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SnowfallUnit  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.1
by: Dayn [More]

This addon is a unit frame modification (player, target, focus, party, arena, raid, and so forth). The purpose of the addon is to add critical missing functionality to the Blizzard unit frames and improve their readability. The addon modifies the Blizzard unit frames without totally replacing them.

Following are the changes, organized by the unit frames they affect.

All unit frames

All status bars now use flat textures for readability.

Text for debuff stack counts is added wherever missing (target of target, focus, and so forth). This is particularly critical for tanks, who, on tank-switching fights, need to know how many debuff stacks are on the other tank.

Player, target, and focus frames

Frames can now be placed wherever you like. Just right click on the focus frame portrait and select "Unlock frame". Then you can drag the player, target, and focus frames around. If you drag one of the frames off the screen, it will snap back to its SnowfallUnit default position.

Absolute, percent, and max values are displayed on health and power bars.

The proportions of the name, health, and power bars are changed. The health bar is now much more prominent.

Most of the text is changed to an ARIALN font for readability. I highly recommend that you take the further step of replacing all your game fonts with more legible ones. I use Calibri in place of ARIALN and Calibri Bold in place of everything else (see screenshot). Calibri is not free, but it is distributed with Windows Vista, so you may already have it available. This is an easy way to replace your game fonts without needing any addons:

Create the following folder:
<WoW directory>\Fonts\
Create four copies of the font file of your choice, place them in the above folder, and rename them to the following names:
FRIZQT__.ttf (the main UI font)
ARIALN.ttf (the normal number font)
skurri.ttf (the huge number font)
MORPHEUS.ttf (mail and quest Log font)

Target and focus frames

A class icon is shown above the frame. Note that Blizzard's definition of "class" for non-player units is different than for player units. Generally speaking, for non-player units, "warrior" means a high armor unit with no mana bar, "paladin" means a high armor unit with a mana bar, "mage" means a low armor unit with a mana bar, and "rogue" means a unit with an energy bar.

A race+sex icon (for player units) or creature type text (for non-player units) is shown above the frame.

Raid frames

Health and power bar borders are removed to improve readability.

Cast bars

Instant cast spells are now shown on all cast bars except the player cast bar. Try setting your character as your focus and casting some instant spells/abilities and you can see how this works.

Cast bars are moved above the corresponding unit frame.

Cast bars are shown for trade skills.


There is no additional configuration beyond what Blizzard already provides for the unit frames.

Possible future changes

Add black status bar borders (like on the player frame) to the pet, target of target, target of focus, party, and arena enemy frames.

1.1 - 12/8/2009

Updated the interface version to 30300 (patch 3.3).

Made functional changes to work with interface 30300.

Registered the player frame for click casting.

1.0 - 10/27/2009

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Unread 07-09-10, 11:44 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Originally posted by pinhe1ro
Its not possible to drag unitframes to the top left corner like the default unitframes from blizzard?

Originally posted by Dayn
When you right click on the FOCUS frame and pick "Unlock Frame", it unlocks all 3 of the player, target, and focus frame. I realize that this is not particularly intuitive, but there's no way to add an "Unlock Frame" menu item to player and target frames without causing taint, so I elected to have the focus frame menu item just control all 3.
Last edited by Kogasu : 07-12-10 at 02:22 PM.
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Unread 07-09-10, 11:48 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Dayn, these frames look so deceptively simple, and they are a very nice solution. When I looked at the lua however, I was stunned at the amount of work you put into this mod. Therefore I felt the need to express my thanks for your hard work. Kudos man, this mod and your others rock. Thanks again.
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Unread 04-28-11, 03:22 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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4.1 update

I'm a huge fan of this add-on, is there any hope it'll be updated for 4.1?

It survived all the patches till this one.
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Unread 05-28-11, 05:44 PM  
A Fallenroot Satyr
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Yes, would love to see these kept updated, great addon.
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Unread 04-25-12, 08:06 AM  
A Defias Bandit
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Other source

This addon below was inspired by SnowfallUnit from Dayn, but it should stay closer to the original Blizzard UI style. Good replacement that is fairly close to this one.

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