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Created:02-10-10 10:35 AM

nUI: Hunter Dashboard Skin

Version: 1.01
by: Petrah [More]

This optional plugin modifies the default nUI dashboard and replaces it with a black and green dashboard with a Hunter feel.

This file is a Addon for nUI by spiel2001. You must have that installed before this Addon will work.


nUI is user supported software...

nUI relies on your donations for its survival and continued development. To make a donation to support nUI, please visit…


To use this skin:

1. Exit WoW
2. Download and install the most recent version of nUI if you have not already as you would any other addon. You should unzip the contents of the download file into your Interface\AddOns directory
3. Download and install this skin as you would any other addon and unzip it into the Interface\AddOns directory as well.
4. After downloading and installing both mods, you should have both an Interface\AddOns\nUI directory and an Interface\AddOns\nUI_Hunter directory
5. Run WoW and log in. Before selecting a character to play, click on the "AddOns" button in the lower left corner of the screen and enable the nUI Hunter addon. You can return to using the default nUI dashboard at any time by disabling nUI Hunter.
6. Select your character and enter the world. nUI will automatically replace the default dashboard with the nUI Hunter skin if it is enabled.

People ask me all the time what the addons are that I use, so here's a list of some of the ones I used with nUI. *NOT INCLUDED WITH THE DOWNLOAD!*

Deux Vox Encounters - raiding
Skada Damage Meters - meters for dps, damage, threat, heals, healing absorbs, debuffs, deaths, fails, and so much more
SavedInstances - keep track of saved instances for all of your toons at a glance
TipTacTalents - talent specs in the tooltip (TipTac not required)
Achieved - when you get an achievement, the little window isn't always in the best spot. Move that window with this addon
PowerSource - adds the persons name who buffed you in the buff tooltip. Great for seeing who has aspect of the fail on (only works in groups and raids)
Chocolate Bar - LDB display for broker addons
Ara Broker Guild Friends - view who is online in your guild and friends list
Broker Equipment - equipment manager
Broker Factions - Easy at-a-glance tracker for factions
Broker HitCrit - view your average hits and highest crits
Broker Volumetric - lets you view what your game volume is, and lets you set them
Broker Wallet - Keeps track of your earned profession tokens, Justice, and Honor points
Broker Auditor - comes with Auditor2
Auditor2 - easily keep track of where your gold is going and how much you've earned for all of your characters. This is probably one of the best addons I've ever had the pleasure to use, and it's also one of the first addons I've ever used. Couldn't do without this one!

Toc update for patch 4.3
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I'm putting a list together right now, and will be updating the main page with suggested addons list. Look for it within the hour.
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Addiotional Addons

By Chance would you have a list of the optional addons for the UI Skin that you have in the screenshot that reads "nUI & nUI Hunter with various other addons (other addons not included)"?

Just curious as to which ones are added but not included and if they are supported by the 4.0.1 Patch!
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