those of you who would like to get the addon working, edit Faceroller.lua and add this on line 2:

local GetSpellName = GetSpellName or GetSpellBookItemName

This will fix the error that pops up. However, with regards to the modules, you will need to open the .lua files and update the spell IDs on your own.
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Unread 10-20-10, 09:16 PM  
Xylan Trueheart
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Premium Member

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for a update to this addon and it modules. My reflexes aren't like they are anymore and any update will be appreciated.

I delved into the .lua files and found the first part of .lua be fairly easy. But then looking at the individual modules will require someone with a better knowledge of lua as the changes involve not only spell ID changes but also Talent changes where I think most of the work will be.
Last edited by Xylan Trueheart : 10-21-10 at 03:48 PM.
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Unread 10-25-10, 08:54 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Re: Hoping

Originally posted by Xylan Trueheart
for a update to this addon and it modules. My reflexes aren't like they are anymore and any update will be appreciated.

I delved into the .lua files and found the first part of .lua be fairly easy. But then looking at the individual modules will require someone with a better knowledge of lua as the changes involve not only spell ID changes but also Talent changes where I think most of the work will be.
I havent used Faceroller in a long time, but since its not working I tried OVALE. It works pretty well. I couldnt say for sure if it is as good as Faceroller however, but at the very least you could use it in the meantime.
Last edited by Lowlyffe : 10-25-10 at 08:54 PM.
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Unread 10-29-10, 12:44 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Exclamation Patch uploaded

A patch for Faceroller can be found on the Optional Files tab or by going here:

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Unread 12-20-10, 02:07 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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looking for an update would be very appreciated the patch given is too out of date for working!
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