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Version: 0.4.1
by: panker [More]

An addon that hogs all (well, almost!) the GUIDs it possibly can and creates a list of player names along with their gender, race and class.

The items (players) in the list can then be clicked to perform certain tasks:

  • Mouse1 - Target the player
  • Mouse2 - Perform a /who on the playername
  • Mouse3 - Assign the target a raid target icon

There is also a search field at the bottom, from which you can filter the results displayed in the list by typing in certain phrases. Things you might want to type in there include race, class and gender ("girl" or "boy"). The search words will be compared to each datafield in the entry, so even if you did type "troll boy mage", a human paladin named Magetrollboy might pop up. And the reason I'm using "girl" and "boy" instead of "female" and "male", is because "female" contains both - so I chose the lazy way :P

There's also some slash command functionality:
/guidtracker [arg]
 <no arguments> - Toggle the displaying of the list frame
 reset - Place the frame in the middle of the screen if you happen to lose it.
 wipe - Delete all entries from the list.
I made this to ease a certain Noblegarden achievement, since there's no gender option for the normal character search. This version will most likely be final (ugly though it is!).

v0.4.1 - Corrected the interface number in the TOC file (oopsie!)

v0.4 - Updated for 4.0.1 API changes.

v0.3 - Fixed some bugs and removed useless code
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