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QuestRouterLite  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 0.9.4
by: Lyncks [More]

QuestRouterLite was inspired by addons like TourGuide, QuestHelper, and Carbonite. With the release of 3.3 and specifically Points of Interest for quests, it is now possible to shed libraries like LightHeaded, if all you want is simple quest routing.

QuestRouterLite only uses Blizzard-provided information, so the locations are accurate, and there's virtually no additional memory use.

If you want to simply and cleanly go from one quest to another, QuestRouterLite is your addon.

Update Modes
When I started this addon I tried to make something comparable to QuestHelper or Carbonite, only using the quest events - turns out this isn't really possible.

So now QuestRouterLite has two major modes. You can either run without the timed updates and use only the quest events, or use periodic updates much like the other major questing addons. Timed updates are on by default, as I believe this is closer to my goal and gives a smoother and more accurate experience. If you want to turn them off, you can. The updating itself is so minimal that even with this on, it barely chews any cycles.

Current Version
I have managed to get blobs tracking with the minimap - however, due to the way Blizzard handles the blob, it is a rather hacked method. Because of this, swapping between the world and minimap is currently glitchy, and without a masking feature in the WoW API, the blobs run off the minimap. It may be impossible to fix this, but I will keep trying. Use of the minimap blobs is at your discretion - and is off by default.

Please report any bugs, issues, or feature requests.

TomTom Required
While there is a feature that will automatically select the closest quest on your map, the addon relies on TomTom to provide easy navigation to the next quest.

You can get TomTom here: http://www.wowinterface.com/download...32-TomTom.html

Current Features

  • Shows you the closest quest
  • Automatic adding of quest to tracker
  • Automatic updates on tracking changes
  • Selects the quest in your map and watch frame
  • POIs on the minimap (can right-click to track)
  • Blobs on the minimap
  • Objective information on minimap tooltips
  • Cross-zone closest quest
  • Option to toggle including completed and in progress quests
  • Option to only search currently tracked quests
  • Option to skip closest quest
  • Option to use quest tracker sorting
  • Optional timed updating (mostly for multi-blob quests)
  • Minimally invasive (doesn't remove all TomTom or Astrolabe points)

Upcoming Features
  • Optional optimized quest pathing
  • Suggestions?

Known Issues
  • Minimap blobs are only correct at most zoomed minimap distance
  • Can get stuck on quests whose POI remains at the questgiver even if it isn't completed - you can temporarily skip the quest to avoid this

Install and go.

The TomTom arrow will update to show the direction to the closest quest after major quest events (getting a new quest, completing an objective, etc.)
The closest quest will also be selected in the quest frame on the World Map, and added to the quest tracker.

/qrl - Brings up the options screen.
/qrl force - Forces an update.
/qrl skip - Skips the current closest quest.
/qrl clear - Clears the skipped quest.

Fixed the map zooming errors
Now disabled in instanced areas

Not using current zone only should be fixed now
Should include minimap icons, waypoints and all
Fixed error when clicking on minimap POI

Added option to toggle adding closest quest to tracker
Fixed an occasional error when zoning instances

Fixed the minimap blob flickering
Added button highlighting to the watch frame

Option to use the top quest in the tracker as "closest" to use tracker sorting
Fixed a potential bug with the 3.3.3 stuff

3.3.3 working, new features coming soon
Fixed an error caused by a WorldMapFrame change in 3.3.3

Fixed scaling error when in instances

Fixed minimap blob scaling in zone, positioning should be correct for all zones now

Fixed bug when using WorldMapFrame_UpdateQuests() that causes the quest frame to blank

Minimap blobs
Turned off updating when dead so doesn't interfere with TomTom corpse pointer
Fixed weirdness with the minimap icons

Fixed displaying all quest blobs, it's also now correct

Reduced the wait time after quest progress to 1 second to improve responsive feel
This worked fine in my testing, but if it causes problems for anyone, let me know
Fixed blobs still showing after a quest was completed
Added skip feature
* Use /skip to skip current closest quest
* Use /clear to clear the skipped quest
* If you want to skip more than one quest, use the tracker
Added optional timed updating (mostly for moving around multi-blob quests) - disabled by default
Adjustable udpate time - default is 8 seconds
This really shouldn't be a whole lot heavier if you want to just leave it on, addon is light as it is

Ability to display all blobs on the world map at once (still in testing)
Fixed TomTom points being put on the minimap as well as POIs
Fixed the minimap POIs not working correctly when you don't have current zone only selected
This should have also fixed the sticking minimap POIs

Another shot at fixing the iffy progress events

Should have fixed not catching some progress/complete events

Changed update event (should catch more events)
Added checking player position is valid
Auto-updates on quest tracking change
Tooltips now work even when map is closed

Auto-tracking closest quest fixed (when not using tracked only)
Can now right-click on the minimap icons to track quest
Fixed an instance of not checking if TomTom was avaialable

Fixed a nasty bug when completing a quest

Returned the map to it's original page when searching continent
Which fixes not selecting quest on map as above
Fixed a bug in the config that wasn't toggling/displaying current zone only correctly
Added icons to minimap (doesn't work 100% in continent mode)
Added icons to world map for different zones (only TomTom right now)
Added option to only search through currently tracked quests
Added an option to display a warning when there are no more quests in range
Fixed some weirdness with which quests were actually completed

Can now look for closest quest on continent

New Options
* Can toggle including completed and in progress quests
* Can toggle zone or continent for closest quest

Fixed an issue with waypoints sometimes not updating correctly

Automatically adds closest quest to tracker
No longer clears all waypoints from TomTom
No longer updates map, tracker or TomTom if location hasn't changed
Added workaround for the fact there's no event that fires when quest actually completes

First version
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Unread 02-21-10, 02:01 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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Flying to Desolace from Auberdine.

[14:57:41] Interface\AddOns\QuestRouterLite\QuestRouterLite.lua:153: attempt to compare two nil values
[C]: ?
Interface\AddOns\QuestRouterLite\QuestRouterLite.lua:153: in function `GetClosestPOI'
Interface\AddOns\QuestRouterLite\QuestRouterLite.lua:218: in function `SetClosestPOI'
Interface\AddOns\QuestRouterLite\QuestRouterLite.lua:96: in function <Interface\AddOns\QuestRouterLite\QuestRouterLite.lua:95>
(tail call): ?
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Unread 02-21-10, 09:07 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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I just started yet another toon the other day, gonna be my 5th 80 .. but it's my first Horde. Didn't want to use QuestHelper, so this will be a nice change if it works to my liking.

Likes like the Author is great at responding to questions and concerns promptly, so I'll be sure to post any issues or recommendations that might occur.
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Unread 02-21-10, 08:04 AM  
A Chromatic Dragonspawn
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Im loving this, just switched from carbonite.
Silly request, can you add a "quest finished" sound? lol
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Unread 02-21-10, 01:12 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Originally posted by richerich
Isn't this very similar to QuestPointer? And if, what's the difference?
I honestly hadn't seen this addon when I started mine (I did look, but didn't find it.) Right now, they are very similar.

However, I plan on adding more features to QuestRouterLite, hopefully ones that will distinguish it from QuestPointer. Anyway, there's always room for more than one addon that does the same thing in different ways (look at how many minimap addons there are!)
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Unread 02-20-10, 02:05 AM  
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Isn't this very similar to QuestPointer? And if, what's the difference?

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Unread 02-20-10, 12:18 AM  
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Originally posted by willgk
Can you change this from a .rar to a .zip so that the Minion updater for WOWI will install it?
Of course, my bad.

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Unread 02-20-10, 12:06 AM  
An Aku'mai Servant
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Can you change this from a .rar to a .zip so that the Minion updater for WOWI will install it?
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