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Svelte UI.
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Svelte (1680 x 1050)

Version: 1.0.1
by: Ferous [More]


This is Svelte Ui for resolution 1680 x 1050 only. This was made by a friend that uses this resolution. I will not offer any support for this, it is an as is and made it as an optional download for the sake of sakes... and I hope you enjoy


Follow instructions on Svelte UI Page Here


--Back Up your WTF, Fonts, and Interface folders if you wish.
--Download Svelte Ui:

1. Delete your old WTF, Fonts, Interface Folders.
2. Replace this downloads WTF, Fonts, Interface folders in your WoW
Directory. I.E. c:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\
3. Open the WTF folder and rename the folders within it, including:
'Rename Account Here', 'Rename Realm Here', and 'Rename Char Here'.
4. Close all the folders and start WoW up.


1. Before you log in, at the character selection screen, make sure you
Check the option 'Load Out of Date AddOns'
2. When you log in to your desired character, type ingame:

/reflux switch Svelte
3. Your interface will then go into a reload.
4. You are almost done! Type /acb and load Svelte
5. Type /msbt and switch profile to Svelte


AzCastBar, acb_Castbar, acb_Mirror, BankStack, bartender4,

buttonfacade (svelte), Chinchilla, combuctor, fizzle,

Forte_Cooldown, Forte_Core, HatTrick, Audio, SLDT_Experience,

kgPanels, MikScrollingBattleText, MyThreat, oChat, OmniCC,

Recount, Reflux, SatrinaBuffFrame, SharedMedia (LOTS OF

MEDIA; Do not update), Skinner, SLDataText, Stuf, tekErr,

TextyRunes, TipTac.

AddOn Commands

/acb - AzCastBar (castbar replacement mod)
/sort - BankStack (sorts your items in your bags)
/sort bank - BankStack (sorts your items in your bank)
/bt - Bartender4 (actionbar replacement mod)
/bf - ButtonFacade (actionbar skinner)
/chinchilla - Chinchilla (minimap replacement mod)
/combuctor config - Combuctor (bag replacement mod)
/fw - ForteXorcist and Forte_Cooldown (cooldown mod)
/kgpanels config - kgPanels (panel addon)
/msbt - MikScrollingBattleText (scrolling combat text replacement mod)
/reflux - Reflux (profile manager addon)
/sbf options - Satrina Buff Frames (aura replacement addon; make sure you reload your interface before using the command as it can sometimes freeze up your wow... i have no idea why!)
/skinner - Skinner (skins wow and such)
/sldt - SLDataText (adds text to your interface i.e. FPS, Memory, Time, etc.)
/stuf - Stuf (replacement Unit Frame Mod)
/tip - TipTac (replacement addon for tooltips)
Interface Options - mythreat, omnicc, recount.
All other configuration is via Lua


comment tab above, or PM me here
[email protected]
[email protected]

-- resolution was wrong, changed to correct :O --
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