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NeoClassic (1680x1050)

Version: 1.0e
by: Aesh [More]

all works or updates temporary stopped , because of work and real life , i do not have time to update addons sorry guys will be back shortly if possible.

This UI is compiled for ultra minimalists.
For people who like default blizzard positions but dont like how frames looks.For People who like little small addons (install and forget) but with great functionality.
After multiple request by guildmates and friends i am going to release it.
Memory usage is near 900 kb except Recount and DBM ,DBM is not included because of updates and peoples using diferent raid boss mods ,Recount is included by request of guildmates, i personally dont use it, included addons you find in picture near, and some examples how looks the UI. -( if you set it like me )
UI resolution is 1680x1050 and scale 0.64 ,Not tested with another scale.I think should work too.

Instalation:Backup your old interface ,
You find 2 files included Fonts and Interface,
put files in your world of warcraft directory.not adons ,not interface,simple copy and paste to world of warcraft directory.

All credits and big thanks goes to authors of these addons , Some of addons is writen by me to fit my needs ,some of addons slightly changed by me to fit whole UI.

Slightly changed addons .LUA config only
rActionBarstyler - removed some unwanted stuff ,right bars separated of 2 diferent bars each of them can be moved arround ,can be visible on mouse over.
Added SHAMAN Totem Bar.
added some options to change colors of macros,names,counts,added options to hide or show names of macros or keybinds.
Recount - added border arround main window to fit UI
NiceDamage - toc bump font changed and used.
BasicChatMods - removed some modules , recolored some chat channels.

Addons writen by me :
Disgreed -in party dungeons or raid instances auto choosing greed or if posible disenchant BOE green items , without showing loot roll window.
MinimapA - custom minimap addon to fit my tastes.
ChatBorders -very simple addon to add borders arround chat windows.
oUF_Experiment - not that simple my experiment to make something more dificult - has own buff debuff bar easily disabled on top in lua file,has own raid layout easily disabled on top in lua file too.Need oUF to work (included in zip file)
RTT_Aesh - Layout for ranttooltip to fit my tastes.

most of settings you can be do with default blizzard setings.

Commands to move unit frames arround is /OMF
some of addons which needs commands
Jpack - /jpack fast restack and reorder items in bags ,im using it with simple macro:

#showtooltip Hearthstone
/use Hearthstone

DoomCooldownPulse - /DCP
badgeblocker - /bblock

simple macro to set focus and clear focus

/focus [button:1]
/clearfocus [button:2]
left click seting focus right click deleting it

There is no micro menu buttons i am using keyboard shorcuts. bag buttons are hidden on right side of bars and appears on mouse over.

all addons is easily find here on wowinterface

if you find some bugs please tell me
and sorry for my very bad english .


Version 1.0e
Small bug fixes
Fixed config.lua bug made by me with litestats ammo module if char is not hunter,

Version 1.0d
Added Shaman Totembar to rActionBarstyler.
Right Bars of rActionBarstyler separated as 2 diferentbars
some of addons removed.
Tipitip replaced wiht RantTooltip and laoyut RTT_Aesh.
Updated oUF_Experiment to last version
updated MinimapA to last version.
updated oUF to last version.

Version 1.0c
Some of addons removed.
Added New Writen addon Disgreed.
all same textures moved to one folder
updated oUF to last version
updated oUF_Experiment to last version
updated oUF_MovableFrames to last version.
Sound Data Files Removed.
textures Changed with new shiny ones :)

Version 1.0b
Removed Masterloot - bug in combat mode
Removed TooltipBorder - need some work,replaced with blp
Updated oUF_Experiment to last version
Updated oUF_MovableFrames to last version.
Updated MinimapA
Changed textures (again)
Hope do not breaking anything , too tired.

Version 1.0a
updated oUF_Experiment to last version.
added forgotten basic chat mods. ty to Harlekinah.
weapon enchants now show cd's .
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Unread 12-23-09, 12:55 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Could it be BasicChatMods is missing?
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Unread 12-23-09, 01:57 AM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon
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ty slaxi and happy holidays to you too
Happy holidays to all
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Unread 12-22-09, 11:17 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Good Work


Slaxi again.

Thanks for uploading and happy Holidays
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