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Version: 1.2
by: myrddinwylt [More]

This add-on allows for simple command line access to a general set of commands used when working with a friend using the Recruit-A-Friend bonus for XP while leveling. Just to state the obvious -- this addon does not grant you additional experience. It is intended for use with players who have a linked account using Blizzards recruit-a-friend offer.

The commands available currently are as follows

/raf summon [friend] --- Attempts to summon the [friend] . Returns a message in chat if you have already used up your summon for the hour.
/raf invite [friend] --- Invites [friend] to the party
/raf grant [friend] --- Grants [friend] a level
/raf add [friend] --- This adds a friend to your Recruit-A-Friend buddy list
/raf acceptsummon on/off ---- enable/disable auto accepting summons from friends on your Recruit-A-Friend buddy list
/raf acceptinvite on/off ---- same as above, except for invites to parties
/raf acceptlevel on/off ---- same as above, except for levels granted to you from friends on your Recruit-A-Friend buddy list.

Features also incorporated are as follows:

Automatic resurrection accepting from Ghost or Dead state.
Automatic Bind on Pickup/Equip confirmations
Automatic Random Dungeon accepting (you still have to enter the queue manually, and re-queuing is not added. I can implement if it is something that is commonly requested)

Plans for the future
To add a tool-bar which allows easier access to the commands created.

For now, this allows for some commands which make it very easy to create macro's to invite, summon, and grant levels to your friends linked to you through the Recruit-A-Friend program. I wrote this add-on as nothing was available which did anything to this effect, and is really the functional ground work for something more intricate.

This small, powerful, low memory add-on has been tested and is working to it's fullest.

Enjoy ^.^
UPDATED: May, 01, 2010 5:18PM EST

Fixed a problem where automatic summons would occasionally show a LUA error message
Discovered Automatic accepting of granted levels is not working. Will review this and attempt to correct. The WoW API seems that it doesn't support this anymore but will require more research and the documentation is very limited.
Added support for selected targets so all commands do not require a typed name.
Added /raf friends command which lists all friends currently stored in your Recruit-A-Friend buddy list.
Corrected text messages to display status as per the command executed. Previously it would always display " invite" context.
Fixed issue where automatic summons was not being accepted. It would display an LUA error.
Fixed issue with clearing invite to group confirmation box upon accepting the invitation automatically.

Fixed bug with variables not being stored. All settings and friends are now saved in the following fashion.
Recruit-A-Friend Buddy list is across multiple characters
Recruit-A-Friend settings are stored on per character basis.

First public release of this addon
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