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Updated: 12-09-09 12:39 AM
Patch for:
AutoRez (Fan Update).
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Updated:12-09-09 12:39 AM
Created:12-09-09 12:39 AM
AutoRes(fan Update)
Version: 3.3
by: ckeurk [More]
Please note; I am not the official author of this mod. This is a fan update due to the authors absence so that those of you who enjoy this wonderful add-on may continue to use it in the 3.3 patch. I will not be adding any new features, I've simply fixed the issues that have occurred with the new patch and will maintain it for future patches. If the author returns to his work then this version shall be immediately discontinued.

Automatically accepts resurection requests when you are not in combat and thanks the resser.

Project Manager:Jazradel is the official author of this great mod.
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