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Warlords of Draenor (6.0.3)
Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch (6.0.2)
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BagSync  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: v8.1
by: Xruptor [More]

INFO: This addon tracks the items on your characters and displays the information in item tooltips. It even records your gold and professions (tradeskills) across all toons. It will record items that are either equipped or put within your bank, bags, guild bank, void bank, auction house, mailbox and tokens/currency. You can also search for items in the BagSync database by using the built in search window.

In addition this addon also will store your professions across all toons. You can view them at anytime and even link them to friends.

NOTE: This addon is intended to work with any inventory or bag addon available. The screenshot to the right was taken while using BaudBag.

It also keep tracks of guild bank item count. Total items per guild are shown in the tooltip along with character data. Users can use /bgs guildname to toggle the display of guild names instead of characters with count.

  • IMPORTANT: You have to login and check your bank, guild bank, void bank, auction house or mailbox at least once on all your characters for this addon to function properly.
  • IMPORTANT: You can access the configuration panel under the interface options in the main menu of the wow client under 'addons'.

  • LibDataBroker-1.1, (DataBroker). Has an LDB icon to open the BagSync Search window (Left-Click) or BagSync Tokens Window (Right-Click)
  • LibItemSearch-1.0, a search algorithm library created by Tuller. Provides commands for percise searches in a database. Visit his GitHub for more details.

This addon shows item count information for the following:
  • Bags
  • Equipped
  • Bank
  • Guild Bank
  • Void Bank
  • Mailbox
  • Tokens/Currency
  • Auction House

Slash Commands:
  • /bgs or /bagsync
  • /bgs <itemname or search parameter> = will open the search window and perform a search with the information you provided.
    Example: /bgs ilvl==115 would show all items that are item level 115.
  • /bgs search = will open the search window
  • /bgs gold = Displays a tooltip with the amount of gold on each character.
  • /bgs tokens = Displays the Tokens window.
  • /bgs profiles = Displays the Profiles Window.
  • /bgs professions = Displays the Professions Window.
  • /bgs blacklist = Displays the Blacklist Window.
  • /bgs fixdb = Runs the database fix (FixDB) on BagSync. (see below for more details)
  • /bgs config = Brings up the BagSync configuration window.

Search Window:
  • Will display items that you search for within the BagSync Database
  • Has a scrollable list of items you can mouse over to see which of your characters has that particular item.
  • Can be access using the slash command for quick use.
  • You can link items in the search window by using SHIFT+CLICK
  • You can use the Dressing Room with items in the search window by using CTRL+CLICK
  • Support for custom search syntax. (See below)

Tokens Window:
  • Will display your tokens/currency for all your characters.
  • Mouse over any of the tokens to find out which of your characters may have that particular token or currency.

Professions Window:
  • Will display your professions for all your characters.
  • You can view any of your characters professions simply by left clicking on it.
  • You can right click a professions to insert it into chat to link to friends.

Blacklist Window:
  • Displays a list of currently blacklisted items.
  • You can add items at anytime it's easy.
  • Note: Blacklisted items still get stored into database. They just will not be displayed in the tooltips.

Profiles Window:
  • Allows you to delete old data for characters that are no longer available.
  • NOTE: You can only delete profiles of characters on the same realm that your logged into.
  • NOTE: Your client will reload once a profile is deleted.
  • WARNING: I added a 'Delete' and 'Confirm' button for a reason! If you delete a profile by accident, there is nothing I can do to reverse this! This is action is irreversible!

Gold Tooltip:
  • A tooltip that will display the gold on all your characters.
  • You must have logged in the character at least once for the gold value to be displayed.
  • Can be displayed by the slash command: /bgs gold

BagSynx FixDB:
  • FixDB is a function that runs everytime there is a new version update. It removes all old and irrelevant data from the database. That way you don't have old information that isn't being used anymore taking up memory.
  • Removes obsolete character information
  • Removes obsolete guild information
  • Removes obsolete characters from tokens db
  • Removes obsolete keyring information
  • Removes obsolete profession information
  • NOTE: You DON'T really have to run this manually! If you really WANT to run it manually, use the /bgs fixdb command.

Minimap Button:
  • To move the minimap button, hold SHIFT and LEFT-CLICK drag the icon around.
  • Left-Click = BagSync Search Window
  • Right-Click = BagSync Tokens Window

  • Search Window
  • Tokens Window
  • Profiles Window
  • Professions Window
  • Blacklist Window

Search Syntax:
Special thanks to Tuller for his work on LibItemSearch-1.0, for without this library, these search abilities would not have been possible
  • Typing a search without any modifiers will perform a "smart" search. For example, typing "armor" will find all items of type "armor" as well as any items containing the word "armor".
  • To find an item by name, simply type the items name. Typing "silk" will find all items that have "silk" in their name.
  • To find an item by type, subtype, or equip location, type t:<search>. "t:weapon" will find all weapons. "t:main" will find all main hand items.
  • To find an item by quality, type q:<quality>. "q:epic" will find all epic items. You can also use a quality number. "q:0" will find all grey items.
  • To find an item by name, type n:<name>. "n:muffins" will find all items with names containing "muffins".
  • To find items in an equipment set, type s:<equipmentSet>. "s:fire" will find all items in equipment sets you have with names that start with "fire".
  • Searches can be negated using the ! operator. "!q:epic" will find all items that are NOT epic.
  • A union of two searches can be performed using the | operator. Typing "q:epic|t:weapon" will find all items that are either epic OR weapons.
  • An intersection of two searches can be performed using the & operator. Typing "q:epic&t:weapon" will find all items that are epic AND weapons
  • Example: 'lvl:115 or level:115' would do a search for all items with an item level of 115.
  • The following search keywords are also supported:
    • boe - Bind on equip items.
    • quest - Items with "quest item" in their tooltips.
    • bop - Bind on pickup items.
    • boa - Bind on account items.
    • bou - Bind on use items
    • ilvl - Item Level
  • To search for items that are bind on account, type 'boa' or if you want bind on equip type 'boe'.
  • To search for items by keyword, type tt:<word>. "tt:companion" will find all items with the word "companion" in any part of the item description.
  • To search for items with exact name use 'name:' example: 'name:Hearthstone'.
  • You can also search by 'type' and 'slot'. example: 'slot:1' or 'slot:2' or 'type:head'. (For more slots refer to:
  • You can also search by 'quality'. example: 'quality:rare' or 'q:rare'
  • You can also search by 'class' or 'c'. example: 'class:warlock'

You can also display items from various locations owned by the currently logged in character.
Example: Lets say you want to see all your items in your bank? type @bank
Example: Lets say you want to see all your items in the void bank? type @void

Available Commands:
  • @bag
  • @bank
  • @equip
  • @mailbox
  • @void
  • @auction
  • @guild



Why does my auction house items not properly sync?
Blizzard doesn't make it really easy to track Auction House items. It's rather difficult to track items as they can be sold, canceled, and won. Since it's an elaborate process it's best to check the Auction House regularly to update the data.

Why can I still search for items i've blacklisted?
The blacklisting feature only prevents the item from being displayed in the tooltips. It still gets stored in the database for consistency.


Localization: English, Chinese, Russian, Taiwanese, French, Korean, German

Special thanks to Tuller for his work on Bagnon_Forever

You can view Alpha Builds at my Github tracker.

-Merge pull request #17 from Blazeflack @
Fix for issue #16: Bank not synced when exiting game
***Special thanks to Blazeflack for the code promotion to GitHub.

-Added the Reagent Bank to the search routine. WHOOPS!
-Added some more localizations for deDE and ptBR

-Removed redundant code
-Added missing localization strings to the total list of localized strings.
-Major shout out and special thanks to ytzyt at Curse for the zhCN and zhTW translations! Thanks!

-Merge Pull Request Silvertwist
---Fixed an issue moving items to and from the ReagentBank and the Bank

-Merge pull from Silvertwist @ GitHub.Com (Special Thanks to Silvertwist)
---Added Void Storage 2nd tab support
---Added Reagent Bank support
---Added Reagent Bank change as an event
---Fixed the currency counter
---IsActiveBattlefieldArena() was returning false false instead of nil nil, so the a==nil statement was always causing the function to return true.
---Removed unneed condition

-Toc update
-Fix for currency tooltips to display alt information. (Special thanks to Xodiv from LiteBag)

-Small fix where the tooltip wouldn't always update.

-Updated the tooltip search library
-Fixed an issue where the tooltip library search wouldn't always pick up on items.
-Added the ability to search by class c:warlock or class:warlock
-Fixed a stupid taint issue with bindings

-Updated TOC to 5.2
-Added an ability to add a seperator before the BagSync Tooltip Display

-Added new search parameters to search window to display items from the currently logged in character based on syntax provided.
You can now display items from various locations owned by the currently logged in character.
Example: Lets say you want to see all your items in your bank? type @bank
Example: Lets say you want to see all your items in the void bank? type @void

Available Commands:
  • @bag
  • @bank
  • @equip
  • @mailbox
  • @void
  • @auction
  • @guid

-Database design has been completely reworked!
-Fixed an issue where items where incorrectly being reported due to changes in bag structure or bag sizes. The new database format will correct this bug.
-Fixed several issues with guild bank permissions. It will now check permissions before performing a scan.
-Added several missing options to the Interface->Addons BagSync panel.
-Added a new option to completely turn off the Bagsync tooltips.
-Reverted the tooltip handling to an old format from previous version, updated the code to reflect updates Tuller has done since. (thanks Tuller!)
-Removed a bunch of useless or old code.
-Reworked several functions to in order to improve efficiency.

-Fixed a null link issue that was happening to some people.

-Another darn quick fix for pet battle errors.
-I'm providing temporarily fixes to ignore them right now.
-I'm trying to enjoy playing the game. I will fix it completely when I can.

-small temporary fix to get rid of the errors associated with capturing and using pets.
-I'll fix this as soon as I actually you know.. start playing MOP LOL.

-Updated for Mists of Panderia patch 5.01

-Fixed an issue with stored professions not picking up certain secondary tradeskills.
-Removed getglobal as it's been depreciated.

-Removed secondary auction house check as it was no longer required.
-Auction house items will be triggered by expired checks only after a user places an item for auction.
-Auctions will now be updated on each visit to the Auction House. This is done to keep consistency throughout the data.

-Added ability to track Auction House items. System to remove expired items was also implemented.
Note: It's still best to check the auction house often while this feature is enabled. This way the data is up to date.
-Added ability to save professions throughout all your characters. You can now view and link professions from all your characters!
-Completely restructured the addon and converted some functions to local ones.
-Changed color coding for Professions. Green = linkable, Blue = not-linkable
-Reworked how the void storage is checked.
-Added an option to display the modified tooltips only in the BagSync Search winow.
-Added another check for expired items. Two is better then One!
-Added new Blacklist Window. You can now blacklist items by itemID.
Note: these items will still be added to the database. They just will never be displayed in the toolips.
-Revamped the Profiles Window.
-Removed tekKonfigDropdown library as it was no longer needed.
-Updated the localization to reflect the new changes. Also added some more localization where it was required.

-Had to reupload to fix a problem where git pushed the wrong files.

-fix for an issue where some items were not being stored.
-solved an issue with transmorg sets :P
-items should now be properly stored

-Fixed an issue with the Search Routine for /bgs [itemsearch]
-NEW: Added support for Void Storage. Blizzard didn't make this one easy I'll tell you that.
-This will probably be the last update for awhile. I'm working on the Auction House implementation but I won't upload it till I'm satisfied. Unless there are anymore bugs found, BagSync won't be updated for awhile.

-Updated toc for new patch 4.3
-Fixed a slight bug with battlegrounds check
-Localized a few functions, (beginning of rework to localize BagSync and provided API function calls for addon developers)

-Added a better tooltip for minimap button and LDB button.
-Show minimap is now on by default for new users.
-Fixed a dumb bug where the right click menu for LDB wasn't working. (I blame git)

-(Dpatti@github) Use the built-in HandleModifiedItemClick
-(Dpatti@github) Fixes searching for items that are only present in the guild bank
-Added a rightclick menu for the Minimap button and LDB Broker button. Will allow you to open up several of the addon windows.

-NOTE: Due to some changes to the DB, you may have to login each character to update to the correct data.
-Added a new BagSync configuration window
-Added slash command to open new config window. /bgs config
-Updated to the latest LibItemSearch-1.0 library.
-Removed option to enable/disble tooltip throttling. Now on by default.
-small fix for unguilded people
-Removed a bunch of slash commands.
-Modified the Localization file quite a bit.
-updated profiles window, you can now delete the info on the currently logged in character.
-fixed a bug in the search window that was sometimes treating gold value as an item.
-optimized search window, tokens window, and profiles window a bit.
-changed the way gold, class, and faction is stored in the db.
-fixed a slight bug with faction info not allowing certain characters at time to show
-removed obsolete keyring stuff from addon
-optimized fixdb a lot, removed irrelevent crap that wasn't needed anymore. now removes old keyring information.
-fixdb should now properly update db if the guild name has changed, granted the information will be removed but can be replaced with new guild information.
-Optimized the core bagsync code a bit.
-A guild check will be performed now if a user switches guilds, leaves a guild, or changes a guild name. Note if switched guilds old guild info will be removed.
-Fixed kitchen sink....

-Few updates
-Regressed a former update and fixed it.
-Updated for Firelands properly ;) Freaking
-YES I'm back to WOW, expect updates to all my addons.

-NEW: slash command /bgs faction
-Added a new slash command "/bgs faction" to toggle displaying of items for both factions or just the faction your currently logged in.
-This new slash command is on by default so it will be showing both ALLIANCE and HORDE toons items. If you turn it off it will only show items from the faction your current logged in toon is.
-Searching for items will take the new "/bgs faction" slash command into mind when performing a search for items.

-Fixed a nil error that was occurring on the tooltip in chat.
-Updated the BagSync to autofocus when you do a search now.
-Updates thanks to @Aranarth

-Updated for new patch
-Fixed an issue with rarity colors not displaying correctly (@Tonyleila from wowinterface)
-Updated the way tooltips are parsed. (@Aranarth from Wowinterface)
-Updated toc for patch 4.2

@Xruptor: Merging github request #3 from dpatti. Improved guild bank scanning.

@dpatti: Change QueryGuildBankTab() to fire successively after each server response to solve a problem with the server incorrectly sending massive amounts of events

-Merging changes from GitHub.
-Publishing as 6.2
-Fixes an issue where /bgs command line searching was only using the first word. Now will properly use the entire search string.

BagSync.toc | 2 +-
1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

Version 6.1:
-TOC Update for patch 4.1
-Updated LibItemSearch-1.0 to address an issue with BOA (thanks Tuller!)

Version 5.5:
-Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the LibItemSearch library to produce an error. (Which was my fault, thanks again Tuller ;) )
-LibItemSearch library has been updated to a new version, now support tooltip searching.
-You can now search for specific words in item tooltips by using the command tt: example: tt:companion
-Left-Click on the Databroker Icon or Minimap button will open the BagSync Search Window.
-Right-Clicking on the Databroker Icon or Minimap button will open the BagSync Tokens Window.

Version 5.4.1:
-Fixed a slight issue with guild count was being displayed and added twice.
-It should display correctly if using /bgs guild and /bgs guildname.

Version 5.4
-Slight fix for the search window. It should no longer display items in the guild if the guild feature is turned off in the BagSync settings.
-Optimized code for Cataclysm
-Fixed a few slight bugs
-Removed redundant code

Version 5.1: (Cataclysm Release)
-Hunter ammo check has been removed. (It's no longer needed)
-Updated FixDB to remove redudant range slot information
-Token currency window tooltip support has been removed. USE: /bgs tokens
-Added a minimap button so people can stop bothering me about it! toggle with /bgs minimap
-Updated token scanning. It should now work properly.
-Fixed a displaying issue on the BagSync tokens window.
-Rarity display on the BagSync tokens window has been removed.
-Updated FixDB to remove old Token Data

Version 5.0.1:
-Commented out token stuff till I can fix it.

Version 5.0:
-This is an experimental build. It should work with patch 4.0.
-Had to disable tokens as this was causing most of the issues. Working on a fix though.

Version 4.3:
-A slight fix AGAIN for the Search Window. Items weren't being inputed unless the editbox was shown.
-An update for the Search Window window to automatically select current editbox being used.
-Updated libraries (because of github lol)

Version 4.2:
-Added support for LibDataBroker-1.1. BagSync now has a broker icon to launch the search window.
-Added support to color names by unit class.
-New slash command /bgs unitclass will color names by color. OFF by default.
-Changed the way slash commands are handled. Much cleaner code ;)
-Fixed an issue where the throttle wasn't always allowing the information to show on certain tooltips.
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the throttling wasn't initiated.
-Added support for CallbackHandler-1.0.lua.
-Fixed an issue in the BagSync Search window where the scroll bar was off the frame sometimes.
-Fixed an error that prevented users from linking items from the BagSync Search window.
-Added a few helper functions.
6 files changed, 437 insertions(+), 59 deletions(-)

Version 4.1:
-Added a new slash command /bgs mailbox that will toggle mailbox features on/off.
-Using /bgs guild will now toggle off/on the guild scanning/displaying features entirely.

Version 4.0:
-Added spam checks for equipment and bag scan due to hunter ammo use.
-BagSync will now ignore bag updates and or equipment updates if the ammo slot is triggered.
-This will only take affect if the player is a Hunter. It should reduce CPU use significantly :)

Version 3.9:
-Completely redid the localization. The localization is now using metatables.
-Reworked some code here and there.
-Fixed an issue with the toggles where it wouldn't immediately take effect.
-Added a new option, /bgs guild - this will toggle guild display on tooltips.

Version 3.8.1:
-WHOOPS tiny bug where the tooltip would blink like mad. (Fixed)

Version 3.8:
-Added throttling to remove lag when mousing over items quickly in bags.
-Added an option to toggle throttling. (/bgs throttle)
-New throttling feature improves on framerate :)

Version 3.7
-Fixed an issue where the ammo count was being listed twice. (Thanks to berrybear from WOWInterface)
-Added tooltip display to the Currency Tab under the Character Window.
-Added a new slash command (/bgs guildname) which till toggle the display of guild names and count rather then just character and guild count.
-NOTE: /bgs guildname is toggled off by default
-Fixed an issue with the versioning that wasn't allowing the FixDB to fire off.

Version 3.6.1
-Added German localization, special thanks to Schnubby from WOWInterface.

Version 3.6:
-Added total to tooltips (item and gold displays).
-Added slash command to toggle total display. /bgs total
-NOTE: Totals will only display when there is more then one item in the tooltip.

Version 3.5.1
-Forgot to remove another instance of IsTabViewable. (Thanks Quokka, BugID: 6480)

Version 3.5:
-Fixed a nil issue when checking the guild bank. (Thanks Quokka, BugID: 6480)

Version 3.4:
-Possible fix for some supposed bug where the tokens wouldn't display or be stored.
-Commented out some redundant code.

Version 3.3:
-Updated the token retrieval code due to some changes Blizzard did to the client.
-Changed the way that tokens are saved into the database.
-Removed redundant code
-Optimized the token display and retrieval methods.
-Updated the Token Display for the new token changes.

Version 3.2:
-Added slash command /bgs fixdb to allow users to run FixDB
-Added an alert to let users known when a FixDB has been performed.
-FixDB is a function that runs everytime there is a new version update, basically it removes all old and irrelevent data from the database. That way you don't have old information that isn't being used anymore taking up memory. It removes old guild data if no user is in that guild, removes old token data for users that don't exist, and removes user data if they were removed using the BagSync Profiles window. You don't really have to run this manually unless you really want it to run even after a version change.
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the headers of the Token Window weren't being sorted correctly.

Version 3.1:
-Optimized BagSync code even further!
-Removed redudant code!
-Fixed a nil issue with first time users when viewing the Tokens Window.
-Added the removable of old token data to BagSync:FixDB_Data()
-Added more checks to prevent token spam where possible.
-Added more checks to prevent Mailbox spam.
-Updated Korean Localization file.

Version 3.0: (HUGE UPDATE)
ADDED: LibItemSearch-1.0 to enchance the searching in the BagSync Search window.
ADDED: BagSync will now scan your Mailbox and store the information to display in tooltips.
ADDED: BagSync will now scan your tokens/currency and display the information on the BagSync Tokens frame.
ADDED: NEW BagSync Tokens window will display tokens from all your characters.
ADDED: NEW BagSync Profiles window will allow you to delete profiles from old characters. Clean that DB!
ADDED: NEW Keybindings under the Blizzard Keybinding interface for the BagSync Search, Tokens, and Profile window.
ADDED: NEW Korean Support! Localization information in the BagSync Localization file has been updated for Korean.
ADDED: NEW /bgs Slash commands for the new BagSync Tokens and BagSync Profiles window!
ADDED: tekKonfigDropdown library for the profiles window for easy dropdowns
ADDED: Have added more support for localized languages throughout BagSync. Tried my best to use Localization file as often as possible for translations.
ADDED: Battleground and Arena checks for Tokens so that the user doesn't get spammed for updates for each kill.
ADDED: Spam check for Mailbox scanning to prevent multiple scanning of the same mailbox items.
FIXED: Fixed several issues in the core and removed redundant code
FIXED: An issue where sometimes the guild bag information wouldn't populate
FIXED: An issue where new time users would get a nil error check if data wasn't found in their bags.
FIXED: BagSync:FixDB_Data() has been updated with some more variable checks and error traps.
FIXED: An issue with the money tooltip that was sometimes displaying gold incorrectly. Redundant code has been removed.
FIXED: An issue in the search window where sometimes the scrollbar wouldn't work properly or update correctly.
FIXED: An issue where the mouse scrolling wouldn't affect the BagSync Search window scrollbar.
FIXED: An issue where sometimes the search window wouldn't show certain items.
CHANGED: Changed the way how information is parsed in the BagSync Search window.
CHANGED: The BagSync Search window can now be moved and is draggable.
CHANGED: The BagSync Tokens window can now be moved and is draggable.
CHANGED: The BagSync Profiles window can now be moved and is draggable.

Version 2.4:
-ARGH! I knew I forgot to add something before the last upload. Sorry folks!
-You can now link items from the search window using SHIFT-CLICK
-You can now use the dressing room with items from the search window using CTRL+CLICK

Version 2.3:
-Added a new tooltip that will display the currency (gold) on all your characters from that realm.
-Added the slash command '/bgs gold' to display the new gold tooltip

Version 2.2:
-Fixed a nil error when sometimes performing a search in the search window.
-Fixed an issue where the scroll-bar wasn't properly scrolling as it should.

Version 2.1:
-Argh! Fixed a stupid bug that was sometimes deleting the guild database at login.
-Fixed an issue where guild items (again!) weren't showing up in search window.
-Optimized the guild searching routines.
-Removed the multiple displaying of guild items for toons within the same guild. You should only see guild data displayed once in a tooltip for the first toon detected in a guild. (Instead of multiple toons in the same guild being displayed in the tooltip)

Version 2.0:
-Fixed an issue where the new search feature wasn't displaying results found in the guild bank.
-Items in the guild bank should now properly be displayed in the search window :)

Version 1.9:
-ADDED new search window! You can now search for items on your characters within the BagSync database!
-ADDED new slash commands for the Search Window! /bagsync or /bgs
-SLASH: /bgs search = will open the search window
-SLASH: /bgs itemnamehere = will open the search window with the given item name to find.

Version 1.8:
-Added removal of unused guilds to the database cleanser.
-Fixed an issue where sometimes the tooltip wouldn't show always.
-Fixed an issue where the tooltip data may not properly update on equipment change.

Version 1.7:
-Added French localization (special thanks to cacahuete)
-Updated Russian localization (special thanks to senryo)

Version 1.6:
-Added measures to reduce lag from hovering over tooltips.
-Optimized the code a ton.
-Added checks for DB parsing so that the same data doesn't get scanned more then once.
-Removed redundant code
-Streamlined the database parsing throughout the addon.
(Very special thanks to Shirk for the help)

Version 1.4:
-Added guild bank to the database. Should now display the amount of items your characters guild has stored in the guild bank.
-Fixed database cleanser as it was not parsing all the realms.
-Added guild bank data to the database cleanser.

Version 1.3:
-Fixed a serious bug with the item count. It should now properly report correct item count information.
-Fixed an issue where the bank was being recorded twice, thus sometimes reporting incorrect item count.
-Added better item checking for item comparison.
-Added a database cleanser for incorrectly stored data in the database. (Removes incorrect item #'s)
-Fixed an issue with the bank bag not updating when it should.
-Added a complete inventory scan on login. (not just primary bag)
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11-02-10 06:37 AM
10-21-10 09:07 AM
5.0.1 BETA
10-15-10 04:27 PM
5.0 BETA
10-14-10 06:01 PM
08-16-10 06:51 AM
08-15-10 08:43 AM
08-11-10 08:27 AM
08-11-10 07:51 AM
07-26-10 08:25 AM
07-07-10 10:34 AM
07-07-10 10:12 AM
07-07-10 10:04 AM
06-21-10 07:32 AM
06-13-10 11:57 AM
05-17-10 09:34 AM
03-01-10 04:46 PM
03-01-10 03:32 PM
02-24-10 12:55 PM
02-23-10 12:26 PM
02-12-10 08:45 AM
02-10-10 07:53 AM
02-05-10 10:08 AM
01-31-10 07:12 AM
01-30-10 08:11 AM
01-25-10 10:23 AM
01-16-10 10:59 AM
01-15-10 06:12 PM
01-15-10 10:42 AM
01-15-10 10:28 AM
01-03-10 10:21 AM
12-21-09 07:42 AM
12-20-09 01:01 PM
12-18-09 01:31 PM
12-18-09 10:04 AM
12-10-09 08:24 AM

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Unread 10-21-14, 09:26 AM  
A Black Drake
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A notice to everyone. I will be updating all my addons. I've been busy as of late and haven't had time to do any debugging for the new updates.

I will be resubbing and playing in Warlods of Draenor. So all my addons will be getting some love okay.
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Unread 10-20-14, 01:59 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Thank you very much Fleurr. However I'd suggest you direct comments to your addon's page since this is one redundant now.

Great initiative!
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Unread 10-19-14, 07:57 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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I made a new version called BagSync2, since we haven't heard any news from Xruptor.
I will maintain this addon unless Xruptor comes back to BagSync.

I've added support for the new reagent bank tab.

You will need to uninstall BagSync since they use the same variable names.

The problem now is when crafting something with reagents in the regular bank, since the regular bank cannot be scanned unless the bank frame is open (while the reagents bank tab can). So for people not using the new reagent bank, you'll have to update your information by going to your bank and opening the bank frame.
I'll try to find a way around this, which might be possible since Blizzard's own craft UI displays the correct count for reagents after a craft.

Because the addon is now called BagSync2, the database is stored in a file called bagsync2.lua in your WTF\Account\ACCOUNTNAME\SavedVariables directory. You can reuse your old database by renaming the corresponding file bagsync.lua to bagsync2.lua, but this is not mandatory (BagSync2 will start a new database).

Please leave any comments here.
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Unread 10-18-14, 11:08 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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new bank slot for reagents

Please update this is one of the best addons. dont work for new slot in bank.
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Unread 10-18-14, 09:14 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Do you think that you'll update your addon for WoD ?
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Unread 10-18-14, 07:39 AM  
A Murloc Raider

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Error when opening the void storage:
BagSync\BagSync-v7.6.lua:327: Usage: GetVoidItemInfo(tab, slot)
[C]: in function `GetVoidItemInfo'
BagSync\BagSync-v7.6.lua:327: in function <BagSync\BagSync.lua:316>
BagSync\BagSync-v7.6.lua:1288: in function `?'
BagSync\BagSync-v7.6.lua:93: in function <BagSync\BagSync.lua:91>
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Unread 10-17-14, 11:50 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Localization: PtBr

>> Small correction, translating "bag"

Here is the translation to PtBr (Portuguese-Brazil). I will make a correction of text when it is applied, spelling / context.

And thanks for the great addon!

	BagSync Localization

-- ["Bags: %d"] = "Bolsa",
-- ["Bank: %d"] = "Banco",
-- ["Equipped: %d"] = "Equipado",
-- ["Guild: %d"] = "Guilda",
-- ["Mailbox: %d"] = "Correio",
-- ["Search"] = "Pesquisar",
-- ["Total:"] = "Total",
-- ["Tokens"] = "Fichas",
-- ["Profiles"] = "Perfis",
-- ["Professions"] = "Profissões",
-- ["Blacklist"] = "Lista Negra",
-- ["Gold"] = "Ouro",
-- ["Close"] = "Fechar",
-- ["FixDB"] = "",
-- ["Config"] = "Configuração",
-- ["Select a profile to delete.\nNOTE: This is irreversible!"] = "Selecione o perfil para deletar.\nOBS: Isto é irreversível",
-- ["Delete"] = "Deletar",
-- ["Confirm"] = "Confirmar",
-- ["Toggle Search"] = "Ativar Pesquisa",
-- ["Toggle Tokens"] = "Ativar Fichas",
-- ["Toggle Profiles"] = "Ativar Perfis",
-- ["Toggle Professions"] = "Ativar Profissões",
-- ["Toggle Blacklist"] = "Ativar Lista Negra",
-- ["A FixDB has been performed on BagSync!  The database is now optimized!"] = "O FixDB foi realizado no BagSync! O banco de dados agora esta otimizado!",
-- ["ON"] = "Ligar",
-- ["OFF"] = "Desligar",
-- ["Left Click = Search Window"] = "Botão Esquerdo = Procurar na Janela",
-- ["Right Click = BagSync Menu"] = "Botão Direito = Opções do BagSync",
-- ["Left Click = Link to view tradeskill."] = "Botão Esquerdo = Link para vizualizar profissão",
-- ["Right Click = Insert tradeskill link."] = "Botão Direito = Inserir link de profissão",
-- ["Click to view profession: "] = "Clicar para vizualizar profissões",
-- ["Click Here"] = "Clique Aqui",
-- ["BagSync: Error user not found!"] = "BagSync: Erro, usuário não achado",
-- ["Please enter an itemid. (Use"] = "Por favor, entre com o itemid. (Use",
-- ["Add ItemID"] = "Add ItemID",
-- ["Remove ItemID"] = "Remover ItemID",
-- ["[itemname]"] = "itemnome",
-- ["search"] = "pesquisar",
-- ["gold"] = "ouro",
-- ["tokens"] = "ficha",
-- ["fixdb"] = "fixdb",
-- ["profiles"] = "perfis",
-- ["professions"] = "profissoes",
-- ["blacklist"] = "listanegra",
-- ----------------------
-- ["/bgs [itemname] - Does a quick search for an item"] = "/bgs [itemnome] - Faz uma rápida pesquisa para um item",
-- ["/bgs search - Opens the search window"] = "/bgs pesquisar - Abre a janela de pesquisar",
-- ["/bgs gold - Displays a tooltip with the amount of gold on each character."] = "/bgs ouro - Exibe em dica com a quantidade de ouro em cada personagem.",
-- ["/bgs tokens - Opens the tokens/currency window."] = "/bgs ficha - Abre uma janela com a quantidade de fichas/moedas."",
-- ["/bgs profiles - Opens the profiles window."] = "/bgs perfis - Abre uma janela de perfis.",
-- ["/bgs fixdb - Runs the database fix (FixDB) on BagSync."] = "/bgs fixdb - Executa a correção de banco de dados (FixDB) no BagSync.",
-- ["/bgs config - Opens the BagSync Config Window"] = "/bgs configuração - Abre uma janela de configuração do BagSync",
-- ["/bgs professions - Opens the professions window."] = "/bgs profissões - Abre a janela de profissões.",
-- ["/bgs blacklist - Opens the blacklist window."] = "/bgs listanegra - Abre a janela de lista negra.",
-- ["Display [Total] in tooltips and gold display."] = "Exibe [Total] nas dicas o indicador de ouro.",
-- ["Display [Guild Name] display in tooltips."] = "Exbie [Nome da Guilda] nas dicas.",
-- ["Enable guild bank items."] = "Ativar itens do banco da guilda.",
-- ["Enable mailbox items."] = "Ativar itens da caixa de correio.",
-- ["Enable auction house items."] = "Ativar itens da casa de leilão.",
-- ["Display BagSync minimap button."] = "Exibir icone no minimapa do BagSync.",
-- ["Display items for both factions (Alliance/Horde)."] = "Exibir itens para ambas as facções (Aliança/Horda).",
-- ["Display class colors for characters."] = "Exibir cor de classe para personagens",
-- ["Display modified tooltips ONLY in the BagSync Search window."] = "Exibir dicas de modificado APENAS na Janela de Pesquisa do BagSync",
-- ["Enable BagSync Tooltips"] = "Ativar dicas do BagSync",
-- ["Enable empty line seperator above BagSync tooltip display."] = "Ativar um separador de linha acima na tela de dicas do BagSync",
Last edited by kubito : 10-18-14 at 10:55 AM.
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Unread 10-17-14, 08:36 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Originally Posted by Khisanth
Works with 6.0.2 except for tokens.
Doesn't work for me. It is not updating the quantity of materials on the character. Also there are LUA errors when using void storage or bank. Neither does it record any new additions to void storage.
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Unread 10-17-14, 07:29 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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Works with 6.0.2 except for tokens.
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Unread 10-16-14, 06:56 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Hi! I love this addon, it's the best out there, will it be updated for 6.0.2 and beyond? Thank you!
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Unread 10-15-14, 06:16 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Love this addon... of all of them out there, this is by far my favorite and the number one addon on my list that I wish would be updated for 6.0 - Great work on this otherwise! THank you!
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Unread 10-15-14, 08:01 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Love the addon. Is there anyway this will be updated for 6.0.2?
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Unread 10-07-14, 02:42 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Possible search possibilities :p

First, i really like this addon I used to use Armory, but it had too many things that i dont need. I am however wondering if there is a way to search for a specific alts equipped gear? Like using @equip, but for another character on the same acc/server. I dont know anything about these things, but it would be awesome if i could typ "@equip "myaltname"". It would be faster then to search per slot.
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Unread 04-14-14, 12:38 AM  
A Molten Giant
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Originally Posted by Rhixican
Is there anyway to change the font? I can't seem to find it in the config.
No but you can replace the wow fonts in the font folder.
Author of: LeilaUI and Aurora: Missing Textures
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Unread 04-13-14, 06:26 PM  
A Defias Bandit

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Is there anyway to change the font? I can't seem to find it in the config.
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