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Updated: 11-26-14 04:01 AM
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Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch (6.0.2)
Siege of Orgrimmar (5.4)
Escalation (5.3)
Updated:11-26-14 04:01 AM
Created:04-11-10 03:27 PM
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SikUI  Updated less than 3 days ago!  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 6.0
by: sikwidit [More]

UI Installation
  • Backup your original "Interface and WTF" folder located inside your World of Warcraft folder, in case you wish to return to your original ui. After backup, delete your original "Interface and WTF" from the World of Warcraft folder.
  • Extract Sikui files into your World of Warcraft folder.
  • Go into the WTF folder and change the following:
    • YOUR_ACCOUNT - rename to your wow account (check your original "WTF" if you're not sure what it is).
    • YOUR_REALM - rename to your characters realm name.
    • YOUR_CHARACTER - rename to your character.
  • Log onto WoW and on your character screen, click the button "Addons". Make sure "Load out of date addons" is checked.
  • After Sikui has been setup, go into you addons panel and uncheck the box for nibProfileLoader. Leaving this active will just setup Sikui for every new character detected.
  • Enjoy.

Things to know:
  • Back up your macros file if any. Once my ui is in place, your macros will be gone. Two macros files are located in the WTF folder, both named "macros-cache.txt".
  • "/reflux switch Siko" will place ui in healing. "/reflux switch Sikui" (make sure the "S" in Sik is capitalized) will place ui in dps. I use Vuhdo for raid frames.
  • /lilrep & /lilxp to enable/disable your visual reps & xps.
  • The chat window or BCM does not have a profile. Simply move the window into place by right clicking on the "general" tab of the chat window and select "unlock window".
  • If Vuhdo does not load correctly enter config with "/vd" select the "tools" tab at the bottom. Then select "Sikui" in the profiles selection, click on "apply".
  • Check Bartender4's keybinding. The keybinds in place are for my preference, you may want to change to your preference. Also left ctrl button will activate bar #2 on Bartender4.
  • You will need to download and install addons if you need to see: Eclipse Bar / Rune Bar / Shards / Vengeance and class abilities such as Shadow Orbs, Holy Power and Chi.
  • Deadly Boss Mods is not included in this ui although I use it, others don't.
  • I made a macro to get into the bags, should still be in the macros panel or simply click on the letter "B".
  • I play on a 17" gaming laptop, this ui's resolution is set at 1600x900 wide, just fyi. It works on any resolution, if you know your way around addons then it shouldn't be a problem for you to tweek the ui.

Below are all of the addons compiled that makes up Sik UI, by clicking on the addons name it will direct you for further detail and information.
Interface MakeupCombatBuff/Debuff, TimersOther(s)
*Disclaimer: All the addons compiled in this UI does not belong to me nor am I the author. I have gathered the addons as anyone would, available by downloads within and other similar web sites. I hold no responsiblity for any actions that the addon(s) may do or make. I simply use these addons for my enjoyment of the game, World of Warcraft.

If or any changes to the UI, it will be posted here. Existing addons in the UI has the settings saved, download updated addons and install them yourself as you would normally update an addon. As usual, always check to make sure the addons are active in the "addons" section of the character screen and the "out of date" box is checked.

[11/18/2014] Updated and cleaned up all addons. Added tullaRange

[11/03/2014] Updated all addons. Removed StatBlock. Added Lil Rep and Lil XP.

[11/03/2014] Mini Blizz patch update.

[11/03/2014] Updated and reconfig the appearance and settings for the following addon: Kui,
Quartz, Raven, SCT, Skada and Vuhdo.

[10/29/2014] Removed Aurora and updated Raven's settings.

[10/24/2014] I did a complete overhaul of my ui, tell me what you think. I uploaded new pictures for viewing.
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