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Version: 3.3.0-02082010
by: Nesildur [More]

This addon package supports the WowAddict study, being run by the department of Computer Science and Engineering out of the University of Minnesota. The addons introduce some small changes into the WoW UI and track some of your playing behavior to see if the addons influence you in any way. The main user interface components offer graphs of your play time.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • The addons don't do anything annoying that's going to mess you up in the middle of playing (for example, no popping up during raids to throw you off)
  • The only information that gets recorded about your playing behavior is stuff that would be viewable to anyone else playing on your server (when you log in, what level you are, etc), and our team doesn't get access to any information about you unless you choose to share it with us

We would love to have your help and participation in the study! Registration is open now through February 15. If you have any questions about who we are and the work we are doing, check out our site for the study:


You are also welcome to contact me directly with questions, Vanessa (Nesildur) at [email protected]

Thank you for your consideration!

Version posted on 2/8/2010 contains a bug fix in the data tracking portion of the addon package (ResearchTracker). There was an issue with event processing that messed up the data being recorded for a few of the study participants. All participants should update to this latest code level for the study.
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Anything to support my alma mater.
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Woot, feel the love!
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I would like to help with the study, but can you tell me what specific information you're recording with this addon? Like does it record my conversations in game? (if it does, then it's a definite no) I want to know what is being looked at specifically before I download this addon.

Call me paranoid, but I find it creepy if people know everything little thing I do. :/

EDIT: Never mind, just checked the site and saw that you're no longer doing it.
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