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Bosstalk 3.3 (Verision 3.8.2)

Version: 3.8.2
by: Qtpicupcake [More]

Updated Sindragoasa.

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Its harder than u think sir, when wow wiki doesn't have the exact quote i have to type it along with what hes saying.
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updated of LoStio89's?

BossTalk: Quoted from Lich King
[04:47:57] You'll learn of that first hand, when my work is compelte you will beg for mercy and i will deince you, your angwisted crys will be testiment to my unbriled power

lots of spelling errors also

BossTalk: Quoted from Lich King
[04:50:34] So, The lights Wanted Justice has finally avrived, Shall i lay down frostmorne and throw myself at your mercy, Fordring?

BossTalk: Quoted from Lich King
[04:52:11] I'll Keep you alive to witness the end, Fording. I would not was the Lights greatest champion to miss seeing This wrechted world remade, In, My, Image.

just to name a few
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