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Version: 1.0
by: Cargor [More]

I've canceled my subscription! Still you can submit patches via GitHub, PM or eMail. If you want to take this addon over, please contact me - or feel free to fork it.

Tired of using /script while testing ingame?

LuaConsole is an interactive ingame Lua command line terminal which pops up from the top of the screen on key-press an has some useful debugging features.

Output return values
If you append "<<" before your command, LuaConsole will grab the function return values and output them colored by type! Inspired by calculators, it stores the first latest return value in the global variable "ans", so you can continue to work with it.

The ScriptBox
The tabulator key lets you switch to the "ScriptBox" on the right-hand side which acts as a text field for larger code snippets and is saved between sessions. Just enter "run" to execute the code in this box.

Table Browsing
LuaConsole has an experimental feature called "table browsing" which allows you to browse tables as you expect it from directories in real shell terminals. With "cd [table]", this table becomes your working table and you can access it via inserting "$" instead of the table name.
The command "ls [table]" outputs the contents of a table, in the format "key, value".
On the beginning of the session, you are in your home-table "~" - all its entries are saved between sessions.

Debugging commands
With using the command "mouse", it outputs the name of frame you are currently hovering and stores the frame itself in the global variable "frame" for later access.

"whereis [frame]" creates a red border around a frame to see where it is - even if it's hidden.

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