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Updated: 03-08-10 11:28 PM
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Updated:03-08-10 11:28 PM
Created:03-08-10 11:28 PM

sStats Bags

Version: 1.0.20100308
by: Screid123 [More]

This is a module for sStats, a data display framework.

Written for my own personal use, but saw others were requesting something similar, so I figured I'd put this out there for them. Basically adapted "Broker_Bags" to work with sStats.

It simply displays "Bags: Free/Total" for a quick glance at how many free slots you have left.

If you want it to display "Bags: Used/Total" then simply change the following line 46 in "bags.lua":

freeSlots = freeSlots + GetContainerNumFreeSlots(i)
freeSlots = freeSlots + (GetContainerNumSlots(i) - GetContainerNumFreeSlots(i))
It excludes ammo/shard bags since they tend to be either obsolete or covered elsewhere. If I get around to it, maybe I'll add options to include these or not.

Hope this helps some of you out, maybe providing at least a starting point.

Seerah (sStats)
Quaiche (Broker_Bags)

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Oh, nice! Glad someone decided to write a module for it. Now I'll have to finish up sStats.
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