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Mejj's UI 1600x1200

Version: 1.0.0 - 3.3.3
by: locti [More]

Mejj's UI


Mej's ui is a Simplistic Ui, leaving alot of open space for situational awareness in raids. With low CPU usage on addons it is optimal for the raid Situations.

Before setting up the ui and actually logging into the game, you should turn down your graphics before ever entering the game. I play in ultra mode! if your comp can not handle full everything with shadows you should not be logging into the game at all.

Installation Instructions:
Step 1: Back up your Interface Folder and your WTF folder!
Step 2: Extract the Interface and WTF folder i provided into your World of Warcraft Folder (Should be C\Program Files\World Of Warcraft)
Step 3: Open your WTF>Account>
-- Where it says <YOURACCOUNT NAME HERE> replace it with your account name
--- Under your account name where it says <YOUR SERVER NAME> Replace it with your server
---- Under your server name it will say <YOURCHARACTER NAME HERE>
replace it with your charachter name,
When ingame to get everything into place all you do is Type
/reflux switch mejui

at this point you should be ready to rock and roll

Special Thanks:
Syronius: Author of the Ultimate Shaman UI
for all the pestering i did in vent to get this thing working correctly.
For allowing me to test the ui to see if its working properly

For the help on the SBF options and debuffs

For the tweaking of the ui over and over and over again, and just dealing with the constant tells.

need i say more?

I am not the sole author of any of the addons listed all of them were compiled together to create what you see today. All the authors worked hard on what they made for the world of warcraft community and deserve our respect. So this is me putting my respect where respect is due. I would like to personally thank every author of every addon who made this possible for me to make!

Updated For 3.3.3 - Side note the Bars you see between the unit frames are for my own personal use of flasks prepots etc, i have them disabled on the download you can easily enable them threw dominoes if you enjoy them!

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xloot is already updated for disenchant option
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<Current Issues>
For bosses [ Gunship Battle ]
[ Blood Prince's ]

The boss frames were not disabled this is a quik and easy fix!

do /stuf
Scroll down to bosses and boss targets manually click each one and click disable, i will be updating it for reflux here in the next day or so as i update some minor stuff

For Misc.
Xloot Is not showing up with the command Greed for disenchant i will be looking for a new addon to handle loot untill Xloot Updates their Addon. With this being said that is when you can expect the next update, any questions feel free to AIM Locti oOo
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