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Updated:03-21-10 06:48 PM
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Faceroller Unholy DK

Version: 1.0
by: Nu7a [More]

This is a faceroller version of my priority based system from my other addon CLC_DK. The priority System basically goes like this

Bone Shield > Frost Fever > Blood Plague > Blood Strike if no Desolation > Scourge Strike > Death Coil if about 80 Runic Power > Blood Strike > Death Coil

Now obviously there is going to be some situations where your own judgment is going to be better (Pestilence, refreshing disease before you run out, etc.), but this is a fairly good guide. This "rotation" will work for the pretty much any unholy build, even those with reaping. It will however NOT work with specs that are based off Glyph of Disease. If enough interest is shown I may change that.

I am a University Student and will only be able to work on this between between raids and school. Donations would be much appreciated.

My Toon: Threk <Raiding Rainbows> on Illidan-US. We are always recruiting amazing players, come check us out.

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found it strange that no one had commented on your plug in for faceroller.

just wanted to say thanks.
let me start by saying nothing...
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