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Updated: 09-21-12 03:05 AM
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Updated:09-21-12 03:05 AM
Created:12-28-09 12:08 PM
AftermathhUI  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 7.0
by: Game92 [More]
Hey everyone! Long time since i posted here. Anyway i'm wondering if anyone want to take over my project.

Since i really don't have time anymore or any expertise to update the UI anymore and there has been alot of requests for it!

contact me if you're willing to update it for Dreanor!

Best Regards,

6.5 - 7.0

Alot of changes see @ Github

Many many new features, UI Skin, GUI (not done yet), One-Bag....

6.1 - 6.5

Removed Fort Xorcist.

New Raid Frame Layout! See AftermathhUI_Config.lua

Added oUF_Aurawatch!

Fixed oUF_RaidDebuffs

Any many more!!

6.0 - 6.1

old skin check @ AftermathhUI > Media > Media.lua

5.9 - 6.0

Totally new layout.

Added threatbar to bottom panel.

changed alot to the oUF layout.

resized alot of stuff.

fixed alot of stuff.

added a plug-in for recount.

added combat feedback.

updated oUF

skinned flyout for totems.

fixed AfterTricks

5.6 - 5.9

New config, diffrent for every each modules.

example; for oUF = AftermathhUI.ouf.myconfig == true..... check AftermathhUI_config.lua

New Loot Frame, Cleaner, and More Beauty! and it got portraits!.

Added Shadowoffset for font option see Media.lua

Added new Slash Command /rolecheck ( i guess somone wanted this i guess its nice feature, if your unsure)

Added Druidmana for oUF finally.

Added !Colorz by Neal.

Added AfterInterrupt. see AftermathhUI_config.lua (["itellin"] = "SAY", -- uses "RAID" "PARTY" "SAY" "YELL")

Added an Hook for Tinydps, so we can customisc it ourself. see OtherAddOns.lua

Added Tooltip Quaility example ; if you hold over an epic the border will turn purple on the tooltip. can be disabled/enable see AftermathhUI_config.lua

Added so expbar can see if you have some rested exp!

Added so you can see dispellable/spellsteal buffs for oUF (the border will turn purple)

Added LFD icons. (Not sure this working through added since someone requested this feature) see. Aftermathh_Config.lua

Added an option for no tooltip overmouse on raid frames. see AftermathhUI_Config.lua

Added Heal Prediction to oUF_AftermathhRaid.

Fixed many fonts, still many to go!

Fixed oUF_Raiddebuffs. they should display now =)

Fixed stacks on oUF_Aftermathh for debuffs / buffs more seenable.

Fixed Tags for AfterName, AfterShortName uses same as AfterRaidName so we can see like "offline", "dead", "ghost" on name.

Fixed Nameplates color (hopefully)

Fixed so oUF_Moveableframes should be abled all the time. you can disable it yourself, if you want see. Characters_Config.lua

Change the font on omniCC so it aint so big!

Updated oUF

Made so everytime you logg on new character/never used AftermathhUI, you will have "setup ui" pop up.

Cleaned up alot of old code, stuff that where not needed.

Removed "LootFrame" in interface folder, not needed anymore.

Removed second option for manabar, don't think anyone was using this.

Removed mostly all options for font sizes in AftermathhUI_config.lua

Removed folder "Fonts" not needed for AftermathhUI anymore, keep it unless you use like grid or somthing =)


Quick error fix!


Alot of changes see @ Github


Added some Locales.

Added Repbar for oUF.

Added so you can pick custom colors for backdrops, borders.

Added so you can pick custom color for power/health bars.

Added so Moveableframes, are enabled by default.

check more changes @ Github

Removed Omen3 since i dont feel i need this anymore, since we got aggro colors on unitframes, nameplates.

Updated TinyDPS


4.2 ready.

General Clean up.

Added threat on borders.

Added debuffs borders.

Added many more features

See more details @ Github


General Clean up.

Removed stuff, that was NOT needed.

Re-added raid debuffs, now skinned with !Beautycase <3

Added an feature for the bags, your items now glow ;)

Many fonts, are fixed.

Fixed Nameplates ( New features, aggro, on border, skinned castbar icon, time, name, health )

ChatBubble now uses colors on borders.

Everything uses SetSize instead of SetWidth + SetHeight. usage SetSize(width, height)

You can now use Addons such as Aloft, Tidy Plates, Gladius, Quartz, Grid with the UI, my Nameplates, Castbars, Raid Frames, Arena Frames. will be disabled if you load any of these addons.

( I will not help to skin those addons, you will have to deal it on your own. )

See more details @ Github


Fixed an error that was causing /setupui to fail due to deprecated 'spreadnameplates' CVar ~ Lanerra


4.1 wow fix, and some other stuff.

nameplates are currently broke.

fix tinydps, omen shadowdrop.

new combat text font.

WorldStateUpFrameMover added, /wmove - in game.

see more @


Spamm filter, removes such as "you have unlearned" etc.

Blizzard Combat Text is much beauty now ;)

Class colors on buffs 10(m in classcolor) etc.

Added an UI setup /setupui to load chat setups, and such.

Added new chat bubbles ( thanks Hankthehank )

fixed so you can enbable oUF party frames, without getting the blizzards once. ( Thanks Tukuz )

fixed Whisper Window.

fixed arena frames.

fixed oUF_Aftermathh show aggro on raid frames.

fixed raid frames, so they have shadow backdrop.

removed buttonfacade, using !Beautycase instead.

see more @


All the addons, are in one folder expect, Forte Xorcist, Bartender4, Tinydps, Omen3, ButtonFacade, BattleObjectivesMover, !Beautycase. Rest have been merged into AftermathhUI, there oUF, etc.

What's new? a config, easier to configure the UI, no more running through all files to change stuff! and alot more features... such.

AfterIcons - Displays an Lava Burst Icon, or Starsurge, for shamans, or druids, easier to track thier cds.
AfterTotems - Skins totem bar, and spacing them.
Tekability - Displays your durability.
Arena Frames.

And many more changes...


Reupload, forgot WTF folder.


Added tooltip overmouse
Added Fixed Shadows, on HealthBars.
Added New Pos For PowerBar, Left/Right/Middle
Added BossFrames

Added nTricks - when you get tricks it will appear on the screen.
Added nAutoAccpectInvFormFriends - auto accpecs invites from friends, guild members.
Added nAutoRealase - Auto Realse spirirt in PvP.
Added nCoords - Displays Coords on worldmap.
Added so the chat postion it self.

Removed Aurora, nLoot, Auto Repair.

Changed Posistion on LFG icon.
Changed Position on the Panels, and fixed so the panels won't appear when you do Alt+Z

Rewrote nBags, to my own Bag AddOn.

and cleaned up some crap, aswell.


reuploaded.. fail @ me :)


added, lighting shields (shammy), water shield (shammy), maelstrom (shammy), tial waves (shammy) lock and load (hunter) stacks on oUF
added boss frame
cleaded up alot of code.

added icon on target castbar.

readded oUF_moveableframes

made some changes to the border textures, got abit darker background.

nTips - outlined most of the fonts, fixed alot.. and remake a choulpe of fonts :)

added grouploot frame, in nLoot
added hankthetank raid icons..

added so you dont need to configure chat pos.

more options added, new commands (UI help, etc..)


Added /enableaddon (addon name)
Added /disableaddon (addon name)
Added /gm (ticket)
Added copy from chat.
Added Aurora (skinned with !beautycase)
Added Tons of options in nCore, for options with the SetCVar
Added nTips (outlines all fonts/fontsizes aswell some tooltips aswell)
Added nBags, nLoot (Thanks to Haleth)
Added nBubbles (Thanks to Tukz)
Added None Class Color on Raid Frames (names too)
Added so you can 1 click all your mail (thanks alza)


Fixed SetPoint on GM ticket!
Fixed Guild Group Icon on minimap hidden.

TODO: fix oUF_HighlightDebuff applying to the borders.


Tweaked more codes in oUF cleaned up like 1-2 years old code, that wasnt really needed.
fixed some other buggs...


Added nPanels options to disable/enable the diffrent panels.
Added two new panels one in the top and one in the bottom with class color as backdrop, you can enable/disable in nPanels.
Added Highlighted Buffs in nBuff, with class colors on the Highlighted debuff you can change it, and you can add what you want for buffs to be hightlighted, in the nBuff.lua
Added Throw Buff Enchant in nBuff
Added New New Texture in nBuff
Added ClassColor on chattab text in nChat
Added some SetCVar in nCore
Added So that you wont need to change UI Scale hurray!
Added Auto-Diss-Enchant in nCore
Added Some Tooltip Modes, in nCore.
Added new Auto Repair / Sell gray items, in nCore
Added Classcolor on tracking text, in nMinimap
Added Outlined Text on boss emotes, raid warnings.
Added new quick readycheck command in nCore. /rd /rc /rdy
Added Shadow Orbs Stacks On oUF

Fixed Back Portraits on Party
Fixed Eclipesbar in oUF
Fixed Runebar in oUF
Fixed oUF_Runebar
Fixed new Position on HolyPower/Shards.

Fixed so you can right click buffs. :)!
Fixed Zoom-In-Out in nMinimap

Updated Bartender 4
Updated Tinydps.

Tweaked some codes.


Error Fixes.


Minor Tweaks.
Added Headline.
Updated Tinydps


Fixed some buggs
Added Soul Shards on oUF (Text)
Added HolyPower on oUF (Text)
updated Buttonfacade
updated Tinydps
updated oUF_Swing
updated ACP


ToC Dump, on mostly everything.

added more options to oUF to disable/enable.
added focustarget
added highlight interrupt.
added party frames.

updated tinydps
updated oUF
updated bartender
updated forte

changed abit in buttonfacade_aftermathh.

removed grid for now.. too buggy.
removed tweakwow too buggy.
removed some oUF_Modules.


fixed nMinimap icons :)
fixed some buggs.. updateded some stuff.. :)
changed layout on oUF_TotemBar
added more disable/enable in oUF
added fixed oUF_Swing abit


added portratis to pet, focus.
added oUF_spellrange.
added masterlooter leader icon on raid frames
added castbar for pet.
added "aggro" on raid frames.
added options to enable and disable like castbars, portraits, pvp icon, buffs debuffs.
added new statusbar color on target, pet, focus, player castbar.
added icon on focus castbar.

added a theme on the menu, but not fully functionlly.
added timers to grid on the icons.

removed LFD icon.

fixed buggs.


many buggs fixed, many cleans up every where, added tons of new stuff.


buggs fixed..


4.0.9 -

fixed nTooltip bugg.
removed ToolTipAnchor
made the panels, fps, and latency, and costom priest color in nCore modules.
made class color on hp/mana on oUF
added focus castbar, finally! :)

4.0.8 -

added buffs/debuffs on focus/pet
added ToolTipAnchor to move nTooltip
changed all positions in oUF


4.0.7 -

-- oUF

added combat icon on oUF
added role icon on oUF
added totembar in ouF
outlined most of the stuff on oUF
Updated to 1.4
moved focus and tot and castbar
added cleaner borders for oUF with !beautycase
added borders to oUF_Runebar, oUF_TotemBar, oUF_Experience
remade the raid completly!


removed tiptac - was bugging, feel free to recomand a new tooltip addon that doesnt bugg with nTooltip!
removed SCT
removed bigwigs
updated tinydps
added borders with !beautycase to grid

--- nCore, nChat, nMinimap, nTooltip

updated nTooltip, nMinimap
a panel added with !beautycase thanks to lanerra in nCore
added auto repair and auto sell on gray items in nCore
added stats with latency/fps in nCore
added copy URLS in nChat
skinned "toast window" with !beautycase in nChat


4.0.6 -
removed auracle
added options on oUF with debuffs on target
added borders on portarits
updated all TOCs so we dont get "out of date"


4.0.5 -
removed kgpanels
reconfig the castbar.


4.0.4 -
removed skinner
updated nChat
Added portraits for oUF
changed mana/hp text instead for 10k to 10000
updated to tinydps


4.0.3 -
removed GCDring
removed simplesquare
removed forte cooldown
added oUF_Experaniance
added Combatfeedback
added BarFader
added Readycheck
added Runebar
added BattleObjectivesMover to move "Unsuccesful Attempts Remaining: 50" example.
updated tinydps
fixed castbars, so they look abit nicer :)


4.0.2 -
new layout,
added borders on tinydps,
added borders on OUF frames
added borders on chat window
fixed names on focus + pet in oUF
changed buttonfaced to tinysquare
updated tinydps!


4.0.1 -
added fonts folder
removed latectix gfx.
now will the UI work propperly, and fixed the castbar abit.
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A Kobold Labourer

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Originally posted by Game92
Can't you stop being gay?
and get fuck off my
How about you atleast credit the people from who you completly ripped off?
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Unread 01-12-10, 12:07 PM  
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Why am I not surprised by this?

Game/Denied you need to start respecting other people and their work. All you do is take take take. Grow up and put in some of your own effort for once.
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Nice looking UI, i belive ive seen it someplace else.. oh wait, theres comments about it on the ensidia forum's... i bet Muqq loves this one
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Originally posted by Game92
Cant do that mate, only got 1680x1050 screen
1920x1080, cool ui, i'll try to scale the ui to that res

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Unread 12-28-09, 11:05 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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Would love to see this on other resolutions like 1360x768 but very nice either way
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